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Renault Is Europe's Best Performing EV Brand

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On the back of successful sales, Renault has become the continent's best performing brand for electric vehicles.

Renault Offers Tips For Maximizing Electric Car Driving Range

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While this official Renault video focuses on the Zoe, the advice you are going to get applies to any electric vehicle – some of it applies to conventional cars too.

Renault Restructures ZOE & Twizy UK Line-Ups

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Renault's ZOE supermini and their urban-oriented Twizy have both received updated trim levels, creating a more uniform grading structure across the line-up.

Renault Extends Zoe’s Driving Range to 240 KM Thanks to New Electric Motor

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Despite being one of the first mass-produced electric vehicles on the market, the Renault Zoe hasn’t quite convinced customers. That’s partly because the real-world driving range was too small – between 100 and 150 km (62-93 miles) in cold and mild weather, respectively.

Renault-Nissan Alliance Sold 200,000 EVs Worldwide

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance has announced it has sold 200,000 electric vehicles worldwide, with the group’s market share for zero-emission cars reaching 58 percent.

Renault Offers a Glimpse into its 2020 Next Two Autonomous Vehicle Project [w/Videos]

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Renault wants to bring an autonomous vehicle to the market by the year 2020 and is already testing the technology with a Renault Zoe-based prototype called Next Two.

Renault Sweetens Zoe’s Financial Proposition in UK

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The Renault Zoe is a pretty and fairly affordable electric car that was announce to be somewhat of a hit prior to hitting the European scene. Since it has, though, not that many have been sold, with numbers way below the Rhombus’ original estimates.

Renault to Debut New 2L/100KM PHEV Study at 2014 Geneva Show

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Renault is reportedly working on a Clio-sized concept car featuring a plug-in hybrid powertrain that would deliver an average fuel consumption of 2 l/100 km (141 mpg UK/117.4 mpg US). Renault head of research, advanced studies and materials Remi Bastien told Auto Express that the carmaker is “investigating petrol plug-in hybrid power” for the prototype “2l/100km” vehicle, which may debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Renault Zoe Sales This Year Said to be 10,000 Instead of a Targeted 50,000 Units

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Sales of the Renault Zoe electric supermini are expected to be way below the automaker's target, with market analyst Inovev estimating 10,000 deliveries or 40,000 less than what Renault is rumored to have set as a goal for 2013.

Renault Offers a Free 1-Hour Daily Charge to All EV Owners at its French Dealerships

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Starting from September 30, 2013, a total of 372 dealerships from Renault’s distribution network in France will start offering users of electric vehicles a free 1-hour charge per day. The dealerships will be equipped with fast-charge terminals located on the outdoor parking lots. According to Renault, the 22 kW charging terminals can charge batteries to 80 percent of their capacity in one hour.

Another Video Review of the Renault Zoe Electric Supermini

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Renault is among the few manufacturers who have the capability to put aside sufficient resources to create a ground-up EV (with the help of Nissan), and not merely converting an already existing model. Sure, they’ve done so with the Fluence and Kangoo, but their range of all-electrics does contain two models which were conceived that way from the onset – the Twizy quadricycle and the Clio-sized Zoe.

Renault-Nissan Alliance Sells 100,000th Electric Vehicle

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American graduate student Allison Howard, pictured above, is the recipient of the 100,000th electric vehicle sold from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the Nissan Leaf. The milestone comes 31 months after the group delivered it's very first EV, a Leaf bought by engineer Olivier Chalouhi in California’s Silicon Valley.

Sebastian Vettel Takes the Zoe and Twizy Renault Sport F1 for a Spin

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Being a Formula One driver comes with a lot of PR responsibilities, and world champion Sebastian Vettel is no exception. Aside from the Red Bull events, the German pilot also has to do PR work for Renault, the F1 team’s engine supplier, and for title sponsor Infiniti.

Considering the latest media event involved Vettel driving the Renault Zoe electric car and the one-off Twizy Renault Sport F1, we can’t say that is an ordeal. Especially having the opportunity to drive the bonkers KERS-equipped Twizy, must have been a pleasant experience for Vettel.

Renault Asks Its Facebook Fans if They Would Like a Convertible Zoe EV

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Renault is ahead of many automakers when it comes to electric vehicle development, with the French company having four EVs already on the market - the Twizy, Zoe, Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E.

The Zoe is the latest electric Renault that launched on European roads, with prices starting from €13,700 in France and from £13,995 in the UK (both prices include governments’ incentives, but not monthly lease fees for the battery).

Renault's New Zoe Electric Hatch Video Reviewed

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The two main downsides of buying and owning an electric vehicle are still the high acquisition cost and limited range, and while the Renault Zoe is not a perfect car, it at least crosses one of those negatives off the list. We are talking about the price, which, at least in the UK, is very reasonable, and after factoring in the hefty government rebate, the all-electric Zoe is yours from £13,650 (€16,040).

Renault Zoe Priced at £13,650 in the UK After Incentives

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Renault’s EV supermini, the Zoe, is priced from £13,650 (€16,040) in the UK after the government’s Plug-in Car Grant deduction. The new hatchback is already available to order now and will arrive in UK showrooms from June 7.

Renault Delays Zoe EV Launch So It Won’t Steal New Clio 4’s Thunder

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Renault’s Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares has confirmed that the French car manufacturer has set a CO2 fleet emissions target below 100 g/km in 2016 and below 80 g/km in 2020, when he estimates that electric vehicles will account for 10 percent of its product portfolio.

The Zoe EV is a B-segment car that, in Tavares’ own words, “is almost impossible to go back to internal combustion after driving it. We are confident in its success and impatient to launch it.”

Not desperate enough, though, to suspend its launch in order to make way for the all-new Clio IV that premiered at September’s Paris Auto Show.

French Minister Filmed Exceeding Speed Limit by 16km/h in Renault Zoe Outside the Elysée Palace

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Saying, “Let’s see what she’s got in her” and gunning a car for all it’s worth is a phrase uttered a billion times by drivers around the world. Doing so may or may not get you into trouble.

French minister of “industrial recovery” Arnaud Montebourg, certainly got into a bit of trouble when he uttered that phrase while taking the ZOE, Renault’s all-electric supermini, for a spin outside the Elysée Palace.

Unfortunately for the minister, the TV crew that was in the car filmed him hitting 66 km/h (41 mph), exceeding the 50 km/h (31 mph) speed limit by 16 km/h (10 mph).

Renault to Produce New Clio Mk4 Simultaneously in France and Turkey

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The crucially important for Renault's future new Clio Mk4 will be manufactured simultaneously at its Flins plant in France and the Bursa factory in Turkey, the automaker announced today.

The French carmaker pointed out that, at this point, it "cannot supply any figures on the share of New Renault Clio production between these two plants".

Chinese Automaker Completing Work on...Renault Zoe EV Clone

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Do these renderings remind you of something? Of course they do since it's only been 12 days since Renault lifted the veils off the final production version of its Zoe pure-electric supermini at the 82nd Geneva International Auto Salon…

According to the local media, the Renault Zoe's Asian twin is named the J0 and it's being prepared by a company called Shenzhen Greenwheel Electric Vehicle Co. LTD, which is a small carmaker that focuses on electric cars.

Not much else is known about the JO EV, though there's a strong possibility that that Shenzhen Greenwheel will display the car at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show in April.