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Ford Ranger Shreds Tires After Accelerator Gets Stuck

This 2017 Ford Ranger XLT apparently suffered a serious mechanical issue, causing the accelerator pedal to jam, sending its occupants into...

Lamborghini's New Smartphone Will Set You Back $2,450

If you want to tell your friends that you own a Lamborghini but don't have the money for one of the Raging Bull's cars, we have th...

Watch Α Bugatti Chiron Scrap Its Nose In Front Of A Crowd

The Bugatti Chiron is one of the hottest hyper cars at the moment but that doesn't mean  it's without its drawbacks.

Drunk Driver Hits 17 Cars In Florida While Attempting To Park

Drinking and driving is never a good idea and it appears drinking and parking is even worse.

This Is What Driving Through A Total Solar Eclipse Looks Like

The latest total solar eclipse , dubbed the "Great American Eclipse" was visible across the entire continental United States, fro...

Semi Goes Up In Flames After Brake Failure Led To Crash

This fully loaded NGV gas truck suffered a brake failure and burst into flames after crashing into multiple vehicles.

Ford Mustang Crashes Into A Crowd Of Spectators In California

Ford Mustangs and their owners are known for crashing at Cars and Coffee , crashing on the street , and crashing on the track . I have lit...

Driver Causes $500,000 In Damage After Rampage At Bentley Dealership

A bizarre and costly incident occurred in Bellevue, Washington earlier this month when a distraught man reportedly caused over $500,000 in ...

Toyota RAV4 Driver Forced To Jump Drawbridge In Jersey Shore

A family in the U.S. had a lucky escape on August 1 after jumping a drawbridge in Jersey Shore.

Deere God, This John Deere Pickup Is Awful!

Whatever floats your boat. For car enthusiasts, that could mean an interest in performance-focused vehicles, ones designed purely for luxur...

Couple In Range Rover Sport Escape Carjacking In South Africa

This incident took place in the Gauteng province of South Africa, between Johannesburg and Pretoria, where a married couple managed to evad...

Driver In Stolen Car Asks Police For Directions, Sparks 27 Mile Long Chase

Stealing a car is bad idea but the situation gets even worse when you're driving that car and ask police for directions.

Cop Heading To Trial After Hitting Smart Car At 104 MPH

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy is set to go to trial after ramming into a Smart ForTwo at 104 mph.

23-Year-Old Crashes Rented Lamborghini Huracan In Washington

A 23-year-old man in Edmonds, Washington has been left red-faced after crashing a rented Lamborghini Huracan .

Failed Robbery/Carjacking Looks Like A Low Budget Movie

Taking a shortcut, or a detour, on a muddy country road could get you in trouble, especially in some parts of Eastern Europe .

German Cops Chase Suspect In An Allegedly Stolen Audi A5 On The Autobahn

Famous for its 'no speed limit' zones that attract petrol heads from all over the world, the German Autobahn has its fair share of...

Mercedes G63 And Old ML Go To War In Shocking Road Rage Incident

In what looks like a small convoy of very to moderately expensive cars, two similarly-branded vehicles all of a sudden start ramming each o...

Porsche Driver Brake Checks Fire Truck Ready To Pick A Fight

For whatever reason, some drivers don’t understand the need for emergency vehicles , like this guy here, who jeopardized the integrity of h...

Kia Sorento Explodes After BBQ Grill Is Left On And Ignited By A Cigarette

Grilling is a summer tradition but some people don't realize the explosive potential of propane tanks.

Cyclist Gets Into It With Red Mitsubishi Driver In Brazil

When they say that red is the color of passion, sometimes they forget that people can also be passionate in a lot of negative ways.