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New Signature Model Takes Top Spot in Renault Captur's UK Range

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Renault just keeps on rolling out special grades, as after last week's Clio GT and Initiale Paris Clio and Espace, the French added a new top of the range trim for the UK market Captur.

Renault Captur Helly Hansen Limited Edition Priced from €20,700 in France

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Renault started taking orders for the Helly Hansen limited-edition version of the Renault Captur in France, with the small crossover priced from €20,700 ($27,187).

Renault and Helly Hansen Launch Limited Edition Captur

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Following the Captur Arizona special edition, Renault teamed up with outdoor sport and leisure clothing brand Helly Hansen to produce a limited edition Captur featuring Extended Grip, a first for the small crossover.

Mercedes Reportedly Planning Captur-Based X-Class Baby SUV

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The Mercedes-Benz GLA crossover (pictured below) may not remain the smallest SUV of the German luxury car manufacturer for long. Rumor has it that, Mercedes is considering an even smaller crossover that would be based on the Renault Captur.

Renault Releases Captur as Samsung QM3 in Korea, Receives 5,000 Orders

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Renault’s South Korean unit Renault Samsung Motors said it has received 5,000 orders for the QM3 crossover only two weeks after opening the order books. The QM3, essentially a rebadged Renault Captur, went on sale in Korea on November 20, with Renault Samsung Motors receiving the first 1,000 orders within seven minutes after opening, with deliveries to take place by mid-December.

Renault Captur Arizona Is the French Crossover’s First Special Edition

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Renault has introduced the first limited-edition version of its Clio-based crossover, called the Captur Arizona. Exclusively available in France, the special edition model stands out from standard models thanks to the specific Orange paint for the bodywork combined with contrasting Etoilé Black painted window pillar and roof.

Poll: Which French Small Crossover Would You Have, the Renault Captur or the Peugeot 2008?

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We recently talked about how and why Peugeot was going to double the production for the 2008 crossover, in order to keep up with surprisingly high demand from around the world. Their Mulhouse plant, located in the east of France, close to the German and Swiss borders will be running two shifts as of September, in order to cover the already large number of orders (around 16,000).

EuroNCAP: Dacia Finally Improves on Safety with First 4-Stars, Nissan NV200 Fails to Impress

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EuroNCAP’s latest test session will surely be remembered by Dacia as the new Sandero brought the Romanian brand its first-ever 4-star rating. The Nissan Evalia (NV200 in North America) was only awarded 3-stars, while the Renault Captur and Chevrolet Trax both achieved the maximum overall 5-star rating.

Renault Captur RS Not Coming Yet, But Remains a Possibility…

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Since there are so many hatchback-based front-wheel drive crossovers cropping up in the market, why not also try to turn them into hot hatches? It’s not the worst marketing decision the automakers that offer them could make, so why not give it a shot? One of these vehicles that could get a performance version is the Renault Captur, but according to a report by GoAuto, such a model is not planned yet, but it’s not out of the books either.

Renault Reportedly Killed Off Modern Interpretation of R4 for Captur

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It’s clear that Renault thinks retro-modern looks are still in fashion, as the next Twingo will bear more than just a passing resemblance to the Clio’s precursor, the R5. However, according to GoAuto, the French automaker was planning one more retro model, which was going to harken back to the R4, which is an even older rhombus-badged small hatchback introduced in 1961.

It seems that Renault’s former management, led by ex-COO Patrick Pelata who was forced to step down in 2011, was really interested in the creation of a heavily retro-influenced car with R4 styling cues, and that development of the vehicle had already commenced and was well underway.

HonestJohn Has Plenty of Hat Room in the New Renault Captur

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I've expressed my deprecating opinion on front-wheel drive crossovers, seeing them as pointless and mere marketing tricks specifically designed to sell more hatchbacks, but I can’t not like the new Renault Captur, simply because it is handsome to behold – it is one of the prettier rhombus-badged cars of recent years.

Renault Puts Samsung Badges on the Captur and Calls it the QM3

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Renault Samsung Motors, the French carmaker’s Korean subsidiary, unveiled the QM3 urban crossover at the Seoul Motor Show. Essentially a rebadged Renault Captur, the QM3 will slot in Renault Samsung’s range below the QM5, known as the Renault Koleos in Europe and other markets.

New Renault Captur Puts a Crossover Twist to the Clio Platform [69 Photos & Videos]

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Making its first public appearance today in front of a crowd at the Geneva Auto Salon, is the brand-new Renault Captur, a sub-compact crossover based on the Clio's familiar "B-Platform", which also underpins the Nissan Juke, with which it will compete in the European market.

Renault Lifts the Curtain on New Captur Small Crossover, the French Juke

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After the release of a teaser image and a video earlier this week, Renault pulled the wraps off the all-new Captur, a sub-compact crossover that will make its world debut at the Geneva Salon in March before arriving in showrooms across Europe in late spring.

The new Captur is the French version of the Nissan Juke, with which it shares its platform architecture that also underpins the Renault Clio Mk4. At 4,120mm (162.2-inches) long, the Captur is only 5mm (about 0.2-inches) shorter than the Juke.

According to Renault, the Captur combines the "expressive styling and driving position of an SUV, the cabin space and modular interior of an MPV, and the agility and driving enjoyment of a compact hatchback".

While it may borrow the name of the athletic three-door Captur Concept from 2011, when it came to the design, Renault chose to look more towards the latest Clio than the study itself.

Renault Drops First Teaser Image and Video of New Captur Small Crossover

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It has been close to two years since Renault impressed us with the athletic three-door Captur Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and even though we're not going to see that car on the road anytime soon, the French brand has borrowed its name and certain design elements to create a new sub-compact crossover model.