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Tesla Model X Stolen In Poland Right After Being Smuggled In From Sweden

Unlike the U.S., purchasing a Tesla Model X in Poland isn’t that easy, making the electric SUV somewhat of a unicorn in the country.

Why Are Dozens Of Tesla Model 3, S, And X Sitting In An LA Parking Lot?

Dozens of Tesla Model 3 , Model S and Model X vehicles have been discovered in a parking lot in Southern California.

Consumer Reports’ Least Reliable Cars For 2017 Are…

The Annual Reliability Survey of Consumer Reports for the year 2017 is out and as with every year , we get a list of winners and losers.

Norway Wants To Cut Generous Electric Car Incentives And Impose A “Tesla Tax”

Norway’s government is planning to trim the generous tax breaks for Teslas and other electric vehicles that made the country the most popul...

Tesla Recalls 11,000 Model X Because Seats Might Move In Crash

Tesla has recalled roughly 11,000 examples of the Model X because of potential issues with the second-row seats.

Uber Rolls Out Fleet Of Teslas In Dubai

A fleet of Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles will be introduced by Uber in Dubai this week as the local Roads and Transport Authority (RT...

Tesla Fails To Meet Model 3 Targets As Model S And X Deliveries Rise

Tesla has just announced its quarterly production figures and while the Model S and Model X are selling better than ever, the Model 3 is g...

What Say You About This Pearl White Tesla Model X?

The Tesla Model X isn't your typical SUV or even crossover in more ways than one. Some may find that refreshingly delicious, while othe...

Tesla Model X Door Torn Off After Opening In The Path Of Truck

A Tesla Model X’s driver door has been destroyed after allegedly opening by itself in Sydney, Australia.

Tesla To Switch From Nvidia To Intel’s Chipset For Its Infotainment Systems

Tesla Motors is going to reportedly replace Nvidia’s processing modules with new ones from Intel for its infotainment systems.

Dubai Takes Delivery Of Tesla Taxi Fleet, Will Soon Be Driverless

Dubai’s main taxi company has just taken delivering of 50 Tesla Model S and X vehicles and plans to eventually use them to form part of an...

Tesla Disables Automatic Emergency Braking In Select Models

Tesla has disabled the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system on a number of recently manufactured vehicles.

Tesla Extends Ranges To Help Owners Escape Hurricane Irma

Tesla has temporarily increased the range of select vehicles in an effort to help Florida residents escape the wrath of Hurricane Irma.

False Alarm, Tesla Isn't Offering Model S And Model X Discounts

Yesterday, we reported on an email from a Tesla sales associate stating that discounts of up to $30,000 were being offered for the Model S...

Tesla Offering Up To $30,000 In Model S and Model X Discounts

Tesla is looking to ramp up its sales as the end of the year approaches by offering generous showroom discounts .

Tesla Cuts Prices On A Handful Of High Performance Models

Tesla continues to refine its pricing and product structure as Autoblog reports the company has quietly lowered prices on a handful of hi...

Tesla Model X Punches Through Garage Door After Getting Summoned In

Back when Tesla first announced their 'Summon' self-parking system for both the Model S and Model X, they suggested that owners tr...

Tesla Buyers Won't Get A $7,500 Tax Credit For Much Longer

Tesla owners looking to grab a bargain better be quick as before long, every vehicle in the company’s range will become more expensive.

Does The Tesla Model X Work As Well In The UK?

While Teslas have proven to work pretty well in the US, European customers are still a bit skeptical towards their high-end electric models...

Tesla Model S And Model X Prices Drop Overnight

Shortly after the introduction of the Model 3 , Tesla has lowered the prices of the Model S and Model X .