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Tuned Mazda models revealed ahead of Tokyo Auto Salon

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If you’re in the market for a cool looking new Mazda, it’s safe to say you can rejoice. The Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 is just around the corner (January) and it’s going to be pretty Zoomed out.

Toyota Shows GRMN and G Sports Concepts at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

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The tuning-oriented Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 hosted a series of Toyota concept cars over the weekend at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, with Japan’s largest carmaker bringing no fewer than 34 vehicles at the show.

3D Design Debuts New M-Sport Kit for BMW 4-Series in Tokyo

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Japanese tuning firm 3D Design chose the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon for the grand premiere of its new M-Sport kit for the BMW 4-Series coupe.

NATS Waves Its Tuning Wand on Suzuki Turning it Into Mini Toyota Supra

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It's not the Supra that Toyota fans have been patiently waiting for ages (there's still hope that the Mirai sports car concept scheduled for an unveiling at the 2014 Detroit motor Show could be a forerunner to the next Supra), but at least NATS placed a smile to all those visiting it's booth at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Mugen Goes Extra Wild with New Vezel Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon

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Honda's in-house tuner Mugen brought not one, but two modified versions of the new Vezel small SUV to the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon that kicked off on Friday. The first one is the production tune that we've already seen and which is offered for sale (third photo in the gallery) in Japan, while the second model is wearing a conceptualized aero kit.

Subaru Reveals Nürburgring 24H-Ready WRX STI Racer

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Subaru will continue to participate in the Nurburgring 24-Hour race that will be held this year in June with the new WRX STI racing car that made its world premiere at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The production / road going version of the WRX STI will be revealed in the metal at the Detroit motor show.

New Toyota Harrier SUV Suits Up for 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

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As one of the freshest models in Toyota's Japanese lineup, the new Harrier SUV that went on sale in regular guise a couple of weeks ago with a hybrid version to follow next year, will have a prominent place in the brand's 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon stand with two tuned editions.

Subaru Announces Prices and Launch Dates for New JDM Levorg, STI Concept Coming to Tokyo

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One of the more interesting new models to debut at last month's Tokyo Motor Show was the Subaru Levorg sports estate, which while dubbed a concept, was as production ready as they get, something that the Japanese automaker itself admitted today via the release of pricing information on the car.

Suzuki's New Hustler and Spacia Custom Concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

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Two days after announcing the production version of its Hustler Concept that was seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, and following Mazda's launch of a re-badged version of the mini crossover named "Flair", Suzuki has come forward with a new study of the car that will premiere alongside the Spacia Custom-S Concept at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon on January 10.

Daihatsu Prepares New Custom Kopen Concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

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Much in the same way it did at the recent Tokyo Motor Show where it presented three different custom versions of the near-production Kopen Concept, including the RMZ roadsters and the ΧΜΖ crossover convertible, Daihatsu will be bringing another trio of Kopen models to Japan's biggest aftermarket and styling show, the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January.

Mazda's 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup Revealed

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Mazda will be heading to the 2014 edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) in the second week of January with a group of racing, tuned and pre-production concept cars, some of which will be familiar to those of you who followed the brand's presence at this year's SEMA Show in November.

Honda Lays Down Its Auto and Moto Goods for 2014 Tokyo Salon

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Just before the automotive world turns its attention to the Detroit Auto Show on January 13, Japan will host the annual Tokyo Auto Salon 2014, one of the top performance and styling events in the industry. Honda will attend the show with a diverse lineup of modified and special edition automobiles and motorcycles.

Tommykaira Brewing Tuned Mazda CX-5 for Tokyo Auto Salon

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At the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's annual aftermarket tuning show that will run from January 10 to 12 next year, local tuner Tommykaira will present a new styling take on Mazda's well-received CX-5 compact crossover.

Honda S660 Concept Revives the Spirit of the Beat, Points to 2014 Production Model

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Honda has released the first photos of its new S660 Concept, just ahead of its world premiere at this year's Tokyo Motor Show in late November. The S660 looks like an evolved concept of the 2011 EV-STER and is believed to preview the small roadster mentioned by Honda CEO Takanobu Ito last year. Ito had said at the time that a small open-top sports car would go on sale in Japan in 2014.

DAMD's Lexus LFT-86 is a Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S in Disguise [w/Video]

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Even if you wanted to, you can't ignore all the customized and conceptual Toyota 86 sport coupes that are on display at this week's Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan.

We don't know whether Toyota should worry, but a great number of tuners focused their efforts on altering the appearance of the rear-wheel drive coupe that's marketed as the Toyota GT 86 outside of Japan and the Scion FR-S in North America.

While the students at NATS gave the 86 an Audi R8-esque look and Toyota's own Original Accessory sub-brand a classic feel, the always-imaginative crew from Japan's DAMD decided to turn their 86 into a mini-me Lexus LFA calling it the LFT-86.

The cosmetic transformation begins with a new front end that keeps the 86's headlamps but adds a newly styled bumper that mimics the LFA with triangular-shaped side vents, and continues with the side skirts.

New Limited Run 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Giovanna Edition is for Japan Only

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General Motor's modest presence at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 is highlighted by the introduction of a new special edition version of the Camaro created exclusively for Japan.

The new Camaro Giovanna Edition is named after the alloy wheel maker that provides the special 20-inch rims and is offered as a coupe in both LT RS 3.6-liter V6 and SS 6.2-liter V8 trims.

Three More Bespoke Toyota 86 Concepts from Modellista, TRD and Tom's

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The Toyota 86, aka Scion FR-S in the U.S. and GT 86 outside Japan, is a hot item, especially in its home country. Gazoo Racing has very close ties with Toyota, so launching several concepts in cooperation with other tuners at the Tokyo Auto Salon was pretty much to be expected.

We'll begin with the 86 Modellista, which is all about the looks. Gazoo Racing says that the theme was developing a “futuristic sophisticated” concept.

Toyota Breaths Some Sportiness into the Prius C with Aqua G Sports Concept

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Let's face it; the Prius C's looks are about as interesting as a corn on the cob. Nevertheless, Toyota believes it can add some character to its sub-compact hybrid with a new concept that was introduced today at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The G Sports version of the Aqua, which is what Toyota calls the Prius C in its home market of Japan, retains the standard model's full hybrid powertrain adding numerous  styling bits and a re-tuned suspension into the mix.

That's NATS! Japanese Students Turn Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S into an Audi R8 Lookalike

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Ah, the creative minds from Japan's Nihon Automobile College (NATS) are back again to surprise us in more ways than one with their work at this week's 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The creators of unusual concepts such as the kei-car version of the Honda NSX back in 2007, took the most popular car of this year's show, the Toyota 86, and turned it into something that resembles an Audi R8, which they then called the R86.

Mugen Details New Honda CR-V Design Study, Could Enter Production

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Typically, with the presentation of a mainstream Honda model, the brand's tuning partner Mugen instantly comes out with its own package of goods, but in the case of the fourth-generation CR-V that was introduced in late 2011, that never happened.

This might change if Mugen decides to create a production version of its prototype CR-V Design Study that was unwrapped at this week's Tokyo Auto Salon.