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Tesla Model 3: Is There Room For CrossWagon & SportWagon Versions?

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With pre-orders approaching the 300,000 mark within the first three days, you'd think that people are already sufficiently excited about the new Model 3 and everything they've learned about it during its presentation.

Tesla Model 3 Leads To Virtual 2019 Roadster

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If you weren’t expecting any renditions of the Model 3 today, then you probably also thought that Tesla’s introduction on Thursday night wasn’t that big of a deal for the automotive crowd.

Tesla Model M Fantasy Electric-Bike Looks Wicked Cool

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Believe it or not, this awesome looking bike isn’t real.

Tesla Is Showing Something Called 'D' On October 9

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Tesla founder Elon Musk got on Twitter late Wednesday to tease a Tesla called "D."

Tesla Model S Becomes a Coupe via Rendering

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To broaden its appeal in the luxury sector it’s currently operating in, Tesla could create a two-door variant of its Model S sedan. While such a car has not been officially confirmed (or ever mentioned?), it would probably be easier for them to make than either the Model X crossover or the planned BMW 3-Series-sized model that’s set to come.

Tesla's Affordable 2016 Model E Compact Executive Saloon Rendered

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If Tesla adheres to its original plan, it won't be long before the California-based electric carmaker expands its range to include two more vehicles, the Model X crossover, estimated to arrive before the end of this year, and the Model E, a compact car rumored to be introduced at the 2015 Detroit auto show.

Rinspeed Turns Tesla Model S Into the XchangE Business-Class Concept [111 Pics & Video]

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Rinspeed has a habit of polarizing visitors at its Geneva Motor Show stand with its atypical concept studies and production cars, but that doesn't seem to be the case with its new XchangeE autonomous prototype built around the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Internship Project for a Battery-Powered Compact

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As a pioneer of the modern day electric car, it’s only natural that Tesla Motors draws the attention of young and aspiring designers like Hyonwoo Jason Kim, a transportation design student at the Art Center College Of Design in California.

What makes the Korean-born student's conceptual study for an all-electric Tesla hatchback more interesting, is that it was penned as an internship project while working at the Silicon Valley-based carmaker.

U Design: Tesla Model C Concept Study for a Compact Electric Hatch by Dejan Hristov

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While Tesla Motors started its career and gained worldwide attention through its 2008 electric-powered Roadster that was built around the Lotus Elise and which has since been retired, the Silicon Valley-based carmaker has much bigger plans in store for eco-conscious consumers.

This year, Tesla launched its first entry into the automotive mainstream, the Model S electric sedan that went on sale in June, and previewed its next step in making electric cars available to a wider audience with the Model X seven-seater crossover concept that will lead to a production model within the next couple of years.

Understandably, in order to survive, Tesla will need to expand its range in other segments as well, and here's where an old acquaintance of CarScoop comes into the picture.

Dejan Hristov is an independent designer whom we came to know from his study for a Bugatti Super Sedan. This time, Hristov is proposing a smaller Tesla vehicle that he named the Model C.

Tesla Current: Maxim Ostapenko Envisions an All Electric S-Class Competitor

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With Tesla’s long anticipated Model S sedan still more than six months away, designers from all over the world have begun to speculate what will be next for the Silicon Valley-based automaker.

One such design study is the Current by Maxim Ostapenko, a graduate of Pasadena, California’s Art Center College of Design.

Essentially a four-door all-electric saloon car to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series and Jaguar XF, the Tesla Current shares its design heritage with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style and the Citroen Survolt concepts.

Tesla EYE Compact EV Concept by IED Turin Set for Geneva Debut [With Video]

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The EYE is a conceptual study by Italy's IED Turin in collaboration with Tesla Motors for a sporty C-segment hatchback model with an all-electric drivetrain. Designed with European and Asian consumers in mind, the EYE will have its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on March 2.

The futuristic looking concept is the product of the work of eleven Master Course students at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin (IED), coordinated by Luca Borgogno, senior designer with Pininfarina and by Andrea Militello, Senior FIAT designer.

Measuring 4,250 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, 1,360 mm in height and with a wheel base of 2,650 mm, the 2+2 seater hatchback model is similar in size to a VW Golf. More details about the car will be released at the official presentation in Geneva, but for now, hit the jump to watch a video of the EYE.