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Sebastien Loeb to Race Citroen DS3 WRC at Monte-Carlo Supporting Launch of DS Brand

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Citroen announced that the most successful driver in the history of the World Rally Championship is making a comeback to the 2015 calendar’s season opener to help launch its DS brand.

Skoda Reveals Fabia R5 Rally Car in Germany

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Skoda chose the Essen motor show, in Germany, to unveil the concept for its Fabia R5 rally car. The Czech automaker is trying to put an emphasis on stirring up emotions among drivers, and the R5 is an integral part of that strategy.

Skoda Restores Last Existing 966 Supersport Racer, Puts it in the Museum

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The only surviving Skoda 966 Supersport race car has been restored by Skoda specialists and is now an exhibit at the Czech carmaker’s museum.

Le Mans Record Winner Tom Kristensen Decides to End his Racing Career

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Tom Kristensen, the man who is considered by most to be the best racing driver in endurance racing, having scored a record nine wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has decided to end his career at the end of the month.

Peugeot Reveals Final Livery of its 2008 DKR Dakar Racer

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A month and a half before the start of the 2015 Dakar, Peugeot has unveiled the official color scheme of the 2008 DKR, the rear-wheel drive buggy the French hope to win the cross-country rally with.

Yes, F1's Bernie Ecclestone Is Still A Cranky Old Man

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F1 leader Bernie Ecclestone often sounds like a crazy old uncle you see at a family reunion. In a new interview, he cements that reputation.

1,050BHP LaFerrari FXX Coming Early Next Month, Will Cost Over $3 Million

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Hypercars with nearly 1,000bhp are mind-boggling. I mean, even if you can afford one, how can you possibly extract even a fraction of their performance on a public road?

Find Out What it’s Like to Drive Citroën’s DS3 World Rally Car

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Not many people outside WRC drivers have the chance of getting behind the wheel of a 300hp World Rally Car. Autocar’s Steven Sutcliffe had this opportunity and obviously took advantage of it.

Marc Marquez Wins His Second BMW Award, a Customized M4 Coupe

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2014 MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez has again received the BMW M Award as the best qualifier in the premier class of motorcycle racing. If last year’s prize was a customized BMW M6 Coupe, this year BMW awarded him with an exclusive BMW M4 Coupe.

Next-Gen Prius to Get Technology Tested in Toyota’s Le Mans Racer

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Race on Sunday, sell on Monday; the old adage is most certainly used by automakers’ marketing departments as they try to make some short of connection between their on-track success and the models they actually sell to the public.

The truth is, though, that these days racing technology is so sophisticated, and thus costly, that its use on everyday cars is all but prohibited. Sure, some of it eventually trickles down eventually on production models but not quite in the same form – even if those PR departments would like us to believe otherwise.

Toyota, however, went the other way around, as it is already testing certain parts of the current Prius replacement in its TS040 Hybrid Le Mans racer, which currently leads the championship standings.

“Our components already have parts from the next-generation Prius”, president of Toyota Motorsport GmbH Yoshiaki Kinoshita told Autonews. Although he wasn’t willing to go into much detail, Kinoshita said that they weren’t mechanical parts but rather preproduction prototypes of microchips and microcontrollers that are tested for longevity in the harsh environment of endurance racing.

One thing the racer and the street-going hybrids have in common is the need for fuel efficiency. The TS040 has been redesigned in order to reduce its consumption by 25 percent compared to the 2013 TS030 car while, at the same time, increasing a much higher output of 1,000HP to the previous racer’s 750!

Kinoshita revealed that one technology that most certainly won’t feature in the fourth-generation Prius is the racing car’s electric power storage system. That’s because the former uses supercapacitors for its braking energy storage and subsequent release, an energy flow that happens much faster than in any street car that’s perfectly OK with batteries.

Then there are the semiconductors, which manage the energy flow between the hybrid’s battery, motor and generator. Toyota revealed last May that it has developed a silicon carbide semiconductor that can increase fuel efficiency by 10 percent and that it plans to commercialize it in around six years’ time. Probably after they have been thoroughly tested on a future hybrid racer for a sufficient amount of time, we presume.

By Andrew Tsaosusis

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Rocket-Propelled Bicycle Gives Ferrari F430 a Quick Lesson About Speed

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Francois Gissy continues to push the limits on his rocket-powered bicycle with the Frenchman breaking his own speed record last Friday while also thrashing a Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

Restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar Handed Over to Owner at BMW Welt

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It’s not every day that a perfectly restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar race car shows up at the BMW Welt in Munich, a place where usually brand new cars are picked up by their owners.

Mopar Unveils New 2015 Charger R/T Drag Racer at SEMA [w/Videos]

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Mopar and Dodge unveiled the new 2015 Charger R/T drag racing vehicle at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, with the new race car being built for the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.

Check Out Kia's Colorful 2014 SEMA Show Lineup

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Kia has released new photos and details of its four SEMA Show concepts based on the Sedona, Soul EV, and K900 production models.

Reflecting the theme “A Day at the Races,” Kia’s tuning concepts celebrate Kia’s 2014 Pirelli World Challenge Manufacturers Championship.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Wears its Track Suit for New Global Race Series

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After you're done gawking at the pictures and thinking how sweet the 2016 MX-5 looks all dressed up for racing, you'll be pleased to learn that this Miata heralds a new Global Cup series.

Watch NASCAR Drivers and Mechanics Fight Like There’s No Tomorrow

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There’s a stereotype, especially in Europe, that NASCAR races are boring. Well, I can’t think of many less-boring things than what happened during the last Sprint Cup race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Puts On a Racing Livery for SEMA

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Chevrolet has introduced the fourth edition of the factory-built COPO Camaro race car at the SEMA Show, of which only 69 will be built.

Pilot and Co-Driver Changing a Tire is what Makes Rallying so Beautiful

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There are few disciplines in which two people have to work together as closely as a rally driver and a co-driver. During a rally stage, the latter acts as the former’s eyes, but the collaboration between them goes way beyond stage recognitions and reading pace notes.

I Want To Play Racing Paintball Too!

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You know about paintball and you surely know about racing, but have you ever heard of a challenge named "Hacker's Pursuit"?

US Grand Prix Will Feature the Smallest F1 Grid in a Decade

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Things in Formula 1 happen fast- real fast. Mind you, in this case we’re not talking about the speed of the cars but the fact that not one, but two F1 teams disappeared between two races.