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Dumb And Dumber BMW M3 Street-Racers Fail To Notice Cop Behind Them

We can understand not picking up an undercover cop in a beige Taurus, but a blacked out Explorer on your tail at a red light? Come on... ...

Dodge Driver Wanted For A Felony Tried To Race Undercover Police Car

A man in Indiana has been arrested after trying to race an unmarked LaPort County Sheriff’s Office vehicle.

Police Supplier Reveals Dashcam That Could Identify Suspects

Coban Technologies, a Texas company, has unveiled a dashcam complete with artificial intelligence that could identify suspect individuals ...

Dodge Charger State Trooper Flips Over Suspect's Mustang In Chase

Having a suspect speed towards your car while chased by multiple interceptors definitely sounds unnerving. Thankfully the cops put an end t...

NYPD Cops Ordered To Remove Political Stickers From Cars

New York Police Department officers at a stationhouse in Manhattan have been ordered to remove political signs and stickers from their patr...

Watch A Ford Crown Vic Get Transformed Into A General Lee

We've seen a handful of General Lee inspired models over the years including a twin-turbo Dodge Viper and a BMW M4 dubbed the Germany...

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Involved In Texas High Speed Chase

A 25-year-old has been involved in a high-speed chase through Houston, Texas after allegedly stealing a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat .

Louisiana Sheriff Refuses To Buy Ford's Police Cars For Supporting NFL Anthem Protests

The brouhaha over the NFL protests doesn't show any sign of slowing down as the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana is ref...

Forget The Bugatti, The Dubai Police Unveil Their New Hoverbike

The Dubai Police are known for their fleet of high-performance supercars including a Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador but their l...

Detroit Man Arrested After Stealing Ambulance

A 21-year-old from Detroit’s Macomb Township has been arrested after stealing an ambulance and forcing police officers on a chase.

Michigan State Police Trying Out F-150 Truck And Fusion Hybrid As Interceptors

Ford's Police Responder Hybrid Sedan and F-150 Police Responders are the first pursuit-rated hybrid sedans and pickup trucks to get th...

Teen Steals Bulldozer, Crushes Police Car In Bizarre Chase

An 18-year old from Illinois took police on a bizarre chase after allegedly stealing a bulldozer from a construction site in Kankakee.

Aussie Police Getting 80 BMW 530ds To Use As Patrol Cars

Police fleets from all over the world are already using certain BMWs , with Australia set to join them next year with 80 units of the new 5...

Check Out Ford's Iconic U.S. Police Cars Throughout History

With Ford's high popularity among Police Departments in the U.S, it's no wonder that some of their Interceptors have become so wel...

Mayor From South Carolina Pulled Over In His Lawnmower

The mayor of a tiny town in South Carolina was pulled over by police for driving his lawnmower on the streets last month.

Robbers In Audi RS6 Escape Police Cars Despite Two Flat Tires

This dashcam footage shows the moment when a gang of robbers attempted to escape police , injuring officers during a chase.

Faulty Airbag Inflators Strike Again, This Time On Ford's 2017 Mustang And F-150

Another day, another recall over airbag inflators that may rupture during a crash. This time, the recall covers 935 units of Ford's 201...

Cop Heading To Trial After Hitting Smart Car At 104 MPH

A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy is set to go to trial after ramming into a Smart ForTwo at 104 mph.

Tesla Model S Ready To Serve And Protect In Luxembourg

The Grand-Ducale police in Luxembourg will soon be using a couple of Tesla Model S electric vehicles as patrol cars.

Nevada Highway Patrol Retires Last Crown Vic, Chargers And Explorers Now Favored

Ford long-lasting symbol of automotive law enforcement is slowly but surely becoming extinct across America.