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German Environment Minister Ditches Model S Over Range Anxiety

A German government minister has decided to ditch his Tesla Model S after experiencing too much range anxiety.

Hop Inside Tesla's Model S P100D For Some 1 On 1 POV Action

We've seen numerous Tesla Model S P100D reviews and races, but how does the world look from the driver's seat?

Early Uber Investor Wants Company To Merge With Tesla

One of the earliest investors in Uber says the ride-hailing company should join forces with Tesla to create the ultimate transportation com...

Tesla Model S Ready To Serve And Protect In Luxembourg

The Grand-Ducale police in Luxembourg will soon be using a couple of Tesla Model S electric vehicles as patrol cars.

What's More Ludicrous? A Tesla P100D Model S Or A 1,000 HP Cadillac CTS-V?

If you're going to beat a flagship Tesla Model S in a drag race, you better throw everything plus the kitchen sink in its direction. ...

Does The Tesla Model X Work As Well In The UK?

While Teslas have proven to work pretty well in the US, European customers are still a bit skeptical towards their high-end electric models...

Tesla Model Y Will Have Just 328 Feet Of Wiring, Says Musk

Bold claims is nothing new when it comes to Tesla but Elon Musk keeps surprising people with his promises.

Tesla Begins Equipping Vehicles With Upgraded Autopilot Hardware

Tesla has quietly begun equipping its vehicles with an upgraded Autopilot hardware suite that reportedly includes a more powerful onboard ...

Tesla Wants To Test Autonomous Semi Without A Human Driver

Tesla is planning to test its upcoming autonomous semi-truck without a human driver onboard, Reuters has learned.

Musk Confirms Tesla Model 3 Has 50 kWh And 75 kWh Batteries

Following an EPA leak on Monday, Elon Musk has confirmed that the Model 3 ships with either a 50-kWh battery or a 75-kWh battery.

Tesla's Michigan Sales Fight To Stretch Into 2018

It appears that Tesla will be forced to keep fighting with lawmakers in Michigan well into 2018 in its attempts to sell vehicles in the U....

Musk Claims Gigafactory Is Already World's Largest Battery Producer

Construction at Tesla’s battery Gigafactory is far from finished but outspoken chief executive Elon Musk claims the site is already the la...

Tesla Looking To Raise $1.5 Billion As They Boost Model 3’s Production

Tesla is looking to raise $1.5 billion in a bond offering as it’s planning to ramp up production of the Model 3.

Tesla Model S 100D Travels 669 Miles On A Single Charge

A Tesla Model S 100D has managed to travel 1,078 km (669 miles) on a single charge, confirming Elon Musk’s June statement that the car coul...

EPA Estimates Tesla Model 3 Has 258 HP

Tesla has remained tight-lipped about how powerful the entry-level Model 3 is and what size battery it has but an EPA filing has provided ...

VW Now Considers Tesla Its Key 'New World' Rival

Volkswagen admits that moving forward, its main rival will not be the likes of Toyota or Hyundai, but rather Tesla.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Is About To Get A Rival From Germany

German company Terra E is getting ready to announce the location of a new lithium-ion battery plant that will rival the output of Tesla’s G...

Elon Musk Says 63,000 Tesla Model 3 Orders Have Been Cancelled

Tesla claims to be receiving 1,800 orders for the Model 3 every day but as it turns out, orders haven’t been rising uninterrupted since th...

Tesla Model S And Model X Prices Drop Overnight

Shortly after the introduction of the Model 3 , Tesla has lowered the prices of the Model S and Model X .

T Sportline Can Trim Your Tesla In Real Luscious Leather

As Tesla no longer offers real leather seats in its vehicles, aftermarket tuner T Sportline has come to the rescue by revealing a number of...