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Vauxhall Corsavan Sports Up With New Limited Edition

The new Vauxhall Corsavan Limited Edition Nav wants to be a VXR , but it's far from it.

New 150PS Opel Corsa S Is The Next Best Thing To An OPC

Opel might have an entirely new generation of the Corsa hatch in development, but they have just extended their supermini family with a ne...

Watch Corsa Smash Into Near-Stationary Traffic On Highway

What we have here is an unfortunate case of avoiding one collision, losing control of your car and causing a separate one, all in the span ...

New Opel Corsa Coming In 2019 With PSA Tech

Opel's best-selling model last year, the Corsa, is in for a replacement , which will come in two years' time.

How Emissions Played A Role In GM’s Decision To Sell Opel

While deals such as GM agreeing to sell Opel to PSA are based on way more than just the costs of one model, the highly-successful Opel Cor...

Opel Delays New Corsa As PSA Shifts New Generation Onto Its Own Platform

The next Opel Corsa will be delayed as new owner PSA is shifting the German brand’s future models onto its own platforms.

Suspicious Car Detonated In Front Of Police Station Turns Out To Have Been Parked By Cops

As the terrorist threat continues to hover above many countries around the world, nothing is being taken for granted.

Scoop: 2018 Opel / Vauxhall Corsa Will Be A Truly New Model

This is the second time we catch Opel working on the next generation of the Corsa compact model, with our spies this time spotting them dur...

Opel Mokka X On Track For 2019 Replacement

Opel may have facelifted the Mokka X earlier this year, but they are already working on a second generation.

Scoop: 2018 Corsa Sedan Could End Up Wearing Opel & Buick Badges

After seeing our first spy images of the next-generation Opel/Vauxhall Corsa hatchback strutting along on public roads, this time we'...

All-New Opel Corsa's Mission Is To Terminate Ford Fiesta Dominance

These are the first spy photos of the next-generation Opel/Vauxhall Corsa undertaking some development driving on public roads.

Opel/Vauxhall Plans SUV Offensive, Astra-Sized Model Will Lead The Pack

With the refreshed Mokka X as the only SUV in the brand's range, Opel/Vauxhall may have fallen behind the competition, but not for lon...

Active Special Models Make Opel's Family More Attractive

Opel is entering the 2017 MY with a special offering that includes new Active special models in Germany.

Parking An Opel Corsa Has Never Looked So Difficult

If you're up for six grueling minutes of watching somebody fail at parking their car time and time again, by all means, enjoy the show...

Opel's Array Of Flex Accessories Will Come In Handy

Some dread the thought of having to pack the car before leaving on their family vacation, but Opel is out to prove that it has solutions th...

Vauxhall Corsa Shows Off Advanced Park Assist Tech With Dog In Driver's Seat [w/Video]

It seems that Vauxhall's fight against bad parallel parking continues, only this time, they're trying to go beyond the "human...

Opel Adds Affordable Easytronic 3.0 Automated Manual Gearbox To Karl, Adam, Corsa and Astra

Coming to support drivers who cannot afford the luxury of a fully automatic transmission, Opel has added the more affordable option of an a...

Opel's Upward Trend In European Sales Continues In February

The GM-owned brand continues where it left off in January with a new sales increase in Europe , last month.

Opel Gives Corsa Supermini A Modern IntelliLink Infotainment System

The time has come for Opel’s compact Corsa to receive the modern Intellink infotainment system, first seen in the Insignia and Astra models...

Vauxhall Preaches Importance Of Parallel Parking

As this year marks the 80th anniversary of the UK driving test, Vauxhall has appointed their all-new Corsa to help cure learner drivers...