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Smart Teams Up With Tinie Tempah & 'Disturbing London' [w/Video]

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Smart has recently teamed up with entertainment lifestyle company Disturbing London to make a series of five mini-documentaries, demonstrating the practicality and versatility of their ForFour model.

Smart Montenapo By Aznom Is A ForTwo With Italian Flair

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Italy is traditionally the biggest market worldwide for the Smart ForTwo, so it’s only natural that Daimler’s smallest car attracts interest from local tuners.

Smart Up To Sneaky Tricks In Latest ForTwo Spot

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Ever wondered what it's like to own a smart Fortwo and hardly ever have to worry about where you'll find a parking spot and how difficult it might be for you to get your car to fit? Here's one way to know!

Lorinser Comes Up With Nifty Smart Fortwo Upgrades

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Driving the current generation smart fortwo can be really fun as long as you're happy with the car's maneuverability and features, without giving too much thought to looks and performance.

Mercedes And Renault Pickups Will Be Based On NP300 Navara, Built By Nissan

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Mercedes-Benz and Renault have confirmed that their upcoming 1-ton pickup trucks will be jointly developed as part of the partnership between Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Smart Peels Back The Roof On New ForTwo Cabrio

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Say hello to the world's tiniest, series production convertible, the all-new - yet so familiar, Smart Fortwo Cabrio. It made its first public outing at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week ahead of a global launch in spring of 2016.

Smart Drops The Top On New ForTwo Cabrio

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Next month's 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will celebrate the world premiere of the new Smart ForTwo Cabrio that will go on sale worldwide early 2016.

Scoop: Smart Pumps ForTwo With Brabus Power

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Smart's new ForTwo range will once again be crowned by a go-faster edition featuring the Brabus signature and we've spied it ahead of a rumored Frankfurt Motor Show debut this fall.

50 Cent Gets "Smart" After Filing For Bankruptcy

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You may, or may not have heard that 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy.

This Hilariously NSFW Smart Ad Will Never, Ever Air On American TV

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Actually, we sincerely doubt this Smart Forfour spot will ever broadcast on any television station anywhere in the world. Period.

Created by BBDO Berlin, the commercial is titled "smart forfour | Swearing Kids" and it opens with a parental advisory that reads, "The following ad contains explicit language" - and boy, does it get explicit…

It shows a bunch of cute kids dropping F-bombs like there's no tomorrow, all to prove a point about driving large cars in cramped cities with limited parking spots: "When you drive the wrong car, you teach the wrong words" says the ad to reveal the spot's tagline "F***ing relaxed in the city: the smart forfour".

Smart, offensive, obscene or something else? I'll go with the first, but feel free to voice your own thoughts in the comments.


Smart ForFour Behaves Exactly Like A Longer ForTwo

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For some customers, the Smart ForTwo is too small (even for a city car), which is why the Daimler-owned brand also offers the ForFour.

Smart Forrail Is A ForFour Modified To Run On Rails [w/Video]

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If you had to choose a car that would do good as a locomotive, I bet the Smart ForFour would not be your first choice.

NY Smart Driver Rear-Ends Truck, Tries To Escape And Crashes Again!

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Unlike the name of his car, a Smart driver proved to be a nitwit, and a dangerous one at that, after causing two hit-and-run crashes in Brooklyn, New York.

2016 Smart ForTwo Cabrio Prototype Has An Off-The-Road Oopsie

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No matter how careful you are, when you're out in the open testing prototypes, there's always a chance of an accident happening and…someone taking pictures of your mishap.

New Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Spied Completely Undisguised

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Our latest spyshots of Smart's next-generation ForTwo Cabriolet depict the two-seater model in showroom specification prior to its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

Smart Reportedly Considering An SUV

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Nowadays, having an SUV in you line-up has become mandatory. Almost every car manufacturer offers at least one crossover model alongside its regular products – even Aston Martin is considering it.

Smart And JBL’s Forgigs Show Car Is A Small Concert Hall On Wheels

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Smart and audio partner JBL have built what they call “the world’s smallest concert hall on wheels”.

Smart ForTwo Is Great For The City, Not Great On The Open Road

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Let’s face it, the all-new Smart ForTwo is all the car you’ll ever need in the city.

Unless you have a big family, the Smart ForTwo’s two seats and 260 liters (9.18 cu-ft) of cargo space are enough for your daily trips to work, grocery store and wherever you like to go by car.

We Might Still See A Crossover Model from Smart

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Back in 2005, Smart announced plans to build a taller crossover-type vehicle, but eventually the plans died out - they even had a concept out (the ForMore, pictured).

Now, exactly a decade later, AutoExpress says the Mercedes-owned automaker is yet again looking to enter the segment.

Latest Smart Fortwo Arrives At China's Shanghai Auto Show

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Smart launched the new Fortwo at Shanghai Auto Show with sales starting in August and the Forfour following in early 2016.