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Lego Creates A Life-Size Model Of Ferrari's 2017 F1 Car

In a bid to promote its new Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H model, Lego has created a life-size version of Ferrari’s 2017 Formula One car.

This Is What A $15,000 Bugatti Scale Model Looks Like Up Close

We all know that scale models can get pretty ridiculous with their details but this is on a whole different level.

Nissan GT-R Nismo Fan Creates His Own Lego Masterpiece

Not dissuaded by the fact that Lego doesn’t sell a Nissan GT-R Nismo, one fan has decided to create his very own Godzilla entirely from Leg...

Homemade Lego BMW M3 Captures The E30's Blockiness

This Lego-made BMW M3 from the E30 generation is for those vying to own one of the brand's best cars ever , but can't afford the re...

Amalgam Launches Scale Models Of Every Ferrari 70th Anniversary Edition

At last year’s Paris Auto Show, Ferrari stunned many by releasing no less than 70 individual special-edition liveries to celebrate its 70t...

Gesture-Controlled Smart Toy Car Project Looking For Funding

If you're tired of racing your toy car using a clunky or overly-complicated remote control, the guys over at Ultigesture have a pretty ...

Shrunken McLaren 720S Is The Closest Thing We'll Get To Owning One

Have you seen the new McLaren 720S on display in Geneva and though that you could never get one in your garage?

BMW Creates Fantastic Flying Motorcycle Concept Inspired By Lego Model

BMW Motorrad recently teamed up with the might of Lego to create an accurate model of the popular BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle.

Lego-Made VW Microbus And Atlas Debut In Chicago

Volkswagen of America doesn’t have an entirely new car to premiere in the Windy City, so they teamed up with Lego instead.

Mustang Scale Model Pulling A Trailer Teaches Us About Weight Distribution

While some people might not strategically load their trailer with a certain weight distribution in mind, some experts say that a 60/40 fro...

'Eleanor' Shelby Mustang GT500 From 'Gone In 60 Seconds' Recreated With Lego Bricks

A fan of 'Gone in 60 seconds' has built the  1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang from the action movie using Lego bricks.

Watch An RC Car Going 100MPH In Slow Motion

The only thing better than watching a 100 mph (160km/h)  RC car in action, is watching it at a 4K resolution in slow motion.

This Guy's Homemade Lego 2017 Ford GT Looks Pretty Neat

Ford may have teamed up with Lego to immortalize the GT , but there's a homemade project that looks even better than the original.

Latest Lego Collection Includes Bugatti Chiron And Ferrari FXX K

Lego is preparing to release its new Lego Speed Champions set in winter 2017 and has released a selection of images detailing the complete ...

Does A Lego-Made Lamborghini Miura SV Tickle Your Fancy?

The Lamborghini Miura might have turned 50, but that doesn’t mean that its value has went down. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it's n...

Lego Land Rover Discovery 3 Is Extremely Faithful To The Real Thing

Related to the first Range Rover Sport , but with a more rugged appearance and better off-road credentials, the Land Rover Discovery 3 , ma...

Lego Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Impresses With Attention To Detail

Certain car enthusiasts have a thing for Lego , and we can't blame them, since some of their projects are showroom-worthy.

McLaren Takes Electric P1 Toy To Goodwood Race Circuit [w/Video]

Meet McLaren's first electric vehicle, a diminutive ride-on P1 aimed at racing enthusiasts under the age of six.

Jaguar E-Type Made Out Of Lego Bricks Tries Its Best To Stay True To The Original

Considered to be one of the most stylish cars ever produced, the Jaguar E-Type is, today, a sought-after classic.

Lego VW Golf GTI Mk1 Needs Our Support To See The Light Of Day

This VW Golf GTI Mk1 project from Lego project needs to gather at least 10,000 votes in order for the Danish company to consider bringing ...