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SpeedArt is Back After Legal Battle with Porsche; Teases New Macan Tuning Program

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We have good news for fans of Porsche tuning specialist SpeedART, which last year, entered bankruptcy proceedings after "mounting legal fees from an intense battle with Porsche": the German tuner is back with a vengeance and is working on the release of its first aftermarket program for the new Porsche Macan SUV.

SpeedART Declares Bankruptcy, Blames it on Porsche Lawsuit, 9ff Also Files for Insolvency

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Major powerhouses in the auto industry may be thriving in Germany, but many smaller companies in the business seem to be struggling, as evidenced from the number of bankruptcy filings.

Following the insolvency applications from Artega, Gumpert and Wiesmann, we now hear bad news for Porsche tuner SpeedART and Porsche coachbuilder 9ff, more widely known for its 911-based GT9.

Porsche Cayman Ready for its SpeedART Treatment

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Ahead of its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March, SpeedART has released a set of renderings and preliminary specifications for the SP81-CR, which is the name given to its take on the new generation of the Porsche Cayman coupe that follows the Boxster-based SP81-R.

SpeedART Shows us What it Did to the New Porsche Boxster 981's Interior

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After sharing pictures and details about the exterior and performance modifications it performed on the new generation Porsche Boxster (codenamed 981) as part of its SP81-R package, German tuning house SpeedART is now providing us with a glimpse of the work it did in the interior of the roadster model.

SpeedART Details its SP81-R Tuning Program for the New Porsche Boxster 981

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Following an announcement and the release of a pair of teaser renderings back in May this year, SpeedART is now ready to launch its tuning program for the third generation of the Porsche Boxster, also known under its factory codename, 981, onto the market.

SpeedART's SP81-R cosmetic and performance upgrade package offers Boxster owners a variety of customization options starting with two power kits for both the regular and the "S" models.

SpeedART Tunes Into the New Porsche Boxster with Styling and Performance Upgrades

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German tuning firm SpeedART wasted no time in prepping a new line of accessories for the third generation of the Porsche Boxster only about a month after it arrived in European dealerships and a couple of months before it goes on sale in North America and other parts of the world.

Due to launch this summer, SpeedART's SP81-R package for the new Boxster bundles an assortment of styling accessories with various performance parts.

SpeedART Shows More of its New SP91-R Package for the 2012 Porsche 911

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German tuning Speedart has shared some new photos of a 2012 Porsche 911 fitted with accessories and performance parts from its comprehensive SP91-R program that we first told you about back in January.

The exterior bodykit consists of a rear wing designed to be mounted on top of the original spoiler, a rear diffusor, side skirts and a front apron.

SpeedART Outlines SP91-R Program for 2012 Porsche 911 Ahead of Geneva

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The upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March will see Porsche tuning specialist SpeedART unleash a slew of styling and performance goods for the 991 Carrera and Carrera S models branded under the SP91-R nameplate.

SpeedART is giving us our second look at the SP91-R package for the 2012 Porsche 911 after the release of a teaser image back in September while also providing more details on the components that will go on sale later this year.

SpeedART Treats New Porsche Panamera Diesel with More Power and Aero Bits

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The PS9-300D is SpeedART's newest performance package that bundles aero add-ons with modest engine upgrades for the recently introduced Porsche Panamera Diesel.

The German tuning firm starts out with the Panamera's 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel that leaves the Stuttgart factory with 250-ponies and a peak torque of 550Nm (406 lb-ft) channeled to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It has Begun: Speedart Working on 2012 Porsche 911

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Suffice to say, it won't be long before we're flooded with bespoke creations and a sea of performance programs for the all-new 2012 Porsche 911, which just made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month.

One of the first tuning houses to tease its work is renowned Porsche specialist Speedart. The German firm's upcoming model is the SP91-R based on the 911 Carrera S, which in factory tune is powered by a 3.8-liter flat-six delivering 400 ponies.

SpeedART’s Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO-XL 600 goes on Sale

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If you’re been unimpressed by the second generation of the Porsche Cayenne so far, no need to worry as Stuttgart's SUV has gathered heaps of aftermarket attention in Europe. Following an announcement earlier this year, longtime Porsche tuning house SpeedART has launched a performance package for the latest Cayenne, dubbed the EVO-XL 600.

SpeedART Goes Extra Wide with New Porsche Cayenne Titan EVO-XL 600

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Even though the Essen Motor Show sounds like a more appropriate event for a tuning proposal like the Titan EVO-XL 600, the crew at SpeedART has decided to unveil its latest offering for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne at the Geneva Motor Show this March. If the Cayenne Titan EVO-XL looks familiar, that's because it's wider-body version of the Titan EVO (hence the XL in the name).

SpeedART Develops TITAN EVO bodykit for the Porsche Cayenne

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At this week's Essen Motor Show, SpeedART will present a new bodykit called the TITAN EVO, which will be available for all second-generation Cayenne models, including the hybrid. In addition, there are also going to be a host of other mods available, such as mechanical and interior upgrades.

