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Period Review of the Fourth-Gen 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo

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MotorWeek is “television's longest running and most respected automotive series,” so it was around to test the fourth-gen Toyota Supra when it was new. If you’re not familiar with the things that made it so great, do check out the video posted here.

New Toyota Mirai: The Fuel Cell Car You Can Buy

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While everyone else was hinting at their fuel-cell future at the LA Auto Show, Toyota was two steps ahead revealing its production Mirai that will go on sale next year.

2015 Toyota Prius v Updated to Look Like its European Sibling

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Following the refresh of the European-spec model (the Prius+) earlier this year, Toyota has applied a similar makeover to the Prius v sold in the United States.

Toyota Gives 2015 Prius C Hybrid Hatch a Light Makeover

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Toyota's smallest and most fuel-efficient hybrid model, the Prius C hatchback, has received a mild facelift for the 2015MY at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Are You Ready Kids? Toyota's SpongeBob Themed 2015 Sienna for LA

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To quote SpongeBob Squarepants himself: "hahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha"…

New Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Car from $57,500 or $499 Monthly Lease

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Just hours after its Japanese market introduction, Toyota has released details for the US-spec Mirai fuel-cell car, including pricing.

Toyota Names New Fuel Cell Car Mirai [w/Video]

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While Honda is teasing us with its FCV concept, Toyota's new hydrogen-powered car has been presented in its production form with the brand confirming its name as the Mirai, which means "future" in Japanese.

Toyota and BMW’s Sports Car Partnership Going According to Plan

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While we may not have heard all that much as of late regarding the joint effort by BMW and Toyota to develop sports cars with common underpinnings, it seems all is going great.

Bloomberg quotes an official BMW source saying work “has moved on to the concept phase and is running according to plan.”

Toyota Dealer's "Keys in a Box" Music Video Is Hilarious

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We knew car salespersons were talented people, but some auto dealership employees from Illinois have outdone themselves by shooting an entire music video to promote their workplace.

Toyota Aygo Fights Off Godzilla in Magna Tale

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Even though it's the child of a Japanese immigrant in Europe and a French parent (PSA Group), Toyota sees no reason why the new Aygo shouldn't embrace its Japanese side.

Big Brother: Major Automakers Agree to Safeguard Data Received by your Car

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Practically every new car launched by a big car manufacturer features, as standard or optional, a list of infotainment and connectivity features. The thing is, have you ever wondered what this means for your privacy?

Next-Gen Prius to Get Technology Tested in Toyota’s Le Mans Racer

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Race on Sunday, sell on Monday; the old adage is most certainly used by automakers’ marketing departments as they try to make some short of connection between their on-track success and the models they actually sell to the public.

The truth is, though, that these days racing technology is so sophisticated, and thus costly, that its use on everyday cars is all but prohibited. Sure, some of it eventually trickles down eventually on production models but not quite in the same form – even if those PR departments would like us to believe otherwise.

Toyota, however, went the other way around, as it is already testing certain parts of the current Prius replacement in its TS040 Hybrid Le Mans racer, which currently leads the championship standings.

“Our components already have parts from the next-generation Prius”, president of Toyota Motorsport GmbH Yoshiaki Kinoshita told Autonews. Although he wasn’t willing to go into much detail, Kinoshita said that they weren’t mechanical parts but rather preproduction prototypes of microchips and microcontrollers that are tested for longevity in the harsh environment of endurance racing.

One thing the racer and the street-going hybrids have in common is the need for fuel efficiency. The TS040 has been redesigned in order to reduce its consumption by 25 percent compared to the 2013 TS030 car while, at the same time, increasing a much higher output of 1,000HP to the previous racer’s 750!

Kinoshita revealed that one technology that most certainly won’t feature in the fourth-generation Prius is the racing car’s electric power storage system. That’s because the former uses supercapacitors for its braking energy storage and subsequent release, an energy flow that happens much faster than in any street car that’s perfectly OK with batteries.

Then there are the semiconductors, which manage the energy flow between the hybrid’s battery, motor and generator. Toyota revealed last May that it has developed a silicon carbide semiconductor that can increase fuel efficiency by 10 percent and that it plans to commercialize it in around six years’ time. Probably after they have been thoroughly tested on a future hybrid racer for a sufficient amount of time, we presume.

By Andrew Tsaosusis

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BMW Exec Says Sports Car Sales May Never Return to Pre-Crisis Levels

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The global car market is changing fast and the sports car segment is probably most affected by the global recession. According to BMW’s sales boss, sports cars may never return to pre-crisis sales levels.

Scion to Rejuvenate Range With Two New Models at 2015 NY Motor Show

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Scion will be revealing two new production models at next year’s New York auto show, in the hopes of rejuvenating its dusty range. One will be the a production-spec iM concept which was teased (though, not revealed) in October.

Seriously, This 2015 Toyota Camry is The Ultimate Sleeper [w/Video]

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Can you think of any better car to create a sleeper than the Toyota Camry? Okay, perhaps the N.A. VW Passat too, but that's beside the point, which in this case, is an 850+HP, V8-powered 2015 Camry.

Toyota Tundra by Tim Love Is a Barbecue on Wheels

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Toyota has teamed up with celebrity chef Tim Love and his team at Divine 1 Customs to build a custom Tundra pickup truck that features a 27-inch grill.

Toyota Explains its Most Iconic Model Names

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Toyota and the Japanese in general are known for being notoriously bad at naming their cars, though most of that's in the past now...

We’re sure you already have a dozen examples that you want to share with us. However, what are the origins of their most popular models’ names?

Toyota FCV Enters Japanese Rally as Opening Car

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Toyota wants to prove fuel-cell vehicles have a racing future, so the automaker decided to enter a FCV sedan in the final stage of the Japanese Rally Championship.

Can You Find the Connection Between Batman and Toyota's New Esquire Minivan?

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Maybe it’s the language barrier or the confusion caused by the new Toyota Esquire's Transformers-like nose plate, but somehow we're not seeing the connection between the minivan and Batman in the firm's ads.

Toyota Goes Nuts with SEMA Show Concepts

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The SEMA Show has always been a handful and this year's edition is no exception, with Toyota announcing a raft of tuning projects for November's Las Vegas event.