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Tesla Begins Asking Non-Employees To Configure Their Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said the company was in "production hell" but those problems seem to be getting better as the autom...

Elon Musk Wants To Give New Tesla Roadster Rocket Technology

Just a couple of days after Tesla shocked the world by unveiling the second-generation Roadster with unprecedented performance figures, El...

Tesla Creates A Powerbank With Model S Battery Cell

Are you a Tesla fan and want everyone to know it? Well, we have found the perfect Christmas gift for you.

Bob Lutz Claims Tesla Is "Going Out Of Business"

Former vice chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz, isn’t one to shy away from making bold proclamations . His latest? An assertion that Tesl...

Tesla Model X Stolen In Poland Right After Being Smuggled In From Sweden

Unlike the U.S., purchasing a Tesla Model X in Poland isn’t that easy, making the electric SUV somewhat of a unicorn in the country.

Tesla Pickup Truck Teased, Looks Like A Giant Toy Car

Tesla showed a first teaser image of an electric pickup truck during the unveiling event of the new Semi and Roadster models .

Tesla Asks The Full $250,000 Upfront For Special Roadster ‘Founder’s Edition’

Did you like the new Tesla Roadster so much that you want one of the first ones in 2020? That’ll be $250,000 up front, like right now, than...

This Is How Fast The New Tesla Roadster Really Is

It's one thing to read about a new car's specs, and a completely different story to experience it firsthand.

Tesla Shocks Us With New 2020 Roadster, Does 0-60 In 1.9 Sec!

Tesla has used the unveiling of its long-awaited Semi to shock the world and unveil the second-generation Roadster , a car which will be t...

Tesla Semi Has A 500-Mile Range And Hits 60MPH In 5 Seconds

Tesla has officially unveiled its long-awaited Semi , and as expected, company chief executive Elon Musk is touting it as the future of tru...

Watch The Unveiling Of Tesla's All-Electric Semi Truck Here

After being delayed from its original October 26 debut, Tesla is just minutes away from finally introducing its all-electric Semi , aimed a...

The White House Didn't Really Give Musk Approval To Build A Hyperloop

In July, Elon Musk shocked many observers by claiming he had received “ verbal governmental approval ” to build a Hyperloop between New Yor...

Tesla Responds To Racism Allegations, Calls Them A “Hotbed of Misinformation”

Tesla responded to a recent lawsuit alleging racist behavior at its Freemont factory with a lengthy blog post called “Hotbed of Misinforma...

Could The Tesla Semi Have Up To 450 Miles Of Range?

Tesla’s long-awaited all-electric semi-truck will be unveiled in less than 24 hours and according to two analysts, could have a range of u...

Why Are Dozens Of Tesla Model 3, S, And X Sitting In An LA Parking Lot?

Dozens of Tesla Model 3 , Model S and Model X vehicles have been discovered in a parking lot in Southern California.

Tesla Is A “Hotbed For Racist Behavior”, Claims African-American Workers Suit

Tesla was hit with a class-action lawsuit claiming that their production facilities are a “hotbed for racist behavior”.

Smoking And Relaxing In A Tesla With Autopilot Isn't Smart

In 10-20 years, autonomous cars could be so advanced that human passengers will never have to worry about being involved in an accident. In...

Musk Says Tesla Semi Will "Blow Your Mind Clear Out Of Your Skull"

Ahead of the Tesla semi-truck premiering on November 16 , Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to talk up his latest creation .

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Taking Shape In England

Since Elon Musk failed to make the Tesla Model S enough of a dog-friendly car, at least one owner chose to take matters into his own hands....

Tesla Buys Manufacturing Firm Perbix In The Midst Of "Production Hell"

In the middle of what Elon Musk dubs “ production hell ”, Tesla has acquired Perbix, a producer of automated machines for manufacturing.