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Americans Still Worried About Hacking Issues In Autonomous Cars

Based on a new survey, U.S. drivers remain worried when it comes to self-driving cars , unsure if they feel OK having them on the road.

MINI Brand Value Now At $5 Billion, Worth More Than Ferrari

Like few other vehicle brands, Mini represents a statement of personal style, something that has propelled the automaker's value to no...

VW Golf 40-Year Price History Points To Brand Consistency

Ever since the VW Rabbit (called Golf elsewhere) was introduced back in 1975 , the car that was supposed to replace the Beetle in the U.S. ...

Where Do Your Dollars Go When You Fill Up With Gas?

Have you ever wondered where your dollars go when you fill up your car at the gas station? Thanks to a new graph published by fuel pump a...

J.D. Power UK Reliability Study Says BMW And Audi Have Fallen From Grace To Last Place

While Kia and Volvo are tied for the highest ranking in vehicle dependability, the likes of Audi and BMW have hit rock bottom, according t...

Americans Owe $1.1 Trillion In Auto Loans

Americans owe a record $1.1 trillion in car loans , a new report has found.

It's Official: Rolls-Royce Is Pop Music's Favorite Brand Name

If you're going to drop a brand name in your new song , going with Rolls-Royce will only help cement their place as pop music's no....

AAA Says New Cars Cost An Average Of $8,469 Annually, EVs Get Hammered By Depreciation

AAA has released a new study which examines the true cost of vehicle ownership .

Survey Says Animal Collisions Cost Americans $4 Billion Annually

A new study out of the United States has determined the frightening cost caused by animal collisions on roads across the country.

Toyota Takes Top Spot In Latest American Customer Satisfaction Index

The latest study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index has revealed new car owners are becoming less satisfied with their purchases....

Good News And Bad News: Used Car Prices In The U.S. Are Rapidly Falling

With new car sales on the rise in the past seven years, the secondary market is now experiencing rapid depreciation rates.

Here's Why Wearing Safety Belts In The Back Seat Is A Must

Last week, you might have read about this recent study , showing that some people can't be bothered to buckle up when riding in the bac...

IIHS Study Finds Rear Seat Belt Usage Surprisingly Lax

According to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety a shocking number of adults don't bother using their seat be...

Michigan Has The Most Expensive Car Insurance, Maine The Cheapest has released its annual automotive insurance study which reveals Michigan has won the dubious honor of being the most expensive ...

UK Study Shows Young People Can No Longer Afford To Learn How To Drive

According to a study, the number of 17-year olds taking the driving test in the UK has dropped by 100,000 over the past decade.

Study Finds Drivers Waste Billions On Parking

According to a recently-published study, drivers in the U.S., UK and Germany waste billions of dollars a year and countless hours looking f...

America's Most Stolen Vehicle Is The Honda Accord

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released its annual Hot Wheels report which reveals the 10 most stolen vehicles in America.

Study Says Many Americans Can No Longer Afford To Purchase A New Vehicle

According to Bankrate's latest Car Affordability Study , the average American living in a large city doesn't earn enough to purchas...

Kia Tops J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, Fiat Finishes Last

J.D. Power has released its Initial Quality Study which found that new-vehicle quality has risen eight percent to its highest level ever r...

Three GM Crossovers Top 'Made in America' Auto Index

American University's Kogod School of Business has released its annual Made in America Auto Index .