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New VW Polo Looks Aggressive In R Guise

Hot hatches are all the rage nowadays, and there's a chance Volkswagen may look to cash in by taking the latest-generation Polo to pre...

New Vs Old VW Polo: Can You Tell What Changed?

Following VW's unveiling of the all-new Polo last week, we thought we'd do a visual comparison of it with its predecessor, seeing ...

VW Says It Makes No Sense To Sell New Polo In U.S.

Volkswagen says it has no intention to introduce the all-new, 2018 Polo in the United States.

All-New 2017 VW Polo Aims To Conquer The Supermini Class [85 Pics + Video]

VW has pulled the wraps off the all-new Polo supermini, with the sixth-generation now being bigger, more technologically advanced and fuel ...

Watch New VW Polo Reveal Live Here At 5am EST | 9am GMT

VW is broadcasting the global premiere of the all-new Polo supermini , which enters its sixth generation after a successful career of 42 ye...

New 2017 Volkswagen Polo First Photos, Including The GTI

The all-new, sixth generation of Volkswagen’s Polo is here, even though you might need to look at these images, courtesy of Wheelsage , tw...

VW Says No To More GTIs, Will Stick With Golf, Polo and Up

VW’s boss Herbert Diess dismissed reports that the company is planning more GTI-badged models, including an SUV.

New VW Polo Teased Ahead Of Friday Debut On Video

VW has dropped yet another teaser of the new Polo ahead of its official debut on Friday, this time on video.

VW Teases Sixth-Gen Polo Ahead Of Friday Reveal

It's been eight years since Volkswagen introduced the current Polo. That makes it prime for a replacement, and replacement is just what...

2018 Volkswagen Polo Debuting On June 16

Volkswagen wants to conquer the supermini segment with the new generation Polo that debuts this summer.

New 2018 VW Polo Set To Enter Production Next Month

Following a very extensive leak of images showing the new Polo completely undisguised , VW is gearing up for the debut of its new supermini...

VW Announces Production Dates For New Polo, T-Roc, Touareg And Jetta

At Volkswagen’s annual meeting in Wolfsburg, Germany, the company announced a number of key production dates for its latest models.

New VW Polo Debuts In Official Preview Video

VW has released yet another of its official preview videos, this time showing us a late prototype of the next Polo, complete with camouflag...

2018 Volkswagen Polo Envisioned With Arteon-Inspired Looks

In a little less than five months, the new-generation 2018 VW Polo will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

New VW Polo GTI To Get Old Golf GTI Engine

As the Volkswagen Golf GTI gets bigger and more powerful , Volkswagen has revealed that its baby brother, the next-generation Polo GTI, wil...

VW Polo Rally Car Reborn As Petter Solberg's New 570-Horspower GTI RX Supercar [w/Video]

Such a waste. Volkswagen spent untold sums of money and expertise into developing a new Polo for the World Rally Championship , only to pul...

New 2018 VW Polo Captured Without Any Camouflage?

What appears to be the all-new 2018 VW Polo was recently spotted in South Africa without a shred of camouflage, possibly giving us an earl...

All-New VW Polo To Debut At The Frankfurt Motor Show

VW is going to reveal the all-new sixth generation of its Polo supermini at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Volkswagen's Polo-Based 'Baby' SUV To Launch Next Year

Volkswagen’s long-awaited Polo-based SUV is primed to hit the market before the end of 2018.

Can You Make A Car More Economical By Modifying It?

Some motorists claim that cars can consume less fuel with just a few minor adjustments, but is this really the case?