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Future Cars: VW Sends All-New 2016 Tiguan SUV To The Gym

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Volkswagen’s Tiguan has largely been a success for the German manufacturer. One could put this down to its solid dynamics, reasonable performance, and typically inoffensive, but handsome VW styling. In other words, for the enthusiast amongst us, it was as practical as a plastic bucket and exciting as a potato.

Now for those who appreciate some degree of visual intrigue in their daily school-run mode of transport - we have some great news! The VW boffins in Wolfsburg have been hard at work testing their next-generation Tiguan, and first indications look very promising…

Muscular Germanic Styling:

When the current Tiguan was revealed, it was a breath of fresh air compared to the seemingly junky alternatives of the same era - its taut, yet reserved styling was akin to wearing a tuxedo to the local pub.

For 2016, that tux has become brawnier and more athletic. Following on from other recent VW debuts, the styling is very clean with sharp creases and folds across much of the bodywork. Frontal aspects have strong doses of latest EU Passat and Polo, whilst the DLO (daylight opening area) follows on from the out-going car; albeit in a sharper, more refined nature.

An Upscale Interior:

Sitting inside the departing 2015 Tiguan is rather pleasant - if a little dated, and arguably behind the current pack. Good news for 2016 is that there will be two versions; a 5 seater and larger 7-seat offering. Noticeable improvements are said to have been made to ergonomics, cabin space and driver assistance technology.

Interior design is believed to mimic shades of the latest European-market Passat, VW CrossBlue Coupe and Cross Coupe GTE Concepts. Here one can expect strong horizontal styling, contemporary detailing, premium materials, and impressive build quality.

What Will Drive It:

As it’s based on the MQB modular platform, the next Tiguan will likely use existing four-cylinder engines shared with the Golf; so cue either an 2.0-liter TSI petrol, or 2.0-liter TDI diesel unit for North America, with other markets such as Europe getting a broader lineup. The question remains if Volkswagen will add hybrid and/or plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Market Positioning:

VW’s Tiguan sits within the school-run segment of compact SUV’s. Here it battles for soccer-mum chariot of choice against Honda’s CRV, Toyota Rav 4, Ford Escape, Mazda CX5, Kia Sportage, Nissan Rogue and Subaru Forester.

All of the above are very competent and worthy competitors, however I suspect Volkswagen may just trump the lot by having upper-class 5 and 7-seat versions when it comes to reveal time later this year.

Tell us what you think of the all-new Tiguan in the discussion area below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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