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Jay Leno Has A Look At The Original Toyota Celica

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The original Celica was Toyota’s first sports car that was available to the US market as well as one of the first sports cars offered on a global scale.

Delta Integrale Meets Escort RS & Celica GT4 In A Perfect ‘90s Rally Legends Reunion

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These legendary models were the very reason for many of us to be converted into cars in the first place.

Classic Mini Gets Toyota Celica AWD Drivetrain and Engine Transplant

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If you can’t decide which you’d rather like more: the maneuverability and fun of a classic Mini or the grip and power of a Toyota Celica, then you should know that you don’t have to settle for either and can have both… at the same time. Proof of that are the three lengthy videos posted below that go through the Mini-Celica conversion, in the typical British fashion.

Check Out These Two 1970s Toyota Celica Coupes, One Has Just 13k Miles!

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Mass-produced Japanese coupes from the 1970s are highly unlikely to have the same allure to gearheads as similar European coupes from the era, like let's say, the Lancia Fulvia, but they do have a place in automotive history.

Some of their most common strong points are their simplicity and unmatched reliability – with a little bit of care, cars like the Toyota Celica can last for a very long time.

More Gold Digger Pranks, This Time with Old Celica and New Maserati

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From the same people that brought us the Lamborghini gold digger prank comes a similar prank, this time with a slightly different scenario. Again, the purpose of this new video is to find out whether some women are influenced by cars men drive. Will the driver prevail over the car he is driving or will it be the other way around?

GTA-Style Road Rage Chase Between WRX STI and Celica is Better Than an F&F Movie

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When you're watching a Hollywood flick (Bollywood is another story…), with very few exceptions, you usually know how a chase scene with cars will end. With reality, and especially Russian dash-cam reality, you can never be quite sure what will happen next…

"Mystery" Prototype Testing at Mulholland is the 2015 Subaru WRX - Plus Bonus Footage

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One of the many regular car- and motorcycle-spotters at the infamous Mulholland Drive, just outside of Los Angeles, was on hand to film several passes of what he described as a "Mystery Car".

"Some Mulholland passes from an un-named car," wrote YouTube author 31200MulhollandHwy, adding that, "CHP [California Highway Patrol] closed the road intermittently - Japanese crew wouldn't give any info on car."

18-Year Old Builds a Toyota Supra Replica from a Celica Coupe

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We don’t know about Denmark, but in the States, the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra (1992-2002) is not only a rare commodity nowadays – for example, we found 8 listed for sale on eBay and 91 on Autotrader, and that's for the entire USA- but a very expensive one at that, with unmolested, low mileage cars often exchanging hands for $40,000 or more.

The reason why we mention Denmark is that, CarScoop reader Daniel S. brought to our attention a replica of a Supra IV built upon a Toyota Celica coupe from 1994 that he found listed for sale in his country.

Toyota Celica Driver Can Count That as a "Drifting" Fail

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We are going to assume that the gifted driver sitting behind the wheel of this fifth generation (1989-1993) Toyota Celica was trying to impress his friend with the camera by tossing the rear end of the Japanese coupe around a pole at an empty parking lot – quite possibly with the help of the hand brake.

Obviously, for us to post about it, the drift attempt didn't work as planned, unless, that is, you consider smashing the front end of the car on a metal lamp post a part of the drifting act.

Toyota GT86 Twincharged Sports FR Concept with 315HP to Race at Goodwood Hillclimb [New Photos]

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The upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 28 - July 1, 2012) is shaping up to be an extremely interesting event for gearheads and motor racing enthusiasts alike.

Today, Toyota confirmed the participation of the all-new GRMN Sports FR Concept based on the GT86 (a sister model to the Scion FR-S) at the famous Goodwood hillclimb.

The track concept was built by Toyota's motorsports partner Gazoo Racing, which boosted the standard model's 2.0-liter flat-four boxer with the addition of both a turbo- and supercharger that lift output from 200hp to 315hp (320PS) and peak torque from 205Nm (151 lb-ft) to 421Nm (310.5 lb-ft).

A modified six-speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels while other changes include a dedicated GRMN-tuned suspension that brings the car closer to the ground, larger brakes, 18-inch alloy wheels and a unique sports body kit.

This Ferrari F430 Replica was Built Out of a Toyota Celica

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Without doubt, the Pontiac Fiero is king when it comes to donor vehicles for replicas, but once in a very blue moon, we stumble upon exotic lookalikes that are not based on GM's mid-engined sports car.

Like this Ferrari F430 clone listed for sale in Canada. The Bianco-Fuji-colored (sic…) Maranello-wannabe is built around the seventh and last generation of Toyota's Celica sports coupe series.

Who Sat on this Celica? Now That's One Comically Crazy Negative Camber...

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Some of you may remember the visible negative camber on the rear wheels of older BMW cars like the '02 series and even the first 3-Series models. Well, that's nothing compared to what the Japanese owner of a last generation Toyota Celica did to his car. Just look at the angle of those wheels!

The car was spotted as it was driving out of the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown's hall. Head past the break to watch it on film.

It Came from eBay Hell: Once a 1974 Toyota Celica GT, Now a Faux Ferrari

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The first generation if the Toyota Celica is somewhat of a cult hero here in Australia. Affordable, sporty-looking and well equipped at the time of its launch in the early 1970s, it proved a popular alternative to the heavier, thirstier American and Australian built offerings of the time.

Let’s put that aside for one moment and focus on our eBay entrant for today. It’s a 1974 Celica GT model that’s been the victim of one of the shoddier-looking Ferrari conversions featured on this site. It’s supposed to look like a 308 GTB, though at best it looks like a 400 that’s been severely shortened.

Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 featured on Top Gear Back in the 1990s up for Sale

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Even though we’re always on the lookout for rally-bred production cars from the 1980s and 1990s like the Lancia Delta Integrale, we must admit that this 1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 grabbed our attention mainly because it is the same car that was featured on an older episode of Top Gear. A young Jeremy Clarkson had then compared it against Ford's Escort RS Cosworth.

Monster Toyota Celica Beats F1 Cars and Everything Else at Goodwood Recording the Fastest Hill Climb Time

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Over the past weeks we’ve been bombarding you with news about exotic cars such as the Aston Martin Zagato V12 that would participate at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The event took place this past weekend and the spectators gathered to marvel at every car enthusiasts dream garage.

But they also came to watch more than 200 production, tuned and racing models including recent Formula 1 cars, race against the clock in the famous 1.6 mile hill-climb. However, much to everybody’s surprise, the winner was not an F1 car but a tuned, 800+ horsepower Toyota Celica that recorded a time of just 48.07 seconds.

Frozen in Time: Brand New 1970s Toyotas Abandoned on Dealer Lot in Cyprus

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The Green Line is a 180 kilometer-long (112 miles) stretch of land that divides the island of Cyprus and its capital city of Nicosia. It was created as a demilitarized zone or a buffer, if you prefer, between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot controlled areas of Cyprus after Turkey invaded the Mediterranean island back in 1974.

Here, lies an unoccupied piece of land that seems to have been frozen in time.

Now, we know some of you may be wondering what any of this has to do with an automotive website like Carscoop, so let’s cut to the chase and get to the story.

The answer is a stunning gallery from Bo de Visser, a photographer and journalist from The Netherlands, who was able to visit the Green Line in Cyprus and discover an abandoned Toyota dealer lot with an amazing collection of new cars from the 1970s.

The vehicles, as well as the dealership, were apparently abandoned in a hast during the invasion creating a one-of-a-kind time capsule of an assortment of 1970s Toyota models including Corollas and Celicas. The photo gallery along with a description from Bo’s brother, Bart, whom we came in contact with, is available for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

Here's what Bart de Visser told us:

After the invasion by Turkey in 1974 a large part of Northern Cyprus became a cease-fire line, protected by UN and both Cyprus and Turkey.

And while other towns managed to carry on, cities like Famagusta and Nicosia are partly abandoned since then. Rumors were told about car-dealers as Ford and Toyota, where new cars just standing the way they have been parked 33 years ago. A dream of every car -enthusiast and photographers of abandoned places.

After a long time of negotiating the photographer and journalist Bo de Visser from The Netherlands managed to get inside and made a photo-documentary.

Besides the 'forgotten cars' he discovered a city with a sad history, empty streets with decayed houses.

The many bulletholes in the walls are silent witnesses and keep remembering us why this city was abandoned. Old advertising signs of forgotten brands, and of course, the Toyota dealer.

'New' cars, with only 37 driven miles.

Many thanks to Bart de Visser!

Source: Urban Travel

[Photos published with permission]

Photo Gallery

It Came from eBay Hell: Toyota Celica-Based Ferrari F430 Replica

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There are probably more Pontiac Fiero-based imitations in the world than real Ferraris. Today, though, we have something a little different. No, it is not a Pontiac Fiero-based Lamborghini Miura (we have already had one of them), it is a Toyota Celica that has been transformed into a passable F430 replica.

Did I say passable? Well, only just. From the front, it looks okay, with the hood, headlights and A-pillar being sufficiently F430-like. As you move back, however, it all starts to unwind. The awkward side window treatment, slab-sided rear flanks and the shape of the rear windscreen just seem wrong. Though you can’t expect much from trying to transform a front-engined, front wheel drive Japanese coupe in a mid engine, rear wheel drive Italian exotic.

Toyota Suplica Caught in Transition in Texas

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Marton from San Antonio, Texas sent us these pics he took at a local auto parts shop thanks to his handy-dandy iPhone. What he and a friend initially thought was some poor Supra turned out to be, in his words, a Suplica; "but good god its ghetto." That one gets a digital high-five.

Marton, if it's ever seen again in a better state of kit, get some more shots and we'll see if the Suplica's gotten any prettier. More photos after the jump.

New Wallpaper Gallery of Toyota FT-86 RWD Sports Coupe [plus Video]

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The trickle of photos on the Toyota FT-86 Concept continues as the Japanese firm's European Design and Development (ED2) center in Nice, France, which is responsible for the coupe's styling, released a fresh batch of pictures and a short video of the rear-wheel drive sports car.

In a couple of shots, Toyota remembers its sporty past depicting the FT-86 alongside the Corolla AE86, Celica and Supra coupes. The updated gallery also includes some of the original sketches from the ED2 center.

During the company's press conference at the Geneva Show earlier this month, Andrea Formica, Senior Vice-President of Toyota Motor Europe, noted that the FT-86 would reach showrooms in early 2012.

Honda S2000-Powered 1977 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

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If you opened the hood of a 1977 Celica GT, you'd normally find a Toyota four-banger, but not on this one. This first-generation Celica packs a modern-day Honda S2000 engine complete with a 6-speed gearbox. The seller of the vehicle claims that the high-revving S2000 engine has been upgraded and now develops around 268-horsepower which should be more than enough output for such a lightweight coupe.

The owner of the car took the build a step further adding a Honda S2000 digital instrument panel, a pair of 2005 Celica GT sports seats and a four-point roll cage, just to mention a few of the mods.

If you're interested, the 1977 Celica GT with the Honda heart is up for sale over at Hemmings for a "negotiable $18,000".

Link: Hemmings - Kudos to Greg for the tip!