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2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Get Raft of Improvements, More Power

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Land Rover will now sell you its European market Range Rover and Range Rover Sport with even more capability, courtesy of new electronic systems, tech and more power than before.

Efficiency gains are also touted as is the convenience of the new head-up display (HUD) unit that can now be specified.

Off-road capability, says Land Rover, has been boosted by its new All-Terrain Progress Control system (or ATPC). It “allows the driver to input a desired speed, either from rest or an existing speed, without any pedal inputs once the brake is released. The system continuously monitors and adjusts the vehicle settings to optimise traction and maintain progress in all conditions.”

It apparently “reduces driver workload,” and is “particularly beneficial in challenging off road environments where a very low constant speed is desirable. ATPC works both in forward and reverse gears and is operational from 1mph to 19mph (1.8km/h to 30km/h).”

It’s optionally available on TDV6, SCV6 and V8 Supercharged models that are specced with the dual-range transmission and Terrain Response 2.

Speaking of engines, these now make more power than before. The SDV6 sports a 14 PS gain, bringing the grand total rating to 306 PS or 302 hp. Torque is boosted more, though, by an impressive 100 Nm or 74 lb-ft; efficiency is up seven percent too.

The supercharged 3.0-liter V6, the SCV6, makes no more power than before but is close to two percent more efficient.

The HUD looks and works like any other you’ve seen and used before. It concentrates important information in front of the driver, like the vehicle speed, gear position, shift indicator, cruise control information and sat-nav directions.

Finally, Land Rover says it’s updated the color palette for both models and added a optional panoramic roofs with power blinds to the list of options.

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Range Rover Sport SVR Fully Unveiled, Does 0-60 in 4.5 Sec [w/Video]

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Land Rover has fully unveiled the fastest production SUV around the Nürburgring, the 542hp Range Rover Sport SVR, ahead of its Pebble Beach debut.

Super-Fast Range Rover Sport SVR Gets Pebble Beach Reveal Alongside U.S.-Spec F-Type Project 7

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Jaguar Land Rover announced today a slew of cars its showing off August 14 at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California.

Range Rover Sport SVR Becomes Fastest SUV around the Nürburgring with 8:14 Lap [w/Video]

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The 542hp Range Rover Sport SVR has become the fastest production SUV around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, lapping the circuit in 8 minutes 14 seconds. The record was set using a standard production model, with a Land Rover driver behind the wheel.

New Range Rover Sport by Overfinch to Debut in September

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A new tuning and styling package for the Range Rover Sport will be unveiled in September, courtesy of the peeps from Overfinch, who are known for creating bespoke Land Rover and Range Rover models using that name since the 1980s.

New Range Rover Sport SVR's V8 Sounds Like it wants to Eat Your Kids…

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More impressive than the new Range Rover Sport SVR’s expected 542 hp output is the noise it makes. There are few, if any, V8s that sound as rich and as decadent as it does, and I bet it’s the noise we’ll be remembering it for above all else.

New Range Rover Sport SVR 550PS Previewed Ahead of Goodwood Debut [w/Video]

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For some reason Land Rover believes the world needs yet another performance SUV, so the UK-based carmaker will reveal its fastest and most powerful ever production model at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend (June 27-29). Actually, reveal is a bit too strong a word, as the car will climb the Goodwood Hill in a camouflaged outfit.

Hot Range Rover Sport Trailer Says it will Have More Performance…a Lot More

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Believed to get its engine straight out of the Jaguar X-KRS, the upcoming spiced-up Range Rover Sport promises to offer “a lot more performance.” This means it could have 542hp, in addition to predictably stiffer suspension and a higher-performance wheel/tire combo.

Range Rover Sport Puts On a Stealth Pack Costume for Goodwood

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Land Rover will debut the new Stealth Pack for the Range Rover Sport at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 26-29). The optional styling package gives the SUV a distinctive new look and more possibilities for personalization.

Consumer Reports Says Range Rover Sport Has “Stiff and Choppy” Ride

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Consumer Reports paid over $74,000 for their Range Rover Sport and found it to be excellent in some areas, but quite the opposite in others where this would not have been expected.

Scoop: Hotter New Range Rover Sport RS Flaunts its New Outfit

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The scent of spring has brought about a new dressing for Land Rover's upcoming sportier Range Rover Sport that was sighted wearing a refreshingly different camouflage wrap displaying the brand's models.

AC Schnitzer Gives the Range Rover Sport Diesel More Power and the Looks to Show it

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German aftermarket specialist AC Schnitzer has been modifying Land Rover vehicles since 2002, but this is the first time it has designed a complete styling package for a Range Rover model – in this case, the Sport.

Kahn to Introduce New Range Rover Sport RS-300 in Geneva

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The latest generation of Land Rover's Range Rover Sport will be the center of focus at British tuning firm Kahn's Geneva Motor Show stand next week, where it will drop the curtains on the new RS-300 teased here through a pair of cryptic pictures.

Startech Details Widebody Kit and Performance Package for the Range Rover Sport

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Startech has released more photos and details of the widebody package for the Range Rover Sport that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Startech Widens Up New Range Rover Sport

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If you're not entirely sold on the cosmetic tune of the new generation Range Rover Sport by Brabus-owned Startech that was displayed at the 2013 Essen Motor Show last December, the Germans are proposing a similar suit with more girth.

Custom LED Rear Lights Shave a few Years off Old Range Rover Sport

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For those looking to rejuvenate the look of their previous-generation Range Rover Sport, these custom LED rear lights by a company called Glohh may be what you’re looking for.

They obviously don’t do any good when you’re looking at it from the front, but the GL-3 taillights, as they are called, do wonders for the vehicle’s posterior.

Range Rover Sport Turns a Boeing 747 into a Playground

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To showcase the capabilities of the new Range Rover Sport, Land Rover has transformed a Boeing 747 airplane into a proving ground...of sorts. The Range Rover Sport had to show its skills on a custom-built off-road driving course, contained within a modified Boeing 747 jet.

Watch the Range Rover Sport Blast through the World’s Largest Sand Desert

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Land Rover has released a spectacular video documentary featuring the Range Rover Sport during the crossing of the Arabian Desert, the world’s largest sand desert. The remarkable thing about this publicity stunt is that it was the first recorded crossing by a standard vehicle of the 849-km (528-mile) long desert.

Spied: New Range Rover Sport RS and Evoque RS Sound Pretty Aggressive

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We first heard the rumors about Land Rover readying more potent and sportier versions of the Range Rover Sport and Evoque with the "RS" nameplate in the summer, and since then, we've actually scooped shots of the former in prototype trim. The Evoque RS, on the other hand, had remained hidden, until now.

How Does the Range Rover Sport Compare Against the Porsche Cayenne Turbo?

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The all-new Range Rover Sport is still, according to reports, not that sporty to drive, despite being lighter, faster and sharper than ever. It is then an improvement over its predecessor, but when it comes to its on-road behavior, tests suggest it still trails sharper, more focused machines of similar stature, like the Porsche Cayenne, which along with the BMW X5, are the class benchmarks for SUV handling on-road.