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Russian-Tuned Lamborghini Huracan Boasts 1,000+ HP

The Huracan has become a favorite with tuners, and GoshaTurboTech's example is one of the best out there.

Jon Olsson Unveils His 810 HP Rolls-Royce Wraith

Professional skier Jon Olsson has owned plenty of interesting vehicles over the years but his latest one might be the most insane yet.

VOS Want To Sell You This 635 PS Mercedes-AMG GT S For $150k

The Mercedes-AMG GT family has lots of tuning potential , and so far numerous companies have demonstrated their proposals.

ABT Pumps Up The Audi S5 Cabriolet To 425 PS

German tuner ABT has modded the Audi S5 Cabriolet , making it almost as powerful as the RS5, which is only available as a coupe. After appl...

Audi S4 B6 Morphs Into A Pickup Courtesy Of Smyth Performance

Do you happen to have an old Audi A4/S4 , from the B6 generation, lying around? Well, if so, then a small company called Smyth Performance ...

Vilner's Brabus Smart ForTwo Leaves Little To The Imagination

If you thought that the interior of the Vilner-tuned Lamborghini Huracan is flashy, then you also need to check out their latest project -...

Matt Farah Finds 1965 Porsche 356C Slow But Delightful

The Porsche 356C represents the last revision of the 356, featuring disc brakes on all four wheels as well as an optional 95 HP pushrod eng...

This Custom Ford Mustang Convertible Is Fit For A Sheikh

The Middle East is known for its supercars and extreme customization but this Ford Mustang really takes the cake.

Highly-Tuned Audi S4 B5 Puts Out An Incredible 1,200 HP

The stock Audi S4 Avant, from the B5 generation, used to be pretty fast back in the day, but this tuned example is much more powerful.

This Is No Ordinary Porsche 911, And It Could Be Yours For $100k

Porsche 911s pop up for sale all the time. It's not every day, though, that you see one tuned by the venerable tuner RWB , which is wha...

Roush P-51 Mustang Packs An Impressive 727 HP

Roush has taken the wraps off the 2017 P-51 Mustang .

BMW M5 Has Close Call In Drag Race Against 9ff Porsche 997 Turbo

With 760 HP at its disposal, this Gorilla Performance BMW M5 F10 sure is a formidable weapon in a straight line.

Mulgari Automotive Debuts Bespoke Mini Cooper S With 280HP [80 Pics]

UK-based tuning specialist Mulgari Automotive announced their new bespoke vehicle ownership programme called Signature Vehicles which aims ...

Dark Knight 911 Turbo S Brings Out The Best

Porsche keeps coming out with ever more tempting versions of the 911 , and likely always will. But the factory isn't the only one.

McLaren Sports Series Taken To New Extremes By 1016 Industries

For the vast majority of owners, the Sports Series model from McLaren offers more than enough performance. However, for those that want a l...

GProgramm’s Restomod 911 Is Perfection For Half The Price Of A Singer

Many companies can restore a classic G-body Porsche 911, but to reach this kind of quality , you’ll need GProgramm’s expertise.

Pair Of Liberty Walk Lamborghinis Cause A Stir In Monaco

Aside from being the ideal place to spot some of the world's most luxurious and expensive cars, Monaco is also the go-to location for a...

White Pearl Singer GTR Costs More Than Two New 911 GTS Models

This second-generation body kit from TopCar features new panels specifically designed to make your 911 Turbo or Turbo S look more like the...

600 HP Toyota Cresta Does The Quarter Mile In Less Than 10 Seconds

When most people think about sleeper cars they usually conjure up images of the Ford Taurus SHO or possibly even the Lincoln MKZ with the...

Novitec Torado Aventador LP760-4 Sounds As Loud As It Looks

As arguably one of the world's most aggressive-looking Aventadors, the Novitec Torado goes to great lengths in order to get your atten...