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Porsche’s Sub-Panamera Model Will Get Tesla Model S-Rivaling EV Variant

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We have a distinct hunch that the upcoming mid-sized model from Porsche, currently known as the Pajun, will be a hugely desirable car.

One thing that would make it even more so, or at least give it an even better image, would be a fully-electric version (since plug-in hybrids are so 2013), and that’s exactly what it’s getting, according to reports.

Tesla Could Sell 50,000th Model S by end of October

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Tesla shifted its 25,000th Model S early in January of this year, and it’s taken them another nine months to get close to doubling the figure. Now, it's been suggested that the 50,000th example will reach its owner by the end of this month.

Unplugged Performance Works with BBS for Unique Tesla Model S Rims

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Unplugged Performance is a company specializing in Tesla Model S mods. It offers individual exterior styling enhancements or a full body kit that’s now being complimented by a newly released set of rims, developed in collaboration with BBS.

New Dual-Motor Tesla Model S P85D Has AWD and 691HP [w/Videos]

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It’s now official: Tesla’s “D” does, in fact, stand for dual-motor, which is the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer’s idea of all-wheel drive. It not only features all the advantages of having instant torque vectoring capabilities and the inherent grip/handling benefits, but it also promises “insane” performance too.

Tesla Looking into Used Car Sales for Growth

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Tesla Motors is reportedly developing a certified pre-owned program for its Model S sedan, a move that would boost the earnings potential of its retail network.

Tesla "D" Mystery Explained – It’s the Final Letter of "Model S P85D"

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Elon Musk used his personal Twitter to announce the soon to be revealed “D.” We, at the time, did not know what he was talking about, but as the October 9 unveiling date approaches, we’re starting to piece it all together.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying a Broken or Totaled Tesla Model S

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It seems Tesla’s unique way of selling its cars, which has everything always go through the company directly (and not through dealers) is causing new problems. This time, a man who bought a totaled Model S, which he fixed up and is now road worthy, cannot drive his car because the manufacturer doesn’t want him to.

Convertible Tesla Model S Spotted in America

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If you thought the roof of the Tesla Model S had no structural role whatsoever, and that it was always in the way of you seeing the clouds, you’ll be happy to know the first modded convertibles are out.

Battery Specialist Doubts Feasibility of $35,000 Tesla Sedan

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Dr Menahem Anderman is a known “battery skeptic” and he’s been organizing the Advanced Automotive Batteries Conference for nearly twenty years now. He’s one of the voices that always tries to cull overly optimistic statements and now he’s picking on the supposed $35,000 Tesla sedan, or what’s sometimes been referred to as Tesla’s 3-Series.

The predicted price for the new EV sedan is based on an estimation that the price per kWh will drop to under $100 by 2025. Instead, Dr. Anderman insists the price per kWh will not be any lower than $167 – in fact, he says it’s unlikely to drop below the $200 until then.

Thus, the smaller Tesla sedan will not cost $35,000, but closer to $50,000, in his view, even if the all-electric automaker manages to get its planned Nevada-based Gigafactory going until then.

Even so, the new sedan will feature a battery pack that will be a third smaller than the Model S’, so maybe we shouldn’t discount what Tesla CEO Elon Musk is saying just yet – the model will be the third name in the lineup, after the Model X crossover (pictured).

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Tesla Model S Gets Animated Glowing Paintwork

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The Tesla Model S is definitely a very suitable car to wear something like this newfangled “electrified zebra print,” basically electroluminescent paint that glows when you give energize it.

Updated Tesla OS to Add Calendar App, Traffic Info and iPhone Start

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Probably the single most intriguing feature of the new version of the Tesla OS (version 6.0) will be the ability it gives owners to start (and then drive) their car using only their iPhone.

Video Details Saleen-Tuned Tesla Model S

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While Steve Saleen, founder of American pony car tuner Saleen, didn’t explicitly say that his company didn't add more power to their tuned Tesla Model S (called FourSixteen), it’s pretty clear that they haven’t. That’s most obviously true when he says they tried not to mess with the range of the car, or the batteries…

The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN is Now the Hottest Tesla

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We've known Saleen would be adding some heat to the Tesla Model S for sometime now. Now they're showing it and shouting its name, the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN.

Tesla Gives the Model S an 'Infinite-Mile' Warranty

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Tesla announced Friday an 8-year, unlimited mile warranty that will be applied retroactively to all Model S cars.

Consumer Reports Has Problems with Their Tesla Model S, Too

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Like many publications, Consumer Reports gushed over the Tesla Model S, calling it its top-rated car last year, but actually living with one has proven less stellar.

British Drivers Share Their Impressions on Tesla Model S after Test Drive

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The Tesla Model S is hardly a new car, but in some markets like the United Kingdom, the electric sedan has just landed. This is why What Car? thought it would be a good idea to introduce the Model S to its readers.

Lack of Google Support Means Teslas Have No Sat-Nav in China

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No wonder Chinese Tesla Model S owners are pissed; they’re buying a car that used to have no name and now ships without satellite navigation.

Unplugged Performance Launches its Full Tesla Model S Body Kit

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Seeing a Tesla Model S is beginning to be less and less of an event, especially in the areas where they’re now popular.

Tesla Stops Model S Production to Prepare for Model X Launch

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For the first time, Tesla Motors has stopped production at its assembly plant in California as the company prepares for the Model X crossover and adds robots to ramp up Model S production.

Nordschleife Lap Flusters Tesla Model S

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While many American reviewers went so far as to say the Tesla Model S is a excellently handling sporty sedan, it seems that not everybody is onboard with that view.