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Renault's New Mid-Size Sedan Named Talisman, Will Be Revealed On July 6

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Renault has chosen the name "Talisman" for its upcoming D-segment mid-size sedan that will replace both the Laguna and Latitude.

Another Take On Redesigning Classic Renault 4 – The ReFour

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Renaults just seem to work as retro-revival design projects: the latest Twingo and Alpine are proof of that, but nobody seems to want to re-imagine the bubbly 4 as a modern car.

Renault Kadjar Found Identical To Drive As Nissan Qashqai But More Stylish

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It’s no secret the Renault Kadjar shares its underpinnings with the Nissan Qashqai, so it won’t surprise anyone that both crossovers feel pretty much identical to drive.

That’s the conclusion reached by Auto Express’ Mat Watson, who got to drive the Kadjar during the international press drive event in Spain. He found the SUV pleasurable to drive thanks to its accurate steering, comfortable suspension and big amount of grip.

Renault Logan RS Rendering Doesn't Look Half Bad

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Whether it's the Sandero or the Logan, odds are people wouldn't mind seeing a faster version of either of these two budget cars.

Alpine’s Upcoming Production Sports Coupe Revealed In Patent Images?

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Renault tried to hide as many production design details as possible with the Alpine Celebration concept unveiled at Le Mans, and it did a pretty god job.

New Renault Sandero RS For Latin America With 145HP

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Renault must have had an old pile of 2.0-liter 145 hp engines lying around when it decided to create the Sandero RS, because that’s what powers it.

Granted, it’s only destined to be sold in this configuration in Latin America, a market where engines such as this are still prolific among new cars.

This Is Renault's New Duster Oroch Small Pickup Truck

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Renault pulled the digital wraps off its new Duster Oroch small pickup truck in a world premiere at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show in Argentina today.

Upcoming Alpine Sports Car Rendered In Production Specification

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Renault’s Celebration concept car unveiled at Le Mans on Saturday is most likely the last study before the production sports car launches next year.

New Civic Type R Vs. Leon Cupra 280 Vs. Megane RS In FWD Hot Hatch Battle

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The Renault Megane RS Trophy doesn’t usually come last in comparos against rivals, but this time it did. It lost to the SEAT Leon Cupra 280 and the mighty new Honda Civic Type-R.

Alpine Celebration Concept Unveiled At Le Mans, Previews Production Sports Car

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The Alpine brand is marking its 60th anniversary at Le Mans by unveiling a new show car, the Alpine Celebration, a preview of next year’s production compact sports car.

Look Where Renault Hosted Journos For The Kadjar's Press Drive

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You probably think that automakers fly journalists to spiffy hotels for vehicle presentations, and that’s usually true, but once in a blue moon, some companies get really creative thinking outside the box – or in Renault's case, the bubble.

Camouflaged New Renault Laguna Spotted In Romania

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Renault’s new Laguna will be quite a different proposition to what we have now, as it’s aiming to also replace the larger Latitude sedan that the rhombus brand also sold. It will be a kind of Peugeot 508 that came in to take the place of both 407 and 607.

Renault To Test The Waters For North America Return With EV Entry In Canada

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More than 30 years after leaving North America, Renault is considering a return in small steps. First it wants to enter the Canadian market with its electric vehicles, according to a report from Montreal-based newspaper La Presse.

1990 Williams-Renault FW13B Formula 1 To Go Under The Hammer

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So, are you interested in owning a Williams-Renault Formula 1 car? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be!

Alpine Fans Are In For A Surprise On Saturday At Le Mans

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As if the Le Mans 24 Hours race wasn’t enough to keep auto enthusiasts busy this weekend, Ford and Renault will have two major announcements for fans too.

Red Bull Team Boss Responsible For Yet Another Renault F1 Quit Threat

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First it was Helmut Marko, then it was Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, and now it's team boss Christian Horner the one to broadcast Renault F1's third unofficial quit threat this year.

Scoop: Renault's All-New 2016 Megane Comes Out Of Hiding

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Even though the next Megane is rumored to debut as early as this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, these are our first spy shots of Renault's compact hatch.

Renault Starts Assembling Bolloré Bluecar EVs At Its Dieppe Plant

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Following the partnership agreement signed last year, Renault and Bolloré are stepping up electric vehicle cooperation with the production start of the Bolloré Bluecar at Renault’s Dieppe plant.

Renault Teases Duster Pickup Ahead Of Its Official Debut In Buenos Aires

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By now you’ve probably seen too many photos of Dacia Duster-based pickup trucks to be excited at the news that Renault will unveil its first-ever pickup on June 18 at the Buenos Aires Auto Show.

Renault calls its Duster-based commercial vehicle a “Sport Utility Pickup” and says it inherits “all the qualities behind the success of Duster.”

The new model features a real double cab with four doors, five seats and a generous bed, according to the automaker.

As the two design sketches show, the Duster Pickup will be a slightly toned down version of Renault’s Oroch Concept unveiled last year in Brazil. It will most likely have a Dacia-badged version as well, given that a very similar-looking prototype wearing Dacia logos was spotted in Romania last month.

The Renault Duster Pickup will likely be available with the same engines as the Duster SUV in Argentina, two naturally-aspirated four-cylinder gasoline units with displacements of 1.6 and 2.0 liters.


Renault Gives Taste Of What Sandero RS Is Like On Track

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The Renault Sandero RS is promising to be a fun little warm hatch that might just sell really well. I mean RenaultSport is quite a solid performance brand and it putting its name on car has in recent years produced some of the best driving FWD experiences for any kind of money.