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New Skoda Octavia Scout Shines in UK Review

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The Skoda Octavia Scout can probably fit a lot of different lifestyles, especially for people living in colder climates with heavy snow. the extra ground clearance and all-wheel drive make it capable in low-grip conditions, and its estate body means it’s quite practical too.

BMW 2-Series AT, Nissan Pulsar and Skoda Fabia Get 5-Star Euro NCAP Ratings

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Besides the Tesla Model S, Euro NCAP’s latest crash test session also involved four new models for the European market: the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, Nissan Pulsar, Skoda Fabia and Suzuki Celerio.

All-New Skoda Fabia R5 Training Hard for Rally Duty

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With the third-generation Skoda Fabia already unveiled, the Czech carmaker is teasing the all-wheel drive Fabia R5 rally car in a new video.

Skoda Does Low-Cost Gymkhana at a Service Parking Lot

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This video is pure awesomeness and it deserves every single one of those 281,000+ views it has garnered over the past week.

New Skoda Fabia Shows its Talents in Static Preview

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The new Skoda Fabia will be, along with the soon to be launched Mazda2, the most modern and advanced supermini on the market.

Skoda Video Teases CitiJet Concept for Wörthersee One More Time

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At this year’s Wörthersee Tour in Austria (May 28-31), Skoda will unveil a unique showcar based on the Citigo mini car. Built by apprentices coordinated by Skoda’s exterior design chief Jozef Kabaň, the Skoda CitiJet concept features a chopped-off roof, a metallic finish in blue and white, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

500,000 Mile First-Gen Skoda Octavia Press Car Review

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It’s funny that you can say “they don’t make them like this anymore” about a late 90s car from the Czech Republic, but it’s true, and the car in question is the first generation Skoda Octavia, the first major new model to be released after the all-important tie-up with VW of 1990.

Review on What Makes Skoda's Rapid Spaceback Tick

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Skoda now has two Rapid variants for prospective buyers to choose from. You’d be forgiven for not knowing which to buy, as both are actually hatchbacks, but one looks like a sedan and gives you more boot space for carrying bags, while the other has less of it, plus a premium edge, if you go for the panoramic roof model that has glass extend down the tailgate for a surprisingly posh overall effect.

Skoda Releases New Info, Photos and Videos of Rapid Spaceback

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Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month, the new Skoda Rapid Spaceback is the second body type of the Rapid, filling the gap between the Fabia and the Octavia. A combination between a hatchback and an estate, the Rapid Spaceback represents a more practical proposition than the sedan – and a better-looking one, if I may say so.

Skoda Announces Two World Debuts in Frankfurt - Rapid Spaceback and Refreshed Yeti

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Aside from the frugal Greenline edition of the Octavia, Skoda chose the 2013 edition of the Frankfurt motor show to reveal two world premieres in the metal. One is the refreshed Yeti, while the other is the all-new Rapid Spaceback.

Bootaliscious New 217HP Skoda Octavia vRS Test Driven

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The Skoda Octavia vRS/RS is an eagerly anticipated, family-orientated performance machine, primarily because it promises to do it all: be practical, good to look at and fast, courtesy of punchy VW-sourced two-liter petrol and diesel engines.

New Skoda Ad Shows Octavia vRS Rolling Through a Souped-Up Neighborhood

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As it turns out, we don't have to wait until Thursday to see Skoda's new commercial for the Octavia vRS. In fact, as Carscoops reader Jeronimo told us, the ad has been on YouTube since July 12, but somehow escaped our attention.

Fresh Look at New 2014 Skoda Octavia RS via 101 Photos and Video

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Are you tired of looking at the same set of studio shots of the brand-new 2014 Skoda Octavia RS (vRS for Britain)? We were, so when Skoda came out with a fresh batch of images along with the first videos of the performance models (there's a liftback and a station wagon version) we jumped on the opportunity to share them with you.

We have already covered most of the bases on the new Octavia RS as far as information and even UK pricing is concerned, but if you prefer to refresh your memory directly from this page, read on.

Skoda Describes its New Octavia as "Amazing Everyday" in New Ad

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Czech automaker Skoda has had it good ever since it launched the first Octavia. The new car, the all-new third generation model, is a modern adaptation of the original formula of taking VW Golf underpinnings and making a larger, more comfortable car.

Skoda Octavia Liftback and Combi Go on Show in Geneva [w/Video]

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The Skoda Octavia, a firm favorite of European families, now in its third generation, was officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. As with all previous Octavias, the Czech automaker is relying on the car's blend of VW quality, a comfortable and compliant ride, as well as ample interior space, especially for luggage.

Parlez-Vous Français? Video Walkaround of the New Skoda Octavia Combi

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When Skoda confirmed the world debut of the estate version of the new, third generation Octavia at the Geneva Auto Salon on March 5, it did so by releasing only two pictures of the car, leaving the rest to our imagination and our previous viewings of the liftback model.

What's Better for the Snow: A FWD Model with Winter Tires or an AWD Model with Regular Tires?

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It's a question asked by many automobile owners living in a number of regions around the world with harsh winters and lots of snow; would you be better off with a front-wheel drive (FWD) model fitted with winter tires that you can swap once the weather warms up, or an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle with regular rubber?

New Skoda Octavia III Live Photos and Videos from Czech Presentation

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As its most important new model of the past few years, Skoda wants to give the third generation of the Octavia as much publicity as possible, which is why the Czech carmaker planned a special event for the press at its headquarters in Mlada Boleslav earlier this week ahead of the car's first public outing at the Geneva Salon in March.

Skoda's bestseller has been designed from the ground up sharing its MQB-platform and mechanical hardware with the latest generations of the VW Golf, Seat Leon and Audi A3 compacts, all of which were released in Europe this year.

Skoda Begins Teasing New 2013 Octavia with Promo Film

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The countdown for the official unveiling of the third iteration of Skoda's popular Octavia begins with a promotional film that concentrates on the design process, which, judging from the recent spy shots, is arguably one of the less interesting aspects of the Czech carmaker's model.

The new 2013 Octavia evolves the design of the current model and applies it on a slightly larger body that rides on the Volkswagen Group's much-touted MQB platform architecture.

Incredible High-Speed Police Pursuit of a Motorcyclist through Prague

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Police Chase Prague
You may as well dim the lights, grab some popcorn and sit comfortably because the video footage that follows has all the ingredients and thrills of a true Hollywood blockbuster. Only difference is that, what you are about to see, actually happened in real life.

Our only gripe is the somewhat poor video quality, but then again, that's probably to be expected from a camera positioned on the dashboard of a police car.

So what exactly are we looking at here? To make a long story short, a Czech police car (a Skoda Octavia 1.8-liter TSI, according to a poster on YouTube) patrolling the roads of the country's capital city of Prague, spotted a motorcyclist without a license plate entering a Bus/Taxi only lane and signaled him to stop.