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CR's 10 Most Reliable Cars For 2017

If you want to buy the most reliable new car in the market, then you should probably check this out.

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Debuts With Targa Roof And Hybrid Powertrain

Toyota is celebrating the online premiere of the all-new GR HV Concept, ahead of its public debut that will take place at the 2017 Tokyo Mo...

Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 Has A Code-Brown Moment During Epic Shooting

This one-of-a-kind drift build came really close to call it a day during a film shooting on a twisty road in Portland.

1,150HP Toyota 86 Sends Out A Burnout Message That Can Be Seen From Space [w/Video]

Toyota won't be trying to contact any extraterrestrial entities with their latest trick, instead it will promote their (GT) 86 by burn...

Toyota 86 Gets A Virtual Mercedes-AMG GT S Tune

It has become sort of a thing to imagine the Toyota 86 in various forms these days, but the latest rendering is probably one of the crazie...

Jon Sibal's Toyota 86 Begs For More Power

This aggresively sculpted Toyota 86 is the work of digital illustrator and tuning, partner Jon Sibal who decided that the affordable Japan...

Turbocharging A Scion FR-S To 450HP Is Always The Answer

We all agree that the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ duo is one of the most fun to drive new cars on the market, especially for their price bracket, ...

Mazda MX-5 RF vs Toyota 86: Which One Is The New Answer To Everything?

It’s a question that’s been asked repeatedly in the past, but with the two models now gaining a few updates (and a folding targa top in the...

Toyota GT86 Club Series Orange Edition Goes On Sale In UK From £28,800

Toyota are keeping the GT86 competitive by launching the Orange Edition in UK, which follows in the footsteps of a similar version that de...

New Limited Toyota GT86 ‘Tiger’ Will Be Rarer Than A Pagani Huayra

Toyota Germany has just launched a new limited edition version of the GT86 called the ‘Tiger’.

This Toyota 86 Got A Tuned Nissan GT-R Engine Transplant

When trying to create the ultimate "sleeper" car , achieving a 1:1 power to weight ratio is what we call a job well done.

Top Gear's 'Reasonably Fast Car' Is A Toyota GT86

When U.S. readers watch the first episode of Top Gear's 24th season on March 12, we can confidently say you'll think the show will...

Is This Top Gear's ‘Reasonably Priced’ Toyota GT86?

Our visit to Top Gear’s studio in England yielded an interesting find in the parking lot.

Top Gear Reportedly Getting A Toyota GT86 For Their New Reasonably Priced Car

The new season of Top Gear is about to premiere and the necessary changes in the format of the popular motoring show hasn’t been exactly kn...

Rolls Royce Phantom Taking On Toyota GT 86 Is Pointless Yet Intriguing

As far as the eye can see, the few things a Toyota GT 86 might have in common with a Rolls-Royce Phantom include the four wheels, steering...

Toyobaru Have No Plans For Turbocharged, Convertible BRZ & 86

Subaru has confirmed what was already on everyone's minds - the current generation BRZ won't get a turbocharged , STI or convertibl...

Santa’s Got A New Toyota 86 Sleigh, And It’s Got A Ferrari Engine

For when the reindeers are too tired or just too slow to do the job.

That Was Fast: Toyota Recalls Certain 2017MY 86 Models

Toyota announced it’s recalling certain 2017 86 models , equipped with the automatic transmission, in North America.

Toyota Confirms Second-Gen GT 86 Will Launch In 2019

Toyota’s return to the sports coupe segment with the GT 86 has been a successful one, and the company is already planning its successor. ...

Toyota 86 Gets High Performance Package, Solar Orange Limited Edition In Japan

Not wanting to fall behind the Subaru twin , Toyota has followed a similar pattern with the 86 in its home market.