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Can A Skoda Superb Really Hold Its Own Against A BMW M760Li?

The Skoda Superb and BMW 7 Series are both fairly large European sedans, manufactured by German auto groups.

Would You Be Interested In A Skoda Superb Coupe?

There was a time when Skoda used to sell coupes too, but that was long before the Volkswagen era.

New Petrol Engines For Skoda Octavia And Superb

Skoda has launched new petrol engine versions for the SE Tech Octavia and Superb hatch and estate models.

VW Group Wagons Compared: Audi A4 vs Skoda Superb vs VW Passat

If you’re looking for a new wagon and happen to live in Europe, chances are that, depending on your budget, one or more of these three mode...

Skoda Superb Adds New Equipment For 2018MY

Unlike the smaller Octavia with its controversial double-headlight pattern, the Superb remains largely untouched for 2018, on the outside....

One Million Is A Superb Number For Skoda

Automakers announce production milestones all the time. Some we take notice of, like when Lamborghini produces its thousandth super-what-ha...

Skoda Sets New Sales Record With One Million Vehicles Delivered This Year

The cheating emissions scandal, aka the Dieselgate , doesn't seem to have hurt Skoda much, as the Czechs are either celebrating milesto...

2019 Superb Plug-In Hybrid Will Herald Skoda's EV Agenda

Can you name a hybrid or electric Skoda? That’s because there isn’t one, but things will change starting with 2019.

Skoda Investigating Performance-Focused Superb vRS

Skoda's Superb luxury sedan is looking likely to become the brand's next model available with a vRS-badged performance version.

Skoda Celebrates 15 Years Of Superb, Remembers The 1934 Original

With an independent suspension and a 55-horsepower 2.5-liter six-banger, the original Skoda 640 Superb is seen as the forefather of the mod...

Skoda's Performance vRS Variants Not So Profitable, Future Is Uncertain

The Skoda Octavia is the only car in the brand's current lineup to add the vRS suffix, as the automaker has focused instead on develop...

Skoda To Decide On Possible U.S. Launch By Next Fall

With an extensive vehicle lineup led by the newly unveiled Kodiaq , and more models said to be in the pipeline, Skoda could eventually sell...

Jeremy Clarkson's Ten Worst Cars Of This Past Year

After telling us a little something about his top 10 favorite cars of this past year , the ex-Top Gear host decided it was time for him to ...

Skoda Still Eyes US Market Entry, Kodiaq SUV Could Lead The Pack

America's love for SUVs could is something that Skoda is well aware of, and it could eventually help the Kodiaq cross the ocean.

Skoda Posts Record Sales For The First Half Of The Year

Despite coming out bruised from the cheating emissions scandal , along with its sister brands and parent company Volkswagen, Skoda has stil...

Skoda Considering Hot Superb & Kodiaq vRS Versions

Currently, if you want to buy a vRS performance model from Skoda, the Czech automaker can only sell you one car, the Octavia vRS.

Skoda Says Superb Packs More Punch Than Yesterday's Supercars - Including NSX, 308GTB

It's amazing how far cars have come over the past few decades. Not just in safety, refinement and fuel economy, but in performance too....

Skoda Superb SportLine Priced From £26,490 In UK

Available as both an Estate as well as a Hatchback, Skoda's new Superb SportLine version will be available to UK customers starting ne...

Skoda Might Be Planning A Return To North America

Registering some of their nameplates with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) hints at a possible entry of VW Group's...

Reviewer Finds Skoda’s Range-Topping 280HP Superb Purely Superb

Skoda’s flagship is probably one of those rare cars that you can’t really find any significant faults.