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GM Issues Another Set Of Recalls, Including SRX, Spark and a Saab

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General Motors has announced three more recalls for its vehicles, bringing the count up to around 30 million cars and trucks recalled in 2014.

Saab's Savior NEVS Running Out of Gas, Will Lay Off 200 Workers

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After losing the right to use the Saab name and entering bankruptcy protection, Chinese-backed National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) said it would lay off up to 200 workers "due to lack of work".

NEVS-Controlled Saab Granted Bankruptcy Protection by Swedish Court

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Saab is currently buried in debt. National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the (not at all Swedish) consortium that runs it has been waging a constant battle with creditors wanting their money back, while at the same time trying to restart production and get the promised electric makeover of the brand underway.

NEVS Reveals Saab 9-3 EV Prototype for the First Time

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We were starting to wonder where troubled NEVS’ prophesized all-electric Saab 9-3 was, but now our questions have been laid to rest by these photos of what is reportedly one of the first such prototypes.

Not Again…Saab's New Owner NEVS Faces Bankruptcy

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In yet another twist in Saab's…twisted survival story, one of its suppliers petitioned a Swedish court to declare the brand's new owner, National Electric Vehicle of Sweden (NEVS), bankrupt.

Mahindra & Mahindra May Buy a Stake in Reborn Saab

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Apparently, NEVS doesn’t have enough money on its own to keep the restarted Saab production going, and with that thought in mind, the idea of making a 9-3-based EV seems ever more distant. However, it would appear that they may not have to do it alone, as it’s been speculated that India’s Mahindra & Mahindra may be interested in buying a share of its own.

Recently Restarted Saab Stops Production over Financial Woes

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After resuming very low volume production of the 9-3 earlier this year, Volvo’s Saab's new owners called National Electric Vehicle Sweden (or NEVS) have announced they are ceasing building it due to money troubles. Apparently, there’s an outstanding debt they need to pay and there’s no cash in the bank to pay it; the maximum production figure they reached in this short time span was six cars per day.

Reborn Saab Makes First 9-3-Based Electric Car Prototype

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It was undoubtedly an arduous journey for NEVS to get Saab back on its feet after it went down, being made even more challenging with the announcement that it was also going to be converted into an EV manufacturer that would use Chinese parts. Now, after the first new petrol-powered 9-3 (pictured here) was built in September of 2013, they’ve made an electric version too.

Abandoned Car Dealership with Mazdas, Hondas and Saabs Uncovered in Switzerland

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For a race of beings who think that they've discovered everything here on earth and are looking into the stars for new findings, there sure seem to be plenty of spaces lost in time like this abandoned auto dealership in Switzerland.

Owners of Saab Go the Full Way, Announce Re-Release of 9-3 Sedan Pictured Here

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So after firing up the Trollhättan production line for the first time since GM-controlled Saab made any cars, new owners National Electric Vehicle Sweden or NEVS have now officially re-launched the 2014 model-year 9-3 sedan, currently the only model they make.

Saab Restarted 9-3 Production, Says Spokesman

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A report from Reuters tells us that Saab is finally officially restarting production of the 9-3 sedan, at the Trollhättan factory, in Sweden. The plant had already undergone earlier trial production runs, and the first of these new series of the 9-3s rolled off the assembly line around the middle of September, and got a fair bit of media attention.

1989 Saab 900 Aero / SPG is the Essence of Saab

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Saab may be gone – or at least what we knew of it – but its legacy continues through the cars that are doing the job they were designed for on a daily basis. Among the company’s most iconic products, the first-generation 900 holds a special place thanks to its distinct shape and the popularity it enjoyed worldwide.

It’s No Longer a Myth – NEVS Officially Starts Saab Production

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Saab fans around the world and auto enthusiasts alike rejoice! The ailing Swedish manufacturer is back on track and has started making cars, under its new ownership, National Electric Vehicle Swedenor (NEVS). SaabsUnited has the details, plus a few photos of the very first new 9-3 from inside the Trollhättan factory.

Saab to Reportedly Restart Production in September with Updated 9-3

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Saab’s tumultuous history may take a turn for the better, as local Swedish sources told Swedish news site Aftonbladet that the Trollhättan factory has already reopened its doors, with actual production restarting in September.

That’s all well and good, but its new owners, National Electric Vehicle Swedenor NEVS, which is only Swedish by name, frankly, getting all of its capital from Asia, is also making the “Electric” part of their name irrelevant too, as it seems that the car they are putting back into production is the exact same 9-3 we’re familiar with, powered by conventional internal combustion.

Are These the First Drawings of NEVS' New Saab 9-3 EV?

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It's been some time since we last heard anything new about the future of Saab from its current owner, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), which acquired the leftovers of Saab following the automaker's bankruptcy.

Now, while NEVS hasn't made any new announcements, a picture that was recently uploaded on the website of Gothenburg design studio Yovinn, which employs Matias Cindric, former chief designer of Saab, has the crews at Saabsunited and Swedish daily SvD pondering in excitement if one of the two cars pictured could be a sketch for the upcoming 9-3-based electric sedan.

Help This Saab Owner Choose Between a Used Honda S2000 and a New Subaru BRZ

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Why would a Saab enthusiast want to give up his rare 2002 Saab 9-3 Viggen and consider going Japanese? Well, let’s just say he wants to try something different. As someone who has owned several Saabs in his life, his wish is understandable.

Featured in the “BRZorthat” segment of the After/Drive show on the Drive online video network, the discussion between Mr. Saab and the host of the show, Mike Spinelli, gets pretty interesting when the guest explains why he would consider a used Honda S2000 as a replacement for his Saab.

Three Former Saab Execs Jailed for Accounting Fraud Charges

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Saab, in its current form, is taking a break from making cars, but they should at some point start building an electric vehicle, or at least that was the announced plan when the company was taken over, a while back. However, other interconnected stories have been cropping up ever since, and the name Saab has been in the news quite a lot, despite the fact that the company is for all intents and purposes, dead.

This time we bring you a story about three unnamed, former company executives who were recently put behind bars for accounting fraud. According to The Detroit News, they are “suspected of aggravated attempts to avoid tax controls” – fixing Saab’s accounts in 2010 and 2011, while the company was under the control of Spyker. In Sweden, this brings about a four-year prison sentence.

Year of the Saab: China's BAIC Motors Launches 9-5-Based Senova D Sedan

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The car you see pictured here is the Senova D sedan from China's Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. or simply BAIC, and under its body shell, elements of which will likely remind you of several other cars, is the platform and engine technology from the previous generation Saab 9-5, the rights for which the company acquired from General Motors in 2009.

It is the production version of last year's C70G and it was formally introduced to the world at last month's Shanghai Auto Show. The reason why we're talking about it now is that BAIC announced on Monday that the Senova D went on sale in China and Hong Kong (which is a special administrative region of China).

STCC-Ready Dacia Logan Racing Car is a Saab 9-3 in Drag

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The piece we wrote earlier about the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship- or STCC-ready Dacia Logan, was such an oddball story that some may have clicked it hoping to ridicule the Romanian carmaker' attempt at making a touring car based on their most basic means of transportation.

Most of you will have noticed that the car shown in the photos was unusually long and low, nothing like the Logan on which it was supposedly based.

China's BAIC Picks Nicholas Cage to Promote New Senova Brand's Saab-Based Cars

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Nicolas Cage, the well-known American actor who has made some questionable choices in his movie career, has been officially selected by BAIC of China as a brand ambassador for the automaker's new line of Senova-branded cars. Now 49, Cage was reportedly chosen because he is a familiar face for the target buyers for the new cars, which are males in their 40s.