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VW Still Wants to Make a Money-Losing Phaeton

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VW’s stubbornness to develop a new generation Phaeton luxury sedan is in stark contrast with the automaker’s recently announced cost-cutting measures. VW announced it targets annual cost savings of €5 billion ($5.67 billion) at its passenger-car brand by 2017.

Next VW Phaeton Said to Be Priced from $70,000 in the US

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Earlier this year, VW of America CEO Michael Horn confirmed that the VW Phaeton would return to the US in 2018 and now fresh details about the sedan have emerged.

VW Planning Audi A6-Based Luxury Sedan for China Only

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The only reason for which the VW Phaeton still exists today is the Chinese market, where the luxury sedan enjoyed a commercial success that offset poor demand from Europe and North America.

VW May Move Next Phaeton Down-market, Make it More of an Audi A6 Alternative

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VW can’t help but step on toes if it wants to release a big, luxurious sedan under its own name. The current Phaeton is the same size as an Audi’s flagship sedan and it shares many bits with the previous generation A8 too.

VW America CEO Announces 2018 Return of Phaeton Luxury Sedan

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The Volkswagen Phaeton - that VW-badged Bentley Continental / Audi A8, will be back in the US in 2018 (or 2019). This is not speculation, and it was announced by the new CEO of the Wolfsburg brand’s North American arm, Michael Horn.

Next-Generation VW Phaeton to Return to the U.S., May Debut in Detroit Next Year

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Volkswagen’s Phaeton may return to the U.S. market, as the company's CEO says it needs to have a halo car in the United States. According to a report from Bloomberg, an all-new Phaeton may premiere as a concept in January at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show, marking the return of the flagship sedan seven years after it was discontinued in the U.S. due to weak sales.

It's a Jersey Thing: Volkswagen Phaeton W12 Thinks it’s a Bentley

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Here's hoping Volkswagen Group's China arm doesn't get any strange ideas after taking a look at these photos.

In case the bright Bentley-style grille and badges blinded you, this car began life as a Volkswagen Phaeton, which was Wolfsburg's attempt to enter the luxury sedan segment.

VW Exec Dreams of More SUVs and the Return of the Phaeton in U.S. Lineup

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To meet its ambitious goal of reaching 800,000 annual sales in the United States by 2018, up from 324,402 deliveries last year, Volkswagen might need a little help through the introduction of new models and variants.

If Rainer Michel, Volkswagen of America's vice president for product marketing and strategy, could get his way, he would enhance the company's American lineup with a new base SUV placed under the current Tiguan crossover and a larger model slotting between the latter and the mid-sized Touareg SUV.

Photo Tour of Volkswagen's Southern Wörthersee Fest in Georgia

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Did you know that the Volkswagen Group has been hosting a Wörthersee Tour in North America for the past six years?

Though not as famous as its namesake in Austria, which is by far the largest gathering of Volkswagen enthusiasts in the world, this year's edition of the Southern Wörthersee Tour was attended by some 8,200 visitors in 3,800 cars.

Volkswagen UK Adds Standard Digital Radios Across the Range

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Volkswagen is preparing for UK’s switch to digital radio by fitting DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios as standard on all 2013-model year cars from the Polo to the Phaeton.

As one would expect, all of the brand's new DAB audio systems will still be able to pick up conventional FM or AM analogue radio signals, as well as play audio CDs (including MP3 files).

Volkswagen Reconsidering Scirocco and Phaeton for the U.S. Market

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Earlier this month, Volkswagen announced that it’s going to expand its North American SUV lineup in order to catch up to GM and Toyota and triple its U.S. sales by 2018. However, the automaker also wants to boost its image, so it may bring back the Scirocco coupe and Phaeton sedan to the States.

In an interview in Washington, Jonathan Browning, head of Volkswagen’s U.S. operations, told Bloomberg News that the company is exploring the idea of selling the two models in the U.S. “We will reconsider bringing the Phaeton back to the U.S. in the next product cycle,” said Mr. Browning who added that no final decision has been made yet.

Revamped 2011 VW Phaeton Prices Announced in the UK

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Volkswagen UK has dropped pricing details and specification for its facelifted 2011 Phaeton, which is available to order this week. British buyers have two engine options, a 3.0-liter V6 TDI diesel unit with 240-horsepower and a range-topping 6.0-liter W12 petrol unit churning out 450-horsepower.

VW's Phaeton Coming to America, Again...

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Volkswagen will reportedly be bringing its extra-large people's car, the recently facelifted Phaeton, back to the US. Initially introduced to help VW compete with BMW, Mercedes and Lexus (isn't that what Audi is for?), it was pulled from shelves in 2006 due to dismal sales resulting from its very un-VW price point. The comeback is to assist in tripling VW AG's sales in the American market.

Volkswagen to Unveil Facelifted 2011 Phaeton at Beijing Show

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Volkswagen is giving it's slow-selling Phaeton flagship another chance at life with a mid-life facelift. Set to be revealed at this week's 2010 Beijing Motor Show, the updated Phaeton features a new look and technologies.

The cosmetic changes up front include a more chiseled design with new bi-xenon headlight units complete with LED running lights and a new grille with two pronounced horizontal bars.

Elsewhere, new front wings and a reprofiled bonnet are joined by a revised front bumper, complete with chrome strips and a set of LED foglights. At the rear end, changes are limited to the new light units and the restyled bumper. The new alloy wheel designs round off the exterior updates.

Hofele-Design Converts VW Phaeton to Mythos Royal

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Some say that the reason why the Volkswagen Phaeton -one of the most underrated vehicles of our time- has by all accounts been a sales flop, is because of its nondescript styling and the non-premium badge. German tuning firm, Hofele-Design, believes it might address both problems with the introduction of the Mythos Royale. At the end of the day of course, it's just another tuning proposal with both cosmetic and performance modifications.

Hofele-Design starts by removing all "VW" and "Phaeton" badges and logos and replacing them with its own sets. Next, the luxury sedan gets a new fascia with a redesigned front bumper and reshaped bonnet that houses a different grille.

At the back, the German firm added a discreet boot lid spoiler and a new apron with integrated trapezoidal tailpipes.

A new two-tone paint job that is said to be sourced / inspired from Maybach and huge 20-inch alloy wheels are part of the treatment as well.

Inside, Hofele-Design has opted for a two-tone colour scheme with Bentley-style diamond-shape stitching for the door panels and seats. The Phaeton's steering wheel has also been covered in leather while there's also new wood trim.

The Mythos Royal is offered with the same engine line-up as the Phaeton, including the 280HP V6, 335HP V8 and 450HP W12 petrols as well as the 240HP V6 TDI turbo diesel.

For those that want more power, Hofele-Design says it can tweak all engine variants. For example, with the firm's power kit, the 3.0-liter V6 TDI delivers an output of 275HP and 560Nm or 413 lb-ft of peak torque.

There's also a suspension module that lowers the sedan's ride height by around 40mm.

Hofele-Design did not release pricing for the Mythos Royale.

New York Preview: VW Cross-Phaethon concept!

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Volkswagen’s big-surprise for the upcoming NY Show goes by the name CrossPhaethon. Like its smaller siblings the CrossPolo and the CrossTouran, the CrossPhaethon features a discreet offroad bodykit and higher road-clearance. Even more surprisingly VW decided to equip its luxurious crossover with a supped-up 2.0TDI engine with twin-turbos that delivers 220Hp! Via:

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