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Granite Black Wheels Fit Rolls Royce Ghost Nicely

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Very few owners of Rolls Royce models fit their Ghost or Phantom with appropriately imposing custom wheels.

SPOFEC by Novitec Has Its Way With A Rolls-Royce Ghost

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This black Ghost Series II puts a stop to Rolls Royce’s sensible bespoke models.

Rolls-Royce Celebrates Goodwood Festival Of Speed With Two Bespoke Models

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Here’s another pair of bespoke Rolls-Royces to lighten up your mood.

Onyx Concept Tunes Rolls Royce Ghost

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When it comes to modifying a Rolls-Royce, few tuners get it right.

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Will Only Build Three of These Ghost Mysore Models for Abu-Dhabi

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Rolls-Royce has released yet another Bespoke Ghost model, this time dedicated to an 18th century Indian ruler. The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Ghost Mysore Collection pays homage to Tipu Sultan, the ruler of 18th century Mysore in India.

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Launches Suhail Collection for Phantom, Ghost and Wraith

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Rolls-Royce has unveiled its first ever Bespoke Collection offered for the entire family of models. The Suhail Collection is the first collection to be offered on Phantom, Phantom Coupé, Ghost and Wraith models, and is inspired by Suhail, one of the brightest star constellations in the sky.

Novitec's SPOFEC Gives Rolls Royce Ghost Up To 699HP

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SPOFEC is Novitec's newly created tuning division for Rolls Royce models and for its first project, it chose the British firm's most affordable car, the Ghost saloon.

Facelifted Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Makes US Debut in NY

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Rolls-Royce didn’t even bother to take any new photos of their revised Series II Ghost, a car that will soon make its official US debut at the New York motor show. Granted, they haven’t altered anything since the last time we checked it out, which we did, in detail, when it debuted in Geneva.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Shows its Renewed Face in Geneva [w/Videos]

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Following the teaser released last week, Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Ghost Series II at the Geneva Motor Show. The first facelift in the history of this model is a subtle one, with the most obvious change taking place on the front end, where the headlights receive a different shape. 

Rolls-Royce Teases Ghost Series II Ahead of Geneva Debut

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Rolls-Royce has released the first teaser photo of its facelifted Ghost sedan, or Ghost Series II as the British carmaker elegantly calls it. Rolls-Royce is known for not operating major styling changes when its models reach their mid-life, and that was confirmed two years ago when the Phantom Series II models were introduced.

Take a Sneak Peek at Rolls-Royce’s Upcoming 1001 Nights Collection [w/Video]

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Since the Middle East is one of Rolls-Royce’s most important sales markets, the company’s Bespoke division is preparing the launch of the 1001 Nights Collection, dedicated to this region. Inspired by the tales in The Arabian Nights, the first two stages of the collection saw unique coachlines, eye-catching motifs and veneer inlays with arabesque symbols.

Rolls-Royce Officially Reveals Built to Order Ghost V-Specification

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Rolls-Royce has announced the launch of the Ghost V-Specification, a limited series model of the Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase. The special model will only be available for customers to commission from January to June 2014.

Rolls-Royce Quietly Unveils Limited Edition Ghost V-Specification with 593HP

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Rolls-Royce has quietly released the Ghost V-Specification, an upgraded model bringing more power and luxury to its entry-level model. The most powerful Ghost ever made is powered by an uprated version of the twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 engine producing 593 hp (601PS), 30 hp more than the standard Ghost.

MT Gets Creative with Bentley Flying Spur vs. Rolls Royce Ghost

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The 2014 Bentley Flying Spur, the new one, is more or less of a direct rival to the 2014 Rolls Royce Ghost, even if the latter is more expensive, and it addresses a different clientele.

Rolls-Royce Crafts Unique Gold-Themed Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird Edition

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Shortly after unveiling the unique Phantom Celestial bespoke model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rolls-Royce has shown another one-off, this time based on the Ghost entry-level model (funny how a $272,000 car gets to be called an entry-level one).

Revealed on Rolls-Royce’s official Facebook page, the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird is inspired by an ancient Chinese artifact from the late Shang Dynasty called the Golden Sun Bird, discovered in 2001 in Chengdu city and represented by the sculpture shown in the first photo from the gallery.

Scoop: Rolls-Royce Ghost Getting Ready for its First Facelift

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After updating the Phantom range last year and adding a new and comparatively sportier coupe, the Wraith, just last month, Rolls-Royce engineers and designers have turned their attention to the brand's third and most affordable model, the Ghost, which is offered in regular and long-wheelbase flavors.

If you know Rolls-Royce, then you shouldn't be surprised to learn that the first facelift for the Ghost won't bring any earthshaking updates.

New Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection Looks Back 100 Years for Inspiration

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Premium automakers are well aware of the fact that affluent Chinese customers have a thing for special edition models, which is why you'll be seeing plenty of them at the Auto China 2013 in Shanghai.

Rolls-Royce, of course, is no stranger to limited edition versions, but with the new Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Collection, it's the first time in the company's history that a bespoke model has taken inspiration from a heritage Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Creates One-of-a-Kind Pink Ghost FAB1 for Charity

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When individual buyers opt for an eye-popping pink paint job for their luxury ride, it's usually a statement of opulence and occasionally…bad taste, but when automakers do it, most of the times, it has something to do with breast cancer awareness, which is the case of the pink-colored Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase special featured in these photos.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Becomes a Million Dollar Bathtub in Indonesia

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Once again, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has been savaged by heavy floods reeling from torrential rain, which media reports said have left at least a dozen people dead and nearly 20,000 homeless.

Over the past few days, many roads inside and around the city were flooded stranding hundreds if not thousands of motorists.

In one incident, a Rolls-Royce Ghost saloon, said to cost around 10 billion IDR or over 1 million USD in Indonesia, was photographed outside the Bundaran Hotel partially submerged.

Rolls-Royce Names Ghost Coupe the New Wraith, Debuts at the Geneva Salon

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We already knew that the upcoming Rolls-Royce Ghost-based coupe, which we've seen plenty of times testing out in the open, would be the fastest, most powerful and sportiest production model in the British luxury company's 107-year-long history.

Now, we have a name for that car as Rolls-Royce today confirmed it as the all-new Wraith adding that its world premiere will occur at the Geneva Motor Show on March 5, 2013, with first deliveries to customers expected in the fourth quarter of this year.