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First Look at Next Renault Koleos SUV's Cabin

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Here are the first scoop shots showing the interior of Renault's new compact SUV that will replace the aging Koleos in Europe and other markets.

Renault Alpine Vision for Gran Turismo Leaked

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This is our first (unofficial) look at Renault’s entry into the Gran Turismo Vision series of digital-only cars.

Called the Alpine Vision, it’s clear that the designers have tried really hard to give its own character – there’s a lot going on all around the body - this first batch of leaked photos does by no means excel in terms of quality and you can’t see it all clearly.

Renault Spied Testing Hotter Twingo RS or GT

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The appearance of a Brabus-tuned prototype of the new Smart ForTwo earlier in the summer meant only one thing; Renault would also get a spicier version for the related Twingo.

A Renault-Faced Illustration of the Performance Sandero RS

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RenaultSport is currently working on a performance version of the French group's Sandero hatch that is available around the world with two different snouts featuring the Renault and Dacia badges respectively.

Renault's New XBA City Car for Brazil and India Scooped

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In Western markets, Renault offers the new Twingo, co-developed with Daimler's Smart brand, but for emerging markets like India and Brazil, the French are preparing a different city car.

This is Renault's New Compact SUV Based on the Qashqai

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About a year and-a-half after we spotted Renault's engineers evaluating a mule for their next SUV with the body of a Scenic, the French firm has moved on to prototypes with production bodies.

Spied: New Renault Espace MPV Edging Closer to Paris Show World Premiere

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Can Renault re-invent the passenger minivan segment with its new generation of the Espace that will receive its world premiere at this year's Paris Motor Show in October?

New 2016 Renault Megane IV Envisioned with Clio and Captur-Inspired Design

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After six years in the market and with major competitors like the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Peugeot 308 having introduced newer models, Renault's current, third generation Megane compact series, is slowly approaching the end of the road.

All-New 2015 Renault Espace Reveals Itself in Official Patents

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After checking out our most recently available spy shots of the upcoming Renault Espace and photos of last year's Initial Paris Concept, we can say with a high degree of certainty that these official patent drawings show the actual production version of the French firm's large MPV (minivan).

Scoop: Renault Goes from Va Va Vroom to Plenty of Room with New Trafic

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Renault's engineers are performing the final tests on the new, third generation Trafic van that will be released this summer. As with the current model, it's the child of a project co-developed between the Renault-Nissan alliance and GM's Opel, with the German brand to introduce its version for the successor of the Vivaro at the same time.

New Renault Twingo Photos Look Pretty Legit [Updated]

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Update: Renault dropped a family photo of the new Twingo. More pictures and initial details will follow tonight.

What we believe to be official images of the all-new Renault Twingo, popped up on our online radar today affording us an early glimpse of the French mini, which in this author's eyes, has a kind of Renault 5 and Fiat 500 vibe to it. Whereas the former was intentional and is something that we'll no doubt hear from Renault, don't bet on the latter being mentioned…

Scoop: Renault Initiale Paris Concept Turns Into the All-New Espace

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What we have here are the first spy shots of the fifth generation of Renault's pioneering series of Espace minivans. If you haven't been following the auto show circuit, the French firm previewed the looks of its flagship people carrier with the impressive Initiale Paris Concept at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Scoop: Renault Warms Up Rear-Wheel Drive 2015 Twingo on the Snow

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It's that time of the year that auto manufacturers send engineers to Sweden to trial future models under harsh winter conditions. Renault brought along the upcoming 2015 Twingo that marks an interesting departure from its two predecessors, partly thanks to a newly found collaboration with Daimler and Mercedes-Benz.

Scoop: Which New Renault Model is Hidden Under This Test Mule?

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One of the best ways for automakers to conceal upcoming products during testing on public roads is to use so-called development or test mules that hide a new or modified chassis and drivetrain components under a fake body shell, typically sourced from a model currently in production.

This is the case with a new Renault prototype captured by our spy photographers this week in Northern Europe undergoing cold weather testing.

Spy Shots: The All-New, Rear-Wheel Drive Renault Twingo Mini

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Say hello to the first scoop pictures of the next Renault Twingo wearing its production outfit! Forgive our excitement on Renault's upcoming replacement for the Twingo, which may or may not keep the same name, but when was the last time that an automaker truly shuffled things up in the city car segment?

No, we're not talking about styling alone as we've seen many interesting proposals ranging from the Fiat 500 to the Mini and Opel's Adam in recent years, but (mainly) about mechanical choices as well.

New Renault Clio R.S. 200 Envisioned as a Gordini Model

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Talk about bringing back to life a famous nameplate only to dilute it by using it for special edition models with minor cosmetic tweaks. That's what Renault has been doing with the Gordini moniker for the past few years, with the once iconic French sports car brand's name now standing for a blue shade with white stripes and added equipment features.

Scoop: Alpine Reportedly Begins Field Tests of New Coupe in…Lotus Guise?

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It's not at all unusual for carmakers to cleverly disguise their future models, especially during the early development phase when they use mules to test the platform and mechanical components. These test mules combine a body of a different model with the underpinnings of an upcoming new car, and if not always, most of the times, said body comes from the same brand or at least group (i.e. this Alfa Giulietta-bodied Jeep mule).

Scoop: New Renault TwinFun Concept Looks Like a Modern Day 5 Turbo [w/Videos]

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A never-before seen Renault concept named TwinFun or TwinRun (we can't make out the fifth letter on the name placed on the tailgate), has been captured on camera while it was being filmed for what we assume to be a promo clip in the city of Madrid in Spain.

While you will be forgiven to mistake it for a Gallic Fiat 500, the presence of the mid-engine Renault 5 Turbo from the early 1980s in one of the pictures explains where the French carmaker drew its inspiration for the three-door hatch.

Spied: First Renault Test Mule for a New Compact SUV

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True, what you see in these fresh spy photos from Europe may look like a Renault Grand Scenic at first, but pay closer attention and you will see some substantial modifications such as the shorter rear overhang, the larger wheels mounted on wider tracks on both ends, and an increased ride height.

In addition, Renault engineers have also added weights on the roof and the front fenders, likely to simulate a higher weight distribution.

If you're wondering why all these changes, it's because this is a test mule for a new compact SUV to replace Renault's current Koleos, which is manufactured by Renault Samsung Motors in South Korea.

New Renault Captur Reportedly Revealed in Patent Drawings

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We already knew from the spy shots that Renault's production version of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Captur study wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting as the concept, but if you need further proof, here's a set of patent drawings that were listed on a French forum.

The as-of-yet unnamed crossover model looks like a longer, taller, and beefier version of the fourth generation Clio, which might not be a bad thing, but it definitely leaves a lot to be desired when you compare it with the original concept.