SpeedART Powers Up the New Porsche Cayenne SUV Hybrid

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What's the point of buying a hybrid vehicle if you're going to tune it and consequently, lose on fuel economy? Well, even though some will beg to differ, SpeedART's answer to that question when it comes to the new Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, is more power when needed without affecting the SUV's capability to run in pure electric operation, in which case, both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are down to zero.

Geneva Show: Speedart's BTR-II EVO is a Kitted-Out 650HP Porsche 911... What's New?

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German tuner SpeedART will be showing off (in Geneva, where else?) a kit for the current facelifted 911 Turbo. That's the one with the 3.8 liter boxer which somehow finds a way to drop 500 horsepower of wrath on Planet Earth's tarmac.

SpeedART's kit is the second generation of their Bi-Turbo Racer (hence the BTR-II nomenclature), it makes 650-horsepower, and it plays host to an Evolution body kit (that would be the EVO).

SpeedART Creates the 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo-Based BTR II with 580HP

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The new Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the fastest production cars in the market, but that wasn't enough for SpeedART as the German tuner decided to up the ante with the introduction of BTR II 580. Thanks to the reprogrammed ECU and a new sport exhaust system that comes with a sound control switch, SpeedART managed to squeeze another 80 ponies and 120Nm of torque from the 3.8-liter turbocharged flat-six boosting output to 580HP.

That's good enough for a 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 325km/h or 202 mph for the PDK double-clutch model. The power kit is priced at €9,890.

And if that's not satisfactory, the German tuner said that it is also preparing a more powerful engine kit with 650HP.

The engine mods are complemented by new 20-inch alloy wheels with high-performance tires size 245/30 up front and 325/25 at the back for a total cost of €6,640 while buyers may also choose to upgrade the BTR II 580's suspension.

SpeedART also offers a bodykit that consists of a front apron, side skirts, rear diffuser, rooftop spoiler and a rear wing plus Porsche 911 GT3-style stickers for €5,100.

The package can be rounded off with numerous interior upgrades including sport seats with carbon shell in leather, alcantara or special design variations, a sport steering wheel with F1 shift paddles for PDK and carbon fiber decorative trim.

SpeedART's Porsche Panamera PS9 with up to 650HP Revealed in the Flesh

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A couple of weeks ago we told you about SpeedART's new Porsche Panamera PS9 that will be unveiled at the Essen Motor Show at the end of November. Now, the German tuning house has released the first live photos of a Porsche Panamera fitted with its PS9 sport package that bundles aerodynamic add-ons and interior mods with performance upgrades and four different power kits for the Turbo model.

Available on all Panamera models, SpeedART's PS9 aero kit includes a front spoiler with an integrated brake cooling system, beefier side skirts, engine hood air vents, a rear diffuser that houses a pair of twin-tailpipes, air outlets on the rear bumper and a fixed rear spoiler.

A set of 22-inch, three-piece alloy wheels fitted with 265/35 and 305/25 ZR22 high-performance tires is also part of the package.

For the Panamera's cabin, SpeedART offers a new three-spoke leather steering with F1-shift paddles that's available in two sizes (340 and 365mm) with the option of aluminium, wood or carbon fiber inlays, colored stiches on the door panels and seats, instrument backgrounds in various colors, specific floor mats and real carbon fiber decorative trim in numerous shads.

For the time being, the German firm's engine kit is limited to the Panamera Turbo. Upgrades include larger tubochargers, sport air filter, a sport exhaust system and a reprogrammed ECU that help bump output to 520, 550, 600 or 650 horsepower and up to 890 Nm (656.5 lb-ft) of torque.

The 650HP version is said to accelerate from standstill to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.5 seconds an top over 320km/h (200 mph).

To ensure that the Panamera comes to a halt, SpeedART offers an upgraded brake system with modular 380 mm discs and 6 piston brake calipers.

SpeedART to Unveil Porsche Panamera-Based PS9-650 at Essen Motor Show

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The Essen Motor Show, which runs from November 28 to December 6 and is best described as Europe's answer to SEMA, will see Porsche tuning shop, SpeedART, revealing its take on the Panamera. The PS9 package for the German sports saloon ups the ante with numerous aero add-ons and a bevy of performance upgrades.

The tuner offers a power kit with larger turbo chargers, sport exhaust and cats plus ECU upgrades that's available in four flavors with 550, 600 and 650-horsepower and up to 890 Nm (656.5 lb-ft) of torque.

SpeedART claims that the most powerful version of the car accelerates from zero to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.5 seconds and goes on to achieve a top speed in excess of 320km/h or 200mph.

The modded Panamera will ride on unique 22-inch alloy wheels while the 650HP version will also feature a new brake system with larger discs and calipers.

As far as appearance is concerned, SpeedART's bodykit consists of a front apron, engine hood air outlets, a newly designed bumper at the back with air outlets on both sides, a rear diffuser, side skirts and spoilers on the roof and the boot.

Inside, the cockpit will get a SpeedART steering wheel with F1-shift paddles, real carbon-fiber trim and accents, new leather upholstery with colored stitches and a revised instrument panel.