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Two Unique VW Corrado Magnum Sport Kombi Prototypes For Sale In The USA

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Prototypes are white unicorns for gearheads, not just because of their rarity, but also because it’s nearly impossible for private individuals to get their hands on them, though, sometimes, it does happen, as is the case of these two VW Corrados.

2017 VW Scirocco Design Study Looks Too Good To Ignore

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There have been a number of speculative renderings of the next-generation VW Scirocco, but none of them was really convincing enough.

2015 Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe Re-Imagined by Design Student

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The development of the VW Group's new MQB modular platform architecture and its use on the seventh-generation Golf hatchback (among other models) combined with the fact that the current Scirocco Mk3 will soon enter its fifth year of production, means that a new model is brewing at the German automaker's headquarters in Wolfsburg.

We haven't seen any prototypes on the road yet, but Marcus Classen, a German design student who is pursuing his Master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London, UK, came up with a proposition of what VW's next compact coupe could look like.

Design Proposal for a New VW Corrado from the Imaginary World of "What If?"

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Wait; isn't Volkswagen's new Scirocco supposed to be the spiritual successor to the long-gone Corrado coupe? Sure it is, but the folks from Miranda Media wanted to give an answer to the purely theoretical question of what would the Corrado look like in 2010 if Volkswagen designed a direct replacement for the fastback coupe.

The answer came from Patrick Moczarsky, a professional designer and graphic artist from Miranda Media, that sketched these design proposals for a new generation Corrado that modernizes the lines and styling elements of the original model.

"We realize, of course, that Volkswagen will not present such a car right now, but the flight of imagination is so fascinating that it won't give us a moment's rest", said Patrick Moczarsky as he was preparing for liftoff.

Top Gear Video: Future VW & Mercedes Classics

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Richard Hammond recommends two German future classics: the 90’s VW Corrado VR6 and the 80’s Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 16v. As Hammond rightly points out, the trick in choosing a future classic is finding a car young enough to still be good to drive and reliable and old enough to be forgotten. And while these two German-mobiles are surely forgotten by most, they're definitely going to be sought out by collectors in the near future. -BBC does not allow Video posting, so click here to see it

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