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Original VW Phaeton W12 Remains As Curious As Ever

Volkswagen recently admitted that the Tesla Model S effectively killed off all plans for a next-generation Phaeton. However, this isn’t to...

VW Electric Flagship Concept To Debut In Geneva Next Year

The Volkswagen Phaeton was phased out last year but it appears the company is already working on a new flagship sedan.

VW Admits Tesla Model S Killed Off Next-Gen Phaeton

Volkswagen has admitted that development of the next-generation Phaeton was cancelled because of the Tesla Model S.

VW To Replace The Phaeton With An All-Electric Luxury Saloon?

Only recently its first attempt at a luxury saloon died a quiet death, and already reports on its successor have started surfacing.

VW To Realign Its Transparent Factory After Ceasing Phaeton Production

Volkswagen’s “transparent factory”, protected by masses of glass, invited customers to view the entire assembly process of its luxury saloo...

VW Phaeton Falls Victim To Dieselgate Cost Cuts; Production To Be Suspended In 2016

VW’s diesel-emissions scandal has indirectly claimed another victim, as the resulting cost cuts have led the company to suspend production...

It’s Official, VW’s Phaeton Flagship Has Been Delayed

About a month ago, VW announced plans to cut budget spending in order to cope with the immense “Dieselgate” scandal, but even so, the comp...

Next-Gen VW Phaeton Rendered Using C Coupe GTE & Audi A8 Bits

Since VW is planning to go ahead with a second-generation Phaeton , speculating on what it might look like could be pretty interesting.

VW Will Cut Spending By €1 Billion A Year, Next Phaeton Will Be All-Electric

VW announced its new strategic plan as the Dieselgate saga continues to unfold, including a reorientation of their diesel strategy, the de...

Volkswagen Said To Delay The Phaeton's Replacement

It seems that Volkswagen’s flagship is waiting for the perfect moment to make a big entrance.

Best VW Phaeton Description Ever: "The Nicest Car Never To Turn A Single Head"

The VW Phaeton is probably the ultimate understated luxury sedan.

VW Phaeton Gets A Mild Makeover In China

It’s no secret that China is the main market for VW’s flagship luxury sedan, the Phaeton.

The UK Waves Goodbye To The VW Phaeton

The VW Phaeton full-size luxury sedan is no longer on sale in the UK, the automaker has confirmed.

VW’s C Coupe GTE Study Looks Good As An Estate Too

As we learned from a recent report that cited a VW official, VW’s C Coupe GTE study unveiled last month at the Shanghai Auto Show previews...

Lincoln Continental Concept Turned Into 2017 VW Phaeton

Although VW’s C Coupé GTE study unveiled this week at the Shanghai Auto Show is believed to preview the next-generation Phaeton, the fact ...

VW C Coupe GTE Concept Looks Classy in Shanghai

China is the only reason for which VW still builds the Phaeton and the world’s largest car market is probably the main reason why there wil...

VW’s C Coupé GTE May Preview Next-Generation Phaeton

VW has released the first photos and details of the C Coupé GTE, a four-door concept car for the Chinese market which may preview the secon...

VW Still Wants to Make a Money-Losing Phaeton

VW’s stubbornness to develop a new generation Phaeton luxury sedan is in stark contrast with the automaker’s recently announced cost-cutti...

Next VW Phaeton Said to Be Priced from $70,000 in the US

Earlier this year, VW of America CEO Michael Horn confirmed that the VW Phaeton would return to the US in 2018 and now fresh details about...

VW Planning Audi A6-Based Luxury Sedan for China Only

The only reason for which the VW Phaeton still exists today is the Chinese market, where the luxury sedan enjoyed a commercial success tha...