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Smart ForTwo Cabrio Brabus Caught On Video

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While Smart has commenced production of the new ForTwo Cabrio in Hambach, a hotter version of the vehicle was spotted out in the open.

Smart’s Upcoming Brabus Is A Pocket Rocket For Four

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If Smart’s next Brabus-branded ForTwo seems too small for your needs, you’ll be pleased to know that the carmaker is also working on a performance version of the larger ForFour.

Scoop: Smart Pumps ForTwo With Brabus Power

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Smart's new ForTwo range will once again be crowned by a go-faster edition featuring the Brabus signature and we've spied it ahead of a rumored Frankfurt Motor Show debut this fall.

2016 Smart ForTwo Cabrio Prototype Has An Off-The-Road Oopsie

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No matter how careful you are, when you're out in the open testing prototypes, there's always a chance of an accident happening and…someone taking pictures of your mishap.

New Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Spied Completely Undisguised

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Our latest spyshots of Smart's next-generation ForTwo Cabriolet depict the two-seater model in showroom specification prior to its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

Scoop: Smart ForTwo Slips Into a Brabus Costume

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A feistier version of the new Smart ForTwo with the Brabus moniker is on its way and our spies have spotted it testing in Sweden.

Scoop: New Smart ForTwo Brabus Freed from Camouflage

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Smart's upcoming ForTwo Brabus was shot down by our spy photographers wearing nothing but plastic wraps around the edges of its bumpers.

Smart's New ForTwo Brabus Pocket Rocket Shows Itself in Scoop Shots

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We didn't have to wait long for the first appearance of a Smart ForTwo Brabus prototype, the brand's new coin..pocket rocket based on the third generation of their two-seater city car that was presented just last week.

All-New Smart ForTwo and ForFour Revealed by Audio Company!

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As you probably know, Smart will officially unveil the all-new ForTwo and ForFour city cars later today, which is why these photos from audio specialist Harman will not cause much damage.

Scoop: Renault Twingo's Smart Alter-Ego is the New ForFour

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Much like the trio of mini cars from Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroen that share the same body, architecture, mechanical hardware and manufacturing location differing mainly in styling, their upcoming rivals from Renault and Daimler's Smart division, the new Twingo and ForFour, were born from the same mold and will be assembled at the French carmaker's Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia.

Smart Teases All-New ForTwo and ForFour, Says They Are Ready to Launch

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The all-new Smart ForTwo and ForFour are undergoing their final testing phase, and Smart has decided to tease the two models with a video showing the cars completely covered by camouflage.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of the New 2015 ForTwo and ForFour [w/Videos]

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Daimler's Smart brand is getting ready to turn a new leaf in 2014 with the introduction of two all-new models, the successor to the current ForTwo and the revival of the ForFour, both of which are related to the new Renault Twingo that was presented to the world earlier this month in Geneva.

New Smart ForFour Envisioned as a Refaced Renault Twingo

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Recent spy shots of prototypes of the new Smart ForFour that surfaced online are suggesting that Daimler's small car unit will follow, if not an identical, a similar path to Toyota and PSA Peugeot-Citroen, which created three models using the same body with different styling for the front and to a lesser extent, rear ends of their vehicles.

Watch Mercedes Bully Around and Abuse a 2015 Smart ForTwo

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Have you ever thought about how auto manufacturers evaluate their cars' strength and reliability under challenging and sometimes even extreme, but nonetheless, real conditions and scenarios? That's where test centers come into the picture.

We don't often get the opportunity to see what goes on at these centers, so when our spies told us that they took pictures and a video of a 2015 Smart ForTwo prototype undergoing some stressful and damaging tests, we just had to share.

Scoop: First Shots of 2015 Smart ForTwo Wearing Production Outfit

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We're no strangers to test mules of the new generation Smart ForTwo, but this is the first time that our spies caught Daimler's small car in its final production form instead of wearing a funny looking collection of body parts over the brand new chassis developed in collaboration with Renault that will use it on the next Twingo.

Spied: Twingo Mule Makes Room for Smart's Next ForTwo

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Even though we're approaching the time when we should be asking where will Smart lift the covers off the new generation of its ForTwo city car, we're still wondering how the styling lessons learned from the 2011 ForVision and 2012 ForStars concepts will be applied to the production model.

Scoop: 2014 Smart ForTwo Wears a Renault Costume and Goes Out for Testing

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As accurate as it may be, the image of the 2014 Smart ForTwo shared by the organizers of the 83rd Geneva International Auto Show on the event's official website earlier this month, was a speculative rendering.

These spy photos, on the other hand, are the real deal, though, you'll be forgiven to see more Renault Twingo than Smart ForTwo, but there's a reasonable explanation for that.

Scoop: Funny Looking Twingo Prototype is a Chassis Mule for Next Smart ForFour

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It has been seven years since Daimler pulled the plug on the four-seater, four-door Smart ForFour, which shared its underpinnings and was built in the same factory with the European-market Mitsubishi Colt in Holland.

Now, the Germans want to expand the range of their Smart unit again to include a more spacious model than the ForTwo, only this time, they are going at it in a different way.

For starters, Daimler has found a new partner for Smart in the form and shape of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Spy Shots: Smart Engineers Put ForFour Test Mule on the Road

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We will not blame you for thinking that this prototype looks more like an amusing effort to create a long-wheelbase version of the Renault Twingo since that's what the body suggests, but what you see here is said to be a test mule for Smart's second take on the ForFour theme.

You may remember that our spies recently caught up with Smart engineers trying out a shorter mule for the next ForTwo, again using body parts from the Renault Twingo.

The reasoning behind this move is that Daimler and Renault are co-developing a new chassis and mechanical components for use in both the Smart cars and the next Twingo as part of their extended partnership.

Scoop: First 2014 Smart ForTwo Test Mule Caught Out in the Open, Concept May Debut in Paris

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This admittedly funny looking prototype with the Renault Twingo-sourced headlamps (pre-facelift), taillights (facelift) and door handles is in fact a test mule for the next generation of the Smart ForTwo.

If you're wondering why the Daimler Group's brand would use bits and pieces from the French carmaker's model, it's because the two automakers have forged an alliance and will co-develop several vehicles including the replacements for the Smart ForTwo and the Renault Twingo, which will share a common platform and engine range.

Even though there's nothing that this test mule can tell us about the next ForTwo's exterior looks, Smart may preview its two-seater model with a thinly disguised concept as early as this September at the Paris Motor Show.

It's very likely that the small city car wil be modeled after the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show ForVision Concept and the 2012 Detroit Auto Show ForUs Study.