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How Performance Cars Help U-2 Spy Planes Land

Despite first taking to the skies in 1955, the Lockheed U-2 spy plane is still used in reconnaissance missions to this day and a vital too...

Safety Concerns Raised After Woman Dies In Jeep Liberty Crash

Safety advocates have criticized FCA’s 2013 SUV recalls after a 58-year-old Ohio woman died in a crash in her Jeep Liberty earlier this we...

DeLorean’s Story Has A Little Bit Of Everything: Ambition, Time Travel And Cocaine

We all know DeLorean Motor Company; it’s those crazy guys who decided to build a futuristic sportscar with the engine at the rear, unpaint...

How Would You Stop A Car With A Jammed Gas Pedal?

Five years ago, a woman driving a Kia Sorento SUV suddenly found that her gas pedal was stuck, sending her on a near-120 mph (193 km/h) ra...

Someone Crashed A BMW M760Li In Belgium And Now We're All Sad

It's always those truly special flagship models you feel most sorry for whenever you encounter one that's been wrecked, isn't ...

Move Over Mustang, Nissan GT-R Owners Also Know How To Crash

Ford Mustang owners get a bad rap for crashing their high-performance pony cars but they're not the only drivers who lose control behi...

Belarus' President Is Car-Guy-In-Chief, Heaps Praise On Tesla Model S

Presidents and other heads of state are rarely car people but it appears Belarus' president is a huge fan of the automotive industry a...

Armored Military Vehicle Just Rammed A Civilian Car...Again

Even though this incident is slightly different compared to the last time we saw an armored vehicle strike a car in traffic , this one coul...

Tesla Model X Punches Through Garage Door After Getting Summoned In

Back when Tesla first announced their 'Summon' self-parking system for both the Model S and Model X, they suggested that owners tr...

Survey Says Animal Collisions Cost Americans $4 Billion Annually

A new study out of the United States has determined the frightening cost caused by animal collisions on roads across the country.

McLaren 650S Spider Crashes Into A Tree At A Wedding Party

Putting supercars into the hands of inexperienced drivers is never a good idea and neither is attempting to use launch control in a parki...

Up To 500,000 Vehicles Could Be Scrapped After Hurricane Harvey

Approximately 500,000 cars are expected to be scrapped due to damage caused by Hurricane Harvey .

Nissan Note e-Power Wants To Stop Passengers From Slapping The Driver

Bringing a car to a halt in a comfortable manner is a skill not every driver has and that has led to a sharp rise in incidents related to i...

Flame On: Speeding Pickup Truck Explodes In Thailand

In what looks like and certainly is a horrible accident, we're relieved to inform you that nobody was fatally injured.

Texas Gas Station Caught Charging $20 Per Gallon During Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters have a tendency to bring out the best and worst of humanity and Hurricane Harvey is certainly no different.

Ferrari 458 Spider Involved In Hit-And-Run Incident At The Nurburgring

An overeager Ferrari driver made contact with another car mid-corner , despite the fact that there was plenty of room for both.

Watch Car Rear-End Semi Truck At Highway Speeds

While this isn't the most brutal highway crash we've ever seen, it might just come with the silliest explanation.

Ford Excursion Flips After Trailer Sways Out Of Control

Summer vacations are a tradition for a number of families but one trip took a scary turn for a father and his two children.

News Reporter Helps Save Stranded Truck Driver During Hurricane Harvey

A news reporter in Houston, Texas has helped to save the life of a stranded truck driver during Hurricane Harvey.

Batmobile Toyota Camry Is Somehow Allowed On Public Roads

Few cars are blander than the XV20-generation Toyota Camry . Not only is its design boring enough to put you to sleep, but its gutless engi...