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Next-Gen Toyota Prius Underwent a Last Minute Redesign

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Toyota’s newfound focus on the design of its cars has also reached the slightly awkward-looking Prius.

Apparently, the final design proposal for the vehicle was turned down last year by the company’s top execs, who are clearly acting to uphold the company president’s desire to hold design in high regard.

2015 Toyota Prius v Updated to Look Like its European Sibling

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Following the refresh of the European-spec model (the Prius+) earlier this year, Toyota has applied a similar makeover to the Prius v sold in the United States.

Next-Gen Prius to Get Technology Tested in Toyota’s Le Mans Racer

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Race on Sunday, sell on Monday; the old adage is most certainly used by automakers’ marketing departments as they try to make some short of connection between their on-track success and the models they actually sell to the public.

The truth is, though, that these days racing technology is so sophisticated, and thus costly, that its use on everyday cars is all but prohibited. Sure, some of it eventually trickles down eventually on production models but not quite in the same form – even if those PR departments would like us to believe otherwise.

Toyota, however, went the other way around, as it is already testing certain parts of the current Prius replacement in its TS040 Hybrid Le Mans racer, which currently leads the championship standings.

“Our components already have parts from the next-generation Prius”, president of Toyota Motorsport GmbH Yoshiaki Kinoshita told Autonews. Although he wasn’t willing to go into much detail, Kinoshita said that they weren’t mechanical parts but rather preproduction prototypes of microchips and microcontrollers that are tested for longevity in the harsh environment of endurance racing.

One thing the racer and the street-going hybrids have in common is the need for fuel efficiency. The TS040 has been redesigned in order to reduce its consumption by 25 percent compared to the 2013 TS030 car while, at the same time, increasing a much higher output of 1,000HP to the previous racer’s 750!

Kinoshita revealed that one technology that most certainly won’t feature in the fourth-generation Prius is the racing car’s electric power storage system. That’s because the former uses supercapacitors for its braking energy storage and subsequent release, an energy flow that happens much faster than in any street car that’s perfectly OK with batteries.

Then there are the semiconductors, which manage the energy flow between the hybrid’s battery, motor and generator. Toyota revealed last May that it has developed a silicon carbide semiconductor that can increase fuel efficiency by 10 percent and that it plans to commercialize it in around six years’ time. Probably after they have been thoroughly tested on a future hybrid racer for a sufficient amount of time, we presume.

By Andrew Tsaosusis

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Who Wants to Build a Paper Toyota?

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Papercraft is the art of using paper as a material, which you then cut, fold and glue, to build three-dimensional models of anything, from human figures to automobiles.

After Hyundai, Ford Reportedly Working on Prius Rival too

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The Toyota Prius has had the market for itself, as a niche hybrid model, since it was released. Yes, some other automakers did try to challenge it with similar models, but the most recent one to fail to upset it was the now-defunct Honda Insight.

New 2015 Toyota Prius Persona Series Special Edition for US

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With the production date of the next generation Prius reportedly pushed back to December of 2015, Toyota wants to keep the current model in front of consumers' minds with a new special edition.

Next-Generation Toyota Prius May Offer AWD Option

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We already reported that Toyota has delayed the next-generation Prius six months in order to get it right, and now fresh details have emerged about the upcoming hybrid vehicle.

Zzzzz....Toyota Prius PHEV Sets Nürburgring Record for Fuel Economy [w/Video]

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Automakers use the Nürburgring racetrack as a proving ground to make their latest cars go faster and better, and when they make an announcement about the Nordschleife, it almost always has to do with how fast they completed a full lap. Not this time, as Toyota isn't bragging about miles per hour, but about miles per gallon - talk about a snooze-fest…

Production of Sophisticated Next Prius Reportedly Delayed Six Months

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Production of the next generation Toyota Prius has been delayed until December of 2015, as engineers are working on fine-tuning the new vehicle platform and the next-generation hybrid system. The fourth-generation Toyota Prius, code-named 690A, was initially scheduled to launch in spring 2015.

