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Porsche's $312,000 Panamera Exclusive Series Sold Out In 2 Days!

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Despite an exorbitant price tag, the very limited production Porsche Panamera Executive Exclusive Series totally sold out in just 48 hours. And it's probably just the start.

Is Porsche Pondering a Panamera Estate Model, Plus Additional Variants?

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This could be excellent news for those whom appreciate the Panamera but could never get to grips with its looks. Apparently, Porsche is looking to create several derivatives of the next-gen model, the most likely of which being one similar to the Sport Turismo concept (pictured).

Porsche Reportedly Puts Mid-Engined Ferrari 458 Italia Rival on Ice

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Bringing the war to Ferrari’s terrain must be a great challenge for the powers-that-be at Porsche. The only problem is that said bunch of people constantly change their minds about future projects.

Next-Gen Panamera Detailed by Porsche Board Member

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We’re really hopeful that Porsche is going to get the design right for the next Panamera, even though, the current model is so talented that not all people care what it looked like. The all-new model is currently midway through its development cycle and promises to be lighter, more efficient and just as sporty as we’ve come to expect.

What's it Gonna Be: Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupe or Porsche Panamera Turbo S?

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It may not look like it, but some believe that the Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Coupe and the Porsche Panamera Turbo S are competitors.

While the Porsche has two (some would say three) extra doors, it is on par with the Mercedes on almost all other aspects.

New Scoops Hint at Sleeker Porsche Panamera II

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If you expected Porsche to tear up the design rulebook and start from scratch with the Panamera II, then you're obviously unacquainted with Stuttgart's styling practices.

Ultra Luxurious Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Costs €249,877

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show next month Porsche will debut the limited-edition Panamera Exclusive Series, of which only 100 units will be made.

Porsche 911, Macan, Panamera and Cayenne Wear Their Martini Racing Colors

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If we had to pick one motorsports livery for any Porsche model, that would have to be Martini Racing with its legendary blue and red stripes that hark back to the carmaker's Le Mans entries in the 1970s.

Porsche CEO Says Next Panamera Needs to Look Better than the Current Model

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Porsche CEO Matthias Müller has admitted that the Panamera is not a looker and said the next-generation model must improve in terms of styling.

Scoop: Current Porsche Panamera Meets Its All-New 2017 Successor

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Porsche's 2017MY Panamera Mk2 has finally stepped out in the open, but it didn't do so alone, as we scooped the prototype testing next to the current, facelifted model.

TopCar's New Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Kit Costs More Than a Corvette C7

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If the factory Porsche Panamera looks too sober for you, Russia's TopCar has a solution, but it will cost you – a lot.

Mansory Makes Porsche Panamera Lower, Wider and Generally More Garish

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Body kits are nice, as is more power, a reupholstered interior clad in finer materials, and even changing the badge on a car you didn’t actually build is acceptable.

Porsche Panamera Coupe Could Give Mercedes S-Class Coupe a Run for its Money

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Imagine the familiar and appreciated traits of the Porsche Panamera all wrapped in a sexier two-door body, replacing the still ugly shape the regular model.

Porsche Exclusive’s Jet Black Metallic Panamera Turbo S Looks Mean

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Porsche Exclusive has been rolling out quite a few unique creations lately, including a Riviera Blue Boxster S, a sporty Macan S and a Slate Grey 911 Turbo Cabriolet – to name only the most recent. The Panamera Turbo S is the latest model to get a makeover from Porsche Exclusive, which gave it a sinister look by painting it in a Jet Black Metallic hue and fitting black-painted 20-inch Sport Classic alloy wheels.

Ariel Atom 3.5 Supercharged Drag Races Porsche Panamera Turbo S

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The Porsche Panamera Turbo S is hardly a typical contender for the Ariel Atom 3.5 Supercharged. The German car weighs almost four times more than the British track toy: 1,995 kilograms (4,398 lbs) compared to 550 kg (1,212 lbs).

BaanVelgen Assembles a New Porsche Panamera Diesel Tune

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Tuning newcomer BaanVelgen from the Netherlands has dipped into the parts bins of a number of aftermarket firms to create its own cosmetics package for the Porsche Panamera Diesel.

New VW Tiguan and Crafter Officially Coming in 2016 Along with All-New Porsche Panamera

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Things are really moving over in camp Volkswagen, as the manufacturer keeps announcing all manner of future plans, from new factories to new models and markets. The latest session of reveals covers the Crafter commercial vehicle and the Tiguan crossover, both of which have been confirmed for replacement in 2016.

Completely Revised Engine Range Planned for Next Porsche Panamera [Updated]

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The next Porsche Panamera is due to be replaced in about three years’ time by a car built on the VW Group's new MSB platform, which may be used on future Bentleys as well.

However, this won’t negatively affect it in any way, because as we’ve seen, the new Macan, for instance, may share its underpinnings with the Audi Q5, but it looks and drives completely differently as per the reviews we’ve seen.

Besides, Porsche is doing most of the work on this new platform, as it is leading the development, so it will probably have different characteristics from any other variants.

We also learn via Autocar that the new 2017 Panamera will also feature in-house-developed V8 engines, and it may very well get new V6s and diesels too – only the first is mentioned in the report, though.

“Porsche will have its own new V8 that will be common to the new MSB platform,” Porsche chief engineer Wolfgang Hatz said in Geneva. “It’s a family for the next 10 years of cars".

Additionally, it’s been suggested that Porsche is also looking at creating additional body variants based on the new model; coupe and soft-top models speculated, but what I’d personally like to see get made is a shooting brake model in the vein of the impressive Sport Turismo concept (pictured above and below).

By Andrei Nedelea

Ed. Note: Article adjusted to better reflect the source material, as per reader input - thanks to NG12 for pointing it out



Porsche Lets Maria Sharapova Design Her Own Panamera GTS

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As a Porsche Brand Ambassador, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova had the privilege of accessorizing her own Panamera GTS model, which received the moniker “by Maria Sharapova”.

Watch this Man Draw Up a Porsche Panamera

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Do you recall the days when you were a kid and school was all about pencils, pens and paper? If you do, then there's a good chance you filled tomes of empty pages with scribbles and perhaps even automotive designs of all sorts. Whether you were as good at it as Marcello Barenghi, is another story…