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New 2015 VW Scirocco GTS To Debut In Shanghai

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When VW presented the facelifted Scirocco last year, it didn't introduce a replacement for the GTS model, something it will do at next week's Shanghai Auto Show.

Next-Generation Scirocco Imagined with Current VW Design Cues

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2014 brought a facelift for the Volkswagen Scirocco, six years after the launch of the third-generation model.

An all-new Scirocco is expected in 2017 at the earliest, and reports so far are pointing towards a change of recipe, with the next-generation Scirocco tipped to migrate from the shooting brake shape towards a full-fledged sports coupe body style.

Review Points Out What’s New on the Facelifted VW Scirocco

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Did you know that 75 percent of all VW Sciroccos from the current generation are powered by diesel engines? That’s quite an intriguing fact, given the model’s image as a sportier alternative to the Golf.

Slammed VW Scirocco R with 370PS is as Minty Fresh as They Come

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Leave it to foil wrapping firms to come up with flamboyant colors like the "Matt Caribbean Metallic" used here on a slammed VW Scirocco R.

VW Details Facelifted Scirocco, Releases 50 New Pics

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VW is preparing for the market launch of the refreshed Volkswagen Scirocco, which will arrive in dealerships across Europe starting in August, with a fresh photo gallery.

Volkswagen Scirocco Facelift from £20,455 in Britain

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VW has popped open the order books for the refreshed Scirocco in the UK prior to first deliveries in October, with prices ranging from at £20,455 (OTR) for the entry-level 1.4-litre TSI 123hp / 125PS manual to £33,795 for the performance 2.0-litre TSI 276hp / 280PS Scirocco R.

VW Sharpens Up New Scirocco and Golf Variant with R-Line Packages

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For those who want their new Scirocco or Golf Variant to look sharper than the standard models, Volkswagen has released a new set of R-Line packages.

Next VW Scirocco Could Gain Super-Sporty RS Model

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We learn via Car Magazine that Volkswagen is currently not sure where to take its next-gen Scirocco. Do they make it cheaper, more practical and closer to a Golf, or do they turn it into a very different sports car that could also spawn a super-sporty stripped out RS version – think Opel Astra OPC Extreme, but with a VW badge and possibly all-wheel drive?

VW Prolongs Scirocco's Life with a Cosmetic and Powertrain Facelift [30 Photos]

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A good number of models don't even reach the age of six before being replaced, while even conservative German carmakers, don't usually extend their vehicle lives above seven years. Yet, the VW Scirocco, which turned six this year, is expected to soldier on for another three to four years before a replacement takes over. To do so in a fitting manner, VW has gifted the Scirocco with a late-life facelift.

VW's GT6 Vision Concept Looks Like a Badass Scirocco from the Future

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While all car-(…and shoe) making companies participating in the Gran Turismo 6 Vision project have the creative freedom to conceive whatever type of vehicle they want for the series, we imagine that they also want their designs to retain strong ties with their respective brands.

VW to Launch New Scirocco in 2017, Facelift in 2014

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The VW Scirocco will not receive a successor earlier than 2017, contrary to a previous report that anticipated a redesigned model in 2015. Instead, according to German magazine Auto Bild, VW plans to launch a facelifted model of the current third-generation Scirocco in 2014.

Visualizing a Facelift for the 2014 VW Scirocco

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In a few months' time, the third generation Volkswagen Scirocco will enter its sixth year of production, making it ripe for a replacement. Yet, the Germans are reportedly going to wait it out for until late 2015, with the Volkswagen Group's head of design Walter de Silva having said that the new model will be a completely different beast – and one that might (finally) be sold in North America.

Volkswagen's 262HP Scirocco R Driven on US Soil

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Volkswagen remains confused as to whether or not its US customers want the Scirocco R. They already offer the Golf R VI, which comes in the same shade of blue and basically, has the same engine, but it only comes with all-wheel drive.

VW Celebrates One-Millionth Scirocco with Special Edition Model and R Study

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Volkswagen built the one-millionth Scirocco in 2013 since production of the first series started in 1974. To mark the event, the German carmaker has announced the Scirocco Million special edition model, which comes with a series of exterior and interior updates and is only available in Germany and China. The automaker also released a similar looking Scirocco R Million study (in a white finish) at this week's Wörthersee Tour, which for the time being, is not for sale.

Next Volkswagen Scirocco will be Radically Different, Says Walter de Silva

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When Volkswagen revived the Scirocco name, back in 2008, people were pleased to see that the Wolfsburg manufacturer was capable of making interesting and different cars. It really stood out in a positive way in the VW range, and while it was not to everybody's taste, it did manage to sell 10,000 units in its first two years of production, thus deeming itself worthy of a place in the range.

VW Confirms New Scirocco GTS and Beetle Fender Edition for the UK

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The New Year will bring two special edition models to Volkswagen's UK showrooms, the spicier looking Scirocco GTS and the…spicier sounding Beetle Fender, both of which have been presented in these pages as they're already offered in other markets. Both cars will be available for order in the UK on January 2.

2015 Volkswagen Scirocco Coupe Re-Imagined by Design Student

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The development of the VW Group's new MQB modular platform architecture and its use on the seventh-generation Golf hatchback (among other models) combined with the fact that the current Scirocco Mk3 will soon enter its fifth year of production, means that a new model is brewing at the German automaker's headquarters in Wolfsburg.

We haven't seen any prototypes on the road yet, but Marcus Classen, a German design student who is pursuing his Master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London, UK, came up with a proposition of what VW's next compact coupe could look like.

New Ford Focus ST Hits it Off with a VW Scirocco R on a Hill Climb

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The conversation in this video may sound Greek to you, but that’s only because…it is Greek. Apart from an exorbitant debt, which may or may not kick started the Eurozone crisis that's knocking even on Germany's door, the Mediterranean country has quite a lot of mountains, too.

Its new car market may have sunk near the bottom of the Marianas Trench and fast cars are naturally not a priority for a large part of the population, but this doesn’t mean that car nuts or motoring journalists have vanished from the country.

Local publication Drive has taken advantage of one of those mountain passes to stage a hill climb fight between a pair of front-wheel drive hot hatches powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged engines separated by just 15HP.

Volkswagen Launches New Scirocco GTS with up to 207Hp in Europe

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Volkswagen has brought back to life the GTS nameplate for the modern day version of the Scirocco.

Unveiled to the public for the first time at the 2012 Leipzig Auto Show in Germany this past spring, the new Scirocco GTS is now available for sale across Europe with prices in its home market ranging from €28,100 (equal to US$36,700) to €33,525 (US$43,800).

Volkswagen to Debut New Scirocco GTS at Leipzig Auto Show

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Thirty years ago, Volkswagen launched the second generation of its Scirocco coupe - albeit based on the same platform as the original model.

To celebrate the occasion, the Wolfsburg automaker is reviving the Mk2's GTS moniker on a new edition of the current Scirocco, which will receive its public debut at this week's 2012 AMI in Leipzig, Germany.