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These Are The Top 10 Cars With The Most Loyal Buyers

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According to a recent analysis of loyalty rates from Forbes, which sourced data compiled by Experian Automotive, the Range Rover sits atop a list of cars most likely to be bought again by brand-loyal customers.

Subaru Driver Flipping Over The Side Of A Mountain Will Make You Sweat

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Twisty mountain roads can be an exciting prospect for any driving enthusiast, but make no mistake; they can be as dangerous or even deadly as they are fun.

2016 Subaru Forester Spot Looking To Reassure Families

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Since very few things can be more frightening for a parent than to have a car accident while their kids are inside the vehicle, Subaru is out to prove that the 2016 Forester can keep families safe in traffic.

Subaru Shows Off The Facelifted 2017 Forester

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Subaru will unveil the freshened up Forester on October 28, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Latest Subaru Forester Is An Old School Compact SUV

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The Subaru Forester is a car for those who think that crossovers or small SUVs aren’t a style statement. It’s the kind of vehicle you buy if you really want to live the outdoorsy lifestyle portrayed in commercials.

2016 Subaru Forester Starts From $22,395*, Gets Starlink Safety And Security

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Subaru of America has announced pricing for the 2016 Forester, the brand’s best-selling model in the United States. The base 2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i starts from $22,395, an increase of $200 over the 2015 model (pricing excludes a $850 destination and delivery fee).

Subaru Spot Says Their Cars Are Great For Making Memories In

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Honesty in the automotive industry is oftentimes a reclusive trait, but you still get a greater sense of it with Japanese brands. It may be a reflection of the Japanese way of being and doing business, but that’s a lengthy discussion topic and it’s perfectly captured in this latest ad for Subaru’s new Forester.

2015 Subaru Forester Gets Upgraded Cabin & Diesel CVT Powertrain In The UK

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Subaru UK has released details about their updated Forester SUV, which will be featuring a higher quality interior as well as a diesel-Lineartronic CVT powertrain.

Subaru Announces European Debuts of All-New Levorg and Outback for Geneva

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Subaru announced its lineup for the Geneva Motor Show, with the highlights being the European debuts of the all-new Levorg and Outback. The Japanese automaker will also exhibit the Forester equipped with the boxer diesel and Lineartronic (CVT) transmission.

Subaru Releases 280PS Forester tS in Japan, Only 300 Will Be Made

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Subaru has unveiled the limited-edition Forester tS SUV in Japan and, as you can see, the car looks exactly like the Forester STI tS Concept revealed in September.

STi-Swapped 1998 Subaru Forester Gets Regular Car Reviewed

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The first-gen Subaru Forester to hit the US market arrived in the US in 1998, one year after its Japanese market debut and some three years after it was previewed by a Tokyo motor show concept.

Subaru's New Forester STI tS Concept Heats Up Our Imagination

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Just like it did with the previous generation Forester, Subaru has unveiled an STI tS concept in Japan to test the waters for a sportier (at least in terms of looks) Forester.

Can You Believe that this Subaru Driver Escaped from the Cops?

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It could very well be a scene from the Grand Theft Auto gaming series, but this happened in real life in Russia, and as crazy as it may sound after looking at the dark grey Subaru Forester surrounded by cars and cops in the above print-screen, the driver actually managed to get briefly away!

Watch a BMW M3 with Winter Tires Run Circles Around a Subaru Forester with Summer Rubber [Update]

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One of the biggest myths in the automotive world is that the only thing you need to conquer snowy and frozen roads during cold winters is an all-wheel drive car, preferably a tall-riding SUV with fancy chrome roof rails, tough-looking plastic cladding and big "AWD" badges.

Subaru Recalling Cars for Curling Mats, Nissan for Spare Tire Inflation and Honda Over ESC

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In its latest release, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shared detailed information on three separate and unrelated recalls from the same number of carmakers.

We'll begin with Subaru, which is recalling 10,137 Forester SUVs made from January 2013 through March 2013 over an issue with the carpeted floor mats that may curl when exposed to heat. This can be a problem when it occurs with the driver-side floor mat as it can interfere with the "proper operation of one or a combination of, the vehicle's clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals". A similar issue had plagued Toyota causing one of the widely publicized sudden acceleration-related recalls.

New Subaru Forester Launches from £24,995 in the UK

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The Subaru Forester has always been an impressively capable vehicle, which has gathered a large following around the world. The UK is no exception, and the fourth generation is now available for order, starting at £24,995. Having sold 170,000 examples last year (27 percent of the brand’s total sales), 15,000 of which in Europe, Subaru expects the crossover to become their most popular model.

New 2014 Subaru Forester Priced from $21,995*, Turbo Starts at $27,995*

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Following up on the 2014 Forester's world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November and before it goes on sale in the States during the second quarter of the year, Subaru announced pricing for the new generation of its popular compact crossover.

The longer and slightly wider 2014 Forester will be available with a choice of two flat-four engines.

Subaru Sings The Lights That Don't Light Recall Jingle for More Than 633,000 Cars

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The first automotive recall of the New Year goes to Subaru, which has discovered a potential problem with puddle lights that could lead to smoke or fire on 633,842 models sold in the United States.

Subaru told U.S. safety regulators that the recall concerns certain 2010 and 2011MY Legacy and Outback vehicles, 2006-2012MY Tribeca crossovers sold before January 2012, and some 2009-2012MY Forester crossovers, also sold before January 2012.

Subaru Announces Debut Models for the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon, Including Forester and BRZ Concepts

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'Tis the time of the year again - but not for what you're thinking. We're referring to Japanese carmakers and their plans for the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon in January.

After Nissan, Subaru has come out with a list of vehicles that will adorn its motor show booth in Tokyo next month and which includes a variety of concepts, production and racing cars.

First Drive in NZ: All-New Subaru Forester High On Refinement, Space

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Just been driving the new Forester XT turbo in New Zealand, and it's the first Subaru Turbo I've driven with a CVT.

I had mixed feelings about how that transmission would work with the turbo, but I guess that the fact that Subaru's new third generation Lineartronic is going to be used with its new range of European market turbodiesels in both the Outback and Forester later in the year means that it will take the torque.

I noticed no disconcerting flare - often a bugbear with CVTs and more powerful engines - and loved the way the car stepped smoothly off the line, settling into low-revving cruise mode for town and around work, and open-road driving very decorously.

Well-chosen gearing allows the Forester to surf along on its low to mid-revolution biased torque curve, which will allow pretty useful economy in normal running, while the surge of energy on tap when you mash the throttle is very pleasing. With a rise in engine pitch, the Forester XT quickly catches up with itself in that distinctive CVT way, and dispatched overtaking maneuvers with great aplomb.