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Thrash Metal Brand Slayer Whips Up a Scion tC for SEMA Show

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You know winter is approaching in this part of the world when automakers begin touting their SEMA Show projects, like Scion that is teasing two new models.

Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Arrives in US Dealerships with a $29,990* Price Tag

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As far as limited series vehicles go, 1,500 units is a rather big number, but given that the Scion FR-S is an affordable, mass-produced sports car, Toyota thought 1,500 is exclusive enough.

How Toyota and Subaru Arrived at the GT86 / BRZ Project

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Thanks to the collaboration between Toyota and Subaru, the affordable rear-wheel drive coupe is a reality once again, much to the delight of gearheads everywhere.

Scion May Rebadge Toyota Auris Hatchback, Add Yaris-Based Sedan

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In an attempt to broaden the customer base of its North America-exclusive Scion brand, Toyota is expected to add a new hatchback as well as a sedan, a body style never before offered by Scion.

Meet the Scion of Aston Martin, Transformed in Texas

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The absolute joke of a project that was the Aston Martin Cygnet, a Toyota iQ with a British-flavored maquillage and a hysterical starting price of around £31,000 or more than $50,000, was put to rest last October, ending an awkward chapter in the brand's long history. Aston never offered the Cygnet in the States, but there is at least one example on this side of the pond that mimics its looks.

Scion Adds New Colors and Paddle Shifters to 2015 tC

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It's not even remotely as popular as the FR-S in automotive cycles, but the tC coupe gets the job done for Scion, as it remains the brand's top U.S. seller this year with a 7.1 percent increase to 5,933 deliveries in the first four months of 2014.

2015 Scion FR-S Gets Shark-Fin Antenna, Plus Minor Suspension and Cosmetic Updates

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Following in the suit of the 2015 Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ, Scion has applied the same line of updates to its North American FR-S coupe.

Scion FR-S Turbo Four-Door Purportedly Detailed via Unofficial Source

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In spite of previous rumors that have so far proven untrue and slightly incredible, there’s still talk of adding a second set of doors to the Scion FR-S (and we assume the other two differently badged models too). Rumor has it, that it will happen, sometime in 2016.

Racy Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 with TRD Tidbits Debuts in New York

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Scion unveiled the FR-S Release Series 1.0 alongside the xB RS 10.0 at the New York International Auto Show today, with the FR-S RS 1.0 drawing on track heritage and the expertise of Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

Scion Keeps xB Alive with Electric Quartz Release Series 10.0

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Gone are the days when the Scion xB was setting trends with its box-shaped body in the small car segment. Now, with the second generation approaching its eighth year in the market, it looks like a relic from another time. Scion's answer to this problem is yet another Release Series edition that will debut at the New York motor show.

Scion Readies New FR-S and tC Monogram Series Editions for Detroit Show

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We all like some added features at a lower cost when buying a car, and these usually come in the form of so-called special editions. Scion is certainly no stranger to this type of marketing promotion to increase sales, and at the upcoming 2014 Detroit motor show, it will debut the limited run Monogram Series for the tC and FR-S coupes.

Scion FR-S or Toyota GT 86 Rendered as a Four-Door Coupe

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We've already explained our thoughts regarding all those rumors about a four-door sports sedan or four-door coupe, if you prefer, version of the current Scion FR-S, Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ triplets (Subaru, which builds all three cars, has even dismissed a convertible edition), but the design community isn't subject to any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to imagining future models.

What's Going on Between Toyota and Subaru on the Convertible Version of the GT-86/FR-S/BRZ?

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Doesn't it strike you as odd that Toyota would go gone into all that trouble creating multiple editions of the FT-86 Open concept in both left and right drive, if it has no plans to build a convertible edition out of its Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 models?

These 2014 Scion tC SEMA Concepts Were Built at a Cost of $15,000 a Pop

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Scion has always encouraged clients and tuners alike to individualize their cars, and at this year's SEMA Show held in Las Vegas from November 5 to 8, it will showcase three customized versions of its updated 2014 tC coupe that were built with a maximum budget of $15,000 (about 11,000 euros) within 90 days as part of a competition.

Is Report on Four-Door Toyota GT-86 and Scion FR-S Bull Caca?

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Did you read the latest report about Toyota allegedly giving the green light to a four-door version of the Toyota GT-86 and consequently, the Scion FR-S? Well if you didn’t, you can read all about it from the source, which is a one Peter Lyons from Australia's CarSales, as well as on a number of other sites that repeated the story such as Autoblog, Jalopnik, Motorauthority and Worldcarfans, just to mention a few.

These stories make for wonderful, eye-catching and viewer-engaging headlines, but one has to be cautious, and by that, I mean there are times when who's talking is as important as what they're saying. It all so happens that I made fun of an eerily similar story about a four-door coupe GT-86 back in 2010 (read our humorous post here - again I repeat, humorous, don't take it seriously…like some did at the time), which according to the author, should have been in showrooms…today.

Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S May Receive a Power Boost via a Bigger 2.5-liter Engine

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It looks like the prayers of Toyota GT86 fans are about to be answered, as the Japanese carmaker is reportedly preparing a power increase for its popular RWD coupe.

The chief engineer for the GT86 project, Tetsuya Tada, has told Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald that his team is considering ways of increasing the coupe’s performance, one of which will definitely make it to production from 2015, when the GT86 will get its mid-life facelift.

BMW M3 E30 vs. Scion FR-S vs. VW Golf GTI in MT's Latest Head2Head Video

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Fans of affordable sports cars have a new dilemma now that the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z trio has brought rear-wheel-drive into the equation. What’s better: a front-wheel-drive hot hatch like the VW Golf GTI or a rear-wheel-drive coupe like the ones offered by the Japanese carmakers?

To find the answer(s) to this question, two editors from MotorTrend and European Car took the Scion FR-S and the sixth-generation VW Golf GTI for a spin around the track. They also brought along a third car to the playground, the 1989 BMW M3 from the E30 generation, to serve as a benchmark.

Topless Toyota FT-86 Shown With it Roof Up Via Patent Papers

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The Toyota GT-86 is quite successful in its styling, and while some may criticize bits of it at a time, the consensus seems to be that it looks good. This poses a challenge for the engineers behind the car, when turning the coupe into the FT-86, which is the soft-top convertible version.

Keep in mind that aside from the roof having to be strong, durable, not leak and not take up much space in the trunk, it must also not upset the car's lines when it's deployed.

Scion May Move More Upmarket, Abandon its Youth-Oriented Approach

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The Scion brand, a Toyota creation for the North American market, has been struggling in recent years, with lackluster sales and an ageing model lineup. Now, in the face of front-wheel drive, premium cars from Europe, officials are mulling a rethink of the entire brand, which may move upmarket and fight vehicles like Mercedes' CLA, or the Audi A3.

It seems that there is also quite a bit of pressure involved, as Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America stated to Autonews: "Everybody is looking at what direction Scion should go [...] We have to take a real hard look at what the future of the industry looks like strategically, and where we want Scion to play."

2014 Scion tC is More of the Same, With a Dash of Aggression Through FR-S-Style Fascia

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Being the brand's top selling vehicle, the Scion tC is extremely important to get right. It is a moderately-successful car, from a manufacturer which reportedly received the FR-S so as not to force Toyota to kill off the brand completely.

Now, they have improved the car for 2014 and are showing it off at the 2013 New YorkInternational Auto Show, complete with its FR-S-inspired styling makeover, which gives it some much-needed character.