Ready to Acquire or Kill it with Fire? Kuhl Hybrid’s GT-30 Prius.

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Toyota's Prius is as popular with the tuning crowd as Conway Twitty is with teenage girls, yet, every once in a while, some aftermarket specialist or creative owner comes to remind us that even the dorkiest of cars can get their five minutes of tuning fame.

VW Design Boss Says CO2 Rules Will Lead to Complicated Exteriors

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VW Group design boss Walter de Silva is a big fan of clean, simple design and that is obvious in the way the latest models of the German carmaker look like. However, as CO2 emission rules get tougher, automakers may be forced in the near future to sacrifice design in favor of optimal aerodynamics and better fuel efficiency, says Walter de Silva.

Toyota Moves on with Wireless Recharging Tech for PHEVs and EVs

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Toyota wants to pull the plug on its plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and pure electric vehicles (EV), but it’s not what you think; the Japanese carmaker is in the process of developing a new wireless battery charging system for vehicles that use some sort of electrification with a future market launch in mind.

Toyota Recalls 1.9 Million 3rd Generation Prius Hybrids to Fix Software Glitch

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Toyota will recall more than half of Prius vehicles ever sold to fix a software glitch that could slow down or even bring the car to a halt. The recall involves approximately 1.9 million vehicles produced globally since March 2009, according to company spokesman Brian Lyons.

Toyota Says Next Prius will be on the Forefront of Design, Tech and Manufacturing

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With every generation of the Prius, Toyota strives to create a better version of the original and very successful concept that forever changed the way consumers and automakers view the car market. The Japanese company promises the same for the fourth generation of the series, to be introduced with the next year or so.

Toyota Reaches 6 Million Hybrid Milestone Since It Launched the Original Prius in 1997

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Japanese giant Toyota said it has sold more than 6 million hybrid vehicles since it launched the first such vehicle in 1997. Cumulative global sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles as of December 31, 2013 reached 6.072 million units, with the latest million-unit milestone achieved in the fastest time yet, only nine months.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Taxi Clocks 1 Million Kilometers in Vienna

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When it comes to the Toyota Prius hybrid, we mostly hear about its fuel economy and emission numbers, but the Japanese carmaker is now highlighting another one of its qualities and in particular, its reliability after a taxi-version of the car topped the 1,000,000 kilometer (621,504 miles) mark in Vienna, Austria.

Toyota Prius Taxi Blows Up In Barcelona, 3rd Party LPG Conversion Blamed [w/Video]

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A Toyota Prius LPG taxi exploded on Wednesday morning in Barcelona, Spain, injuring the driver who was traveling by himself and two other people that were behind the taxi in another car.

Comedian Lashes Out at YouTube Star's Hissy Fit Over Towed Prius, Claims he Did it [NSFW]

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Who ever knew that online celebrity parking wars would spark so much interest? The current video craze on YouTube is about a duel between YouTube "celebrity" Joey Graceffa and comedian Nate Clark.

It all started when Graceffa posted a (NSFW) video on October 17 ranting about a "slut" owner of a "fat a$% car" who had his Toyota Prius towed because it was blocking the driveway "just a little bit".

Toyota Slashes 2014 Prius Plug-in Prices by up to $4,620

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Toyota is upping the game in the increasingly competitive green field of regular and plug-in hybrids as well as pure EVs by following the example of other brand such as GM with its Chevrolet Volt and Nissan with the Leaf, and lowering prices for its Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV).

Video from 2011 Shows NYC Bikers Attacking Toyota Prius, Plus Latest Developments

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The person who uploaded (and possibly filmed) Sunday's unfortunate events in New York City, YouTube author "Michelinman900", may have quickly removed all of the other videos from said gathering, which police said was likely made by a group called the “Hollywood Stuntz” (albeit not fast enough to avoid downloads…), but he did leave plenty of clips from the past two years.

One of them, filmed in 2011, captured our attention. We don’t know if the motorcycle meeting was organized by the same group, but if you take a look at the clip at the 1:20 mark, you'll see the bikers succumbing to mob mentality attacking a Toyota Prius driver.