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Scuderia Ferrari: Vettel Delighted to Join, Alonso Relieved to Depart, Kimi Nonchalant as Always

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We’ve known since October that Sebastian Vettel would leave Red Bull Racing, with which he had conquered the past four drivers’ championships, for pastures new and green and, well, Italian.

Vettel On Leaving Red Bull: 'It Is A Big Step And Hard To Make Such A Decision'

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It's official: Sebastian Vettel is out at Red Bull Racing and therefore won't be driving any more Infinitis.

Watch F1’s Youngest Driver Crash a Toro Rosso Car during Rotterdam Demonstration

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If you haven’t heard by now, Max Verstappen is the youngest Formula One driver in the sport’s history, having been signed by the Scuderia Toro Rosso for the 2015 season.

RedBull F1 Car + Infrared Camera + Donuts is a Different Kind of Light Show - It's Beautiful!

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The spectrum of visible colors perceived by the human eye represents only a fraction of what’s actually going on outside, but it’s with cameras like these infrared ones used by FLIR that we see part of what else is out there. For instance, an F1 car doing a donut has never looked more spectacular and artsy than this...

Adrian Newey Rumored to Design an Infiniti Supercar

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If you are a Gran Turismo fan, you’ve definitely heard about the Red Bull X2014 and X1 virtual racers, designed by Red Bull F1 Team’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey.

Mercedes Continues F1 Domination and Drama; Rosberg Defeats Hamilton in Austria

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Mercedes-AMG stormed to a one-two finish in the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday. Nico Rosberg started in third and won the race—his third GP victory of the season.

VW Campervan Soapbox Racer Powered by Love

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Who would have thought that a soapbox derby race could be so intense and so much fun? We missed this episode when it happened last summer at the "Red Bull Soapbox Race London 2013", but nothing escapes the almighty internet…

Red Bull Team Makes Pointless Video of F1 Car vs F/A-18 Jet

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The image-building department behind the Red Bull F1 team really seems to have run out of new ideas. That’s probably why they’ve resorted to setting up a race between their 2011 racer, the V8-powered RB7 that revved close to 19,000 rpm, and an F/A-18 multirole jet.

Red Bull Helps Us Understand F1's New 2014 Regulations

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The 2014 Formula One season kicks off this weekend in Australia, so Infiniti Red Bull Racing thought it's a good moment to explain the significant changes that take place this year in the series.

Winter Sports Are More Fun When You Have 900HP…

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Watching the different winter sports disciplines is definitely entertaining, but it’s nowhere near as much as it could be if it also involved 900hp off-road trucks jumping around. Red Bull hosted the Frozen Rush 2014 event recently, and it’s as spectacular as you might have imagined it to be.

Watch Red Bull’s F1 Car Do Some Donuts on Top of the Burj Al Arab Hotel

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You’re probably aware by now that the FIA doesn’t want championship-winning drivers to show their emotion and thrill spectators. Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel found that out last weekend, when they were slapped with an absurd fine.

Red Bull’s marketing machine didn’t let than event slip unnoticed and decided to show its disapproval by staging a memorable event.

Sebastian Vettel Wins 4th F1 Title, Gets Fined €25,000 for Donut Celebrations…

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Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was crowned Formula 1 World Champion for the fourth consecutive year on Sunday, after winning the Indian Grand Prix. The German has now the same number of titles as Alain Prost and has only two other great drivers to beat: Juan Manuel Fangio (5 titles) and Michael Schumacher (7 titles). The 26-year-old driver is the youngest double, triple and now quadruple world champion.

Red Bull F1 Team Further Details Car Construction Process via New Videos

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Investing in Formula One is like gathering up an exorbitantly large pile of banknotes then pouring lots of acid over it, until all that’s left is useless sizzling gunk. We wonder where all those millions go and what they’re used for, when the popularity of the sport  has been in free-fall for many years and it doesn't look like it's about to change too radically any time soon.

Red Bull Takes Us Through the R&D Process Behind an F1 Car

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You really don’ need us to tell you just how complicated, expensive and time consuming the development process of a Formula One car is. Nothing burns through cash quicker, and if all of it had been redirected towards the development of more advanced means of space travel, instead of motorsport, we’d have already colonized Mars by now…

New Renault Megane RS Red Bull RB8 Edition Won't Give You Any Wings, UK Price Set £28,245

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Only 30 examples of the new Renault Megange RenaultSport (RS) Red Bull Racing RB8 edition (that's what we call a trainload of names) will be offered to UK buyers at £28,245 a pop, or £1,500 more than the regular Megane RS Coupe upon which it is based.

On sale now, the Red Bull edition of the French hot hatch is available in an exclusive to this model Twilight Blue finish with Platinum detailing, reminiscent of Red Bull's F1 race cars.

Red Bull Racing Pit Crew Change Four Tires in Just Over 2 Seconds Breaking World Record

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The time taken to change a set of tires during a racing event has been going down over the years, from a few minutes at the dawn of racing, to less than three seconds in modern times. Recently, the Red Bull Racing F1 pit crew changed the tires on one of their cars, during the Malaysian Grand Prix, in a telemetry-confirmed 2.05 seconds.

Formula 1: Australian Grand Prix Race Report

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When the red lights went out on Sunday, March 17, at Australia’s Albert Park circuit they marked the start of the 2013 Formula 1 season. Given that rules were mostly unchanged compared to last year, the status quo in teams’ performance was unlikely to be upset.

It certainly looked that way at first, with triple world champion Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull leading the race. But it wasn’t a walk in the park for the reigning champ; far from it as strategy played a great role in the outcome of the Australian F1 Grand Prix.

Formula 1: 2013 Season to Open with Australian Grand Prix

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March always marks the beginning of a new Formula 1 season – and this year is no exception, as 11 teams and 22 drivers line up for the inaugural race of the 19-event marathon that starts this weekend at Australia's Albert Park circuit.

Major changes in technical regulations will be implemented in 2014, when turbocharged engines will return to F1 after a quarter of a century, as they were banned at the end of 1988. For now, the biggest differences compared to 2012 are the restrictions in the use of the DRS system during practice and qualifying and the new tire compounds by sole supplier Pirelli.

Super Silly? Chevrolet SS NASCAR Team and Red Bull Racing do The Harlem Shake

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There's no end to The Harlem Shake videos popping up right and left on the internet, and as one would expect, the new viral phenomenon has caught the attention of advertisers and marketing people in the auto industry as well.

Following in the footsteps of so many others, Red Bull Racing Australia and even four-time champion NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon (with the help / push of sponsor Pepsi) and his team who will run the new Chevrolet SS, joined in on the “Harlem Shake” silliness and posted their own videos.

How Red Bull Racing Bought Ford's F1 Failure for $1 and went on to Win 6 Titles

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The late legendary NASCAR racer and team owner Dale Earnhardt Sr. had famously said, “Second place is just the first place loser”. Sebastian Vettel, who on November 26 won his third consecutive Formula 1 world championship with Red Bull Racing (RBR), thinks along the same lines: “When you win, everything is crazy. When you lose, you have time for yourself, no one is interested”, he says.

Everyone is certainly interested in Vettel and Red Bull Racing, which also won its third constructors’ title in a row this season. What makes their accomplishments even more astonishing is the fact that the RBR team was formed in 2005 and its first win came in the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix.