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Umm…That Doesn't Sound Right, Does It Now?

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Blame our filthy little minds all you want, but the only thing we didn't read / see on this Toyota Corolla license plate was "a nu (for new) start".

Which Boring Compact Sedan is Your Best Bet; 2014 Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla?

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As the two archrivals from the compact sedan class have been getting incrementally better, the decision to buy either one has been made harder and harder.

Toyota Presents New Corolla and Levin Compact Sedans in Beijing

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When we originally spotted the new Corolla partially covered outside the Beijing Auto Show last week, we were under the impression that Toyota would only offer this version in China, but as it turns out, the Japanese carmaker has plans to sell two Corolla sedans.

New Toyota Corolla Sedan Wears a Chrome Unibrow for China

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As a major automotive market with a growing appetite for vehicles, China gets its own individualized versions of global cars from the likes of Chevrolet, Toyota and other mainstream players. At this week's Beijing Auto Show, Toyota will unveil the Chinese-spec new Corolla, which we see for the first time in these scoop shots.

Pissing Contest Continues with Toyota Stating that Corolla is the World's Best Seller

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If you're weren't expecting Toyota's response to Ford's claims that the Focus was the best-selling nameplate in 2013 with 1,097,618 deliveries, then you obviously haven't been following the pissing contest between two of the world's largest automakers – the same thing happened last October.

Dumpster Truck Turns Toyota Into an Envelope, Driver Runs to Safety at the Last Second

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"Wow…just wow" are the first words that come to mind after watching this chilling security camera footage of a dumpster truck with apparently faulty brakes that came rolling down a steep road in Sochi, the Russian city that recently hosted the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Who's at Fault Here for this Aching Accident?

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Knowing that you're about to get into a nasty and at minimal, painful accident, without having the ability to avoid it, must be one of the worst feelings ever, and something that all motorcycle riders dread due to the fact that they are fully exposed.

Mazda3 Sales Down 27 Percent in January and February, Corolla-Civic Incentive Wars Blamed

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The latest generation Mazda3 has been widely recognized as a major step forward from the previous model. However, the 3's sales in the U.S. have been below par, falling every month since August. In the first two months of this year, sales dropped by 27 percent, a troubling slide for a car that has long been Mazda’s best-selling nameplate and a major contributor to its profitability.

Broken Fire Hydrant Shoots Corolla Into the Air

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If you ever wondered just how much force a fire hydrant has when it breaks and shoots straight up, now you have the answer. The video you see below shows the immediate aftermath of just such a case that took place this past Saturday in San Diego.

Arizona Cops Kill Unarmed Suspected Car Thief, Video Contradicts Police Account of Incident

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Caution: The video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing

A bystander's video of a stalemate between the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and a suspected car thieve that took place in Arizona on January 14, and which resulted in the shooting death of 40-year old Manuel Longoria, is raising some serious questions about the police department's account of the incident.

Ford Says Focus is World’s Best-Selling Nameplate in First Nine Months of 2013

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The Blue Oval announced that Focus global registrations rose more than 16 percent in 2013, increasing its lead over the next competitor by more than 75,000 units. The figures are based on Ford’s analysis of the latest Polk global vehicle data for the first three quarters of 2013.

Check Out Toyota's Custom Concepts for the SEMA Show

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For a second year in a row, Toyota is organizing the Dream Build Challenge competition for the SEMA Show, but whereas in 2012 it had four of its own race car drivers build a one-off model, this time, it called in athletes from other sports as well.

Ford Claims Focus World's Best Selling Nameplate, Toyota Says No It's Not

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This week, Ford announced that its Focus compact is the best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world with 589,709 units delivered during the first six months of 2013, basing its findings on the latest Polk global vehicle registration data.

However, someone disagrees and that someone happens to be Japanese rivaling carmaker Toyota, which according to Detroit News, said it sold 590,760 examples of its Corolla compact in the same period, excluding derivatives like the Matrix.

New 2014 Toyota Corolla Gets Positive Nod from Consumer Reports

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The first thing Consumer Reports emphasized in the new video review of the redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla was its updated styling. In their vision, it’s a massive improvement and a big bump up in modernity over the outgoing model that goes well with the improved road manners that were observed in the tests.

New Toyota Corolla Fails to Impress in IIHS Small Overlap Test [w/Video]

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When it was recently tested in Europe along with several other models, the redesigned Toyota Corolla came out as one of the safer cars of the batch. It stood up to the usual battery of tests done by Euro NCAP, faring very well for both adult and child protection.

U.S.-Made 2014 Toyota Corollas to be Exported to 18 Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Funny how things turn out. Once upon a time, Americans were afraid that imports, and especially the ones from Japan, would wipe out the domestic industry. Today, all major players from Japan build many of their cars in the States, and not only that, but they also export their goods to other markets.

On Thursday, Toyota announced that it will begin exporting the new generation of its U.S.-built 2014 Corolla compact sedan to 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, beginning from next year.

Five Cars Tested by Euro NCAP; Opel Adam and Mitsubishi Space Star Dissapoint with Four Stars

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As cars have been getting safer, the entities behind the rating systems have been making them increasingly stringent, up to the point where nowadays a four-star car, rated by Euro NCAP is safer or as safe as a five-star car from five years ago.

However, it is still expected that most new models will have no trouble in achieving the maximum rating, as all manufacturers now have vast experience in the field of safety and can prepare accordingly.

Toyota Celebrates 40 Million Corolla Sales with New Ad [w/Videos]

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Whichever way you see it and regardless of what you think about the Toyota Corolla (we're talking about automotive enthusiasts, not your average Joe), surpassing the 40 million mark in global sales in no small feat for any carmaker.

The Corolla nameplate achieved this landmark number over the course of forty-seven years and eleven generations beginning with the original model that launched in November 1966 with an annual production target of 240,000 units at the Toyota’s Takaoka Factory in Japan.

New 2014 Toyota Corolla Starts at $16,800* in the USA

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Toyota has come under a lot of fire for making dull cars in the last few years, and what better place to start a rejuvenation of the range than with the ever-popular Corolla. One look at the new redesigned 2014 US sedan model reveals their ambition to produce more interesting models, and this car, is at the forefront of that effort.

Price is also important when it comes to the Corolla, with Toyota having kept MSRPs fairly close to the outgoing model with the exception of the S Plus, which costs $3,070 higher that the grade it replaces.

Toyota Presents New Corolla Hybrid Models in Japan [31 Photos]

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The Japanese domestic market version of the 11th generation Corolla that was launched in March last year and which shouldn't be confused with the new Corolla sedan released in Europe and North America this summer, has been enhanced with the addition of a hybrid variant.