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Half A Million Hyundai And Kia Models Recalled Over Brake Light Issue

Over half a million Hyundai and Kia models are being recalled in the United States due to faulty brake lights.

Volkswagen's New Atlas Already Subject To First Recall

Volkswagen just introduced the Atlas , but the new three-row crossover is already being subjected to its first recall campaign.

VW Recalls Over 57,000 Touareg Diesels From Around The World

Volkswagen will recall over 57,000 Touareg vehicles globally after Germany’s KBA automotive watchdog discovered that the 3.0-liter diesel ...

Bugatti Chiron Hit With Worldwide Recall

Bugatti has announced a recall of 47 examples of the 1,500 hp Chiron hypercar , 12 of which reside in the United States.

Ford Recalling Over 200,000 F-150s And Explorers With Loose Front Seats

Ford has issued a recall for over 200,000 F-150s and Explorers due to loose front seats.

20 Million Vehicles In The US Still Need Their Takata Airbags Replaced

Automakers are working to recall vehicles fitted with faulty Takata airbag inflators, but the bulk of the work still lies ahead .

BMW Stops Sales Of i3 And Issues Voluntary Recall Of All Models

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that BMW had ordered a sales stop on all i3s models in the United States and the company was on the ver...

Hit The Brakes In Your Honda Odyssey And The Seats Could Tip Over

Did someone tell you the minivan was dead? Not for Honda, it's not. The Japanese automaker sells its Odyssey hand over fist in America...

Toyota Recalls C-HR For Faulty Electric Brake, Prius PHEV Over A Fuse

Toyota's North American arm is conducting two separate recalls that include 68,500 units of the 2018 C-HR and 2012-2015 Prius PHEV.

Infiniti Fears QX30 Driver's Airbag May Inadvertadly Deploy, Issues Recall

Infiniti announced a recall involving certain units of the QX30 because the driver's airbag could deploy randomly. Although no inciden...

Your 2015 Subaru WRX's Subwoofers May Start A Fire

Listening to music in your 2015 Subaru WRX , equipped with the optional trunk-mounted subwoofer, could have disastrous consequences.

BMW Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles In The U.S. Over Fire Issue

BMW has announced that it is recalling 1.4 million vehicles in the United States due to fire risks .

Audi Recalls Nearly 5,000 A8 V8 TDIs For Increased Emissions

The latest episode the Dieselgate saga involves Audi recalling 4,997 A8s in Europe fitted with a V8 TDI engine to update their software aft...

Toyota's Recalling Hundreds Of Thousands Of Sienna Minivans For Rollaway Risk

You don't buy a Toyota Sienna because it's fast or handles well. And despite Toyota's “ swagger wagon ” commercials, you don&#...

Hyundai Re-Recalls 443k Sonatas Over The Same Seatbelt Problem

Nearly half a million Hyundai Sonata owners are going to be getting a recall notice in the mail soon – for an issue they likely thought th...

Mercedes Recalls Half A Million Vehicles For Unexpected Airbag Deployment

Mercedes-Benz has announced the recall of nearly half a million vehicles across the United States due to a problem with their airbags.

Ford Recalls 1.3 Million Pickups To Shield Door Latches

Recalling a model as prolific as the Ford F-150 is no simple matter. Just take this latest campaign, for example, which involves over 1.3 ...

Over 340,000 Kia Soul Models Recalled For Steering Issue

Kia is recalling over 340,000 Soul models in the United States due to a steering issue.

GM To Settle Ignition Switch Claims For $120 Million

General Motors will resolve ignition switch claims from 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia with a $120 million settlement.

BMW's Recalling Nearly All X3s In The US From 2006 Through 2010

BMW has issued a recall for 85,302 examples of the X3 in the United States – specifically 2.5i, 3.0i, and xDrive30i models from the 2006-...