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New Special Edition VW City Car Says Jeans Up!

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Sometimes VW’s special edition Up models get funny names, such as this latest Jeans Up version - especially if the exclamation mark is added.

VW e-Up Is Definitely not for Drivers with Range Anxiety

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With the exception of Tesla Motors, automakers haven’t quite managed to offer decent driving ranges to their electric cars. Take the VW e-Up, for example. Although the automaker claims the small electric car can cover between 120 km (74 miles) and 160 km (99 miles) with a full battery, CarBuyer’s Ginny Buckley faced a much more grim reality.

VW E-Load Up! Priced from €23,046 in Germany

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VW’s E-Load Up! small electric delivery van is now available to buy in Germany, with prices starting from €23,046 ($28,537), excluding 19 percent VAT.

New Hyundai i10 Goes Up Against VW UP! and Toyota Aygo

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The previous generation i10 was always regarded as a great buy in its class, but now with the new one, Hyundai has really come into its own.

It recently won a comparative test facing the new Toyota Aygo and the VW Up!, impressing with its ride, space and interior practicality.

Sporty VW Street Up Special Edition Released in Germany

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Volkswagen has released a new special edition of its Up city car in Germany called Street Up, which features both exterior and interior design upgrades.

Take That Sgt. Jones: VW Plays Prank on Stockholm Passersby with a Beatboxing e-Up!

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Everybody knows electric vehicles are as silent as bicycles at city speeds and need to be equipped with artificial sound systems in order for pedestrians to hear them.

The VW e-Up! makes no exception, and the carmaker wanted to show people the advantages of silent motoring by comparing the e-Up! to a conventional vehicle.

VW Twin Up! Concept with XL1 Powertrain Debuts in Tokyo

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The Volkswagen Twin Up! Concept, the one that borrows the hybrid powertrain from the XL1, has debuted at the Tokyo motor show. We’ll start off with the most important numbers it boasts: claimed average fuel consumption is 1.1 l/100km, or 256.8 mpg UK or 214 mpg US, while emitting practically nothing, at 27 g/km CO2.

VW Twin-Up Prototype with XL1-Derived Powertrain Set for Tokyo Motor Show Debut

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At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (November 22 – December 1), VW will unveil a special Up study called the Twin-Up. Featuring an upgraded version of the diesel electric hybrid powertrain from the XL1, the Twin-Up get very close to the magic 1 liter/100 km (235 mpg US/282 mpg UK) average fuel consumption number that Ferdinand Piech had in mind when he gave the green light to what is now known as the XL1.

VW Prices the Cross Up! from €13,950 in Germany, Shows New Photos

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Volkswagen has put a price on the crossover-flavored Cross Up! minicar, with the most accessible model starting at €13,950 ($18,835) in Germany. The fourth member of Volkswagen's lifestyle family cars after the CrossPolo, CrossGolf and CrossTouran, the Cross Up!, features a more rugged appearance than the base Up! five-door hatchback, thanks to exclusive exterior appointments.

VW Makes Eco-Friendly Pizza Delivery a Reality With the e-load up!

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Volkswagen says it outright in the official press release that the new all-electric e-load up! is ideal for couriers and pizza delivery duties, and by the looks of it, we’d say they’re right.

With a maximum quoted range of 160 km (100 miles) from its 18.7 kW/h battery pack, and as much as 210 Nm (154 lb-ft) the e-load up! hits 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 12.4 seconds and tops out at 130 km/h (81 mph), it mirrors the equally-frugal, yet passenger-faring e-up!.

VW Says e-Up! the Most Frugal EV in the World, but at €27k, it's Quite Expensive as Well…

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VW has already announced that the Volkswagen e-Up! will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show alongside the new e-Golf and the Golf R, but the German automaker now offers the full details on the electric mini, claiming the e-Up! is “the most frugal of all battery electric cars”.

World Premiere of Sorts for New Battery-Powered VW e-Up! and e-Golf in Frankfurt

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In somewhat disappointing news for fans of the brand, VW's third world premiere for the upcoming 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show after the already confirmed all-electric e-Golf and the high-performance Golf R with 296hp and AWD will be the less exciting battery-powered e-Up! City car, which we saw in production trim in March and even know its pricing in Germany.

VW Wants €26,900 or About $34,500 for the All-Electric e-up! in Germany

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If you thought the Volkswagen e-up! would be one of the cheaper EVs in the market, mainly because of its small size, and the affordability of the model which it’s based on, you were wrong.

Reality doesn’t come close to complimenting the previous statement, as VW has just revealed that the all-electric version of their über-compact city car will not be cheap at all, once it goes on sale in the months after its official reveal at the Frankfurt motor show, in September.

VW Reportedly Considering Door- and Roof-Less Buggy Up!, Patents Design in the U.S.

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Europe's largest carmaker, the Volkswagen Group, isn't known for producing platforms and mechanical components for single body style models (at least not in the mainstream segments), and that applies for the Up! mini, which was launched in 2011 as a three-door hatchback and has since gained a five-door and a light crossover version.

VW Details Special Edition Groove Up! with Fender Sound System

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Following the launch of the Cross Up! earlier this year, Volkswagen is adding yet another new member to its family of minis with the Groove Up!, a special edition model that brings a Fender sound system for the first time in VW’s smallest model. The audio system, already known from the Beetle in the U.S., has been specifically tailored for the Up! and has a power output of 300 watts.

Audi Plotting Introduction of VW e-Up!-Based Premium EV by 2015

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Audi has been testing the waters with various electric vehicles over the years, and they've surely gathered considerable experience in the process. Now, they are reportedly transferring their knowledge into a VW e-Up!-based all-electric vehicle, which is set to arrive in 2015.

VW Releases New Groove Up! and Rock Up! Special Editions for the UK

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Volkswagen will introduce two new special-edition versions of its Up! minicar, called the "Groove Up!" and "Rock Up!", both based on the top-specification "High Up!" trim model.

Available only in a three-door body style, the Rock Up! (pictured above) features a series of distinctive styling cues, including an anthracite stripe running the length of the bonnet, roof and tailgate, plus a full body kit, consisting of gloss black front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear spoiler.

VW Presents e-up! Production EV, Travels up to 150km on a Single Charge

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Volkswagen’s first fully-electric production car, the new e-up!, was revealed today at the Annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg, Germany, with the world premiere to take place later this autumn at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Volkswagen Mini Crosses to the SUV Side with New Cross Up! Variant

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We will have the opportunity to see the all-new Cross Up! in the flesh at next month's 83rd Geneva Motor Show , but Volkswagen wants the world to get an early glimpse of its rugged-looking city car that will go on sale across Europe, and possibly other regions as well, from late summer, with the release of the first official photos.

VW Rocky 3-Door SUV Design Concept Based on the Up! Mini Car Platform

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Here's another design concept for a small crossover model utilizing the platform hardware from the Volkswagen Up! family of mini cars.

We say another one because Volkswagen itself introduced a very-near production study at this year's edition of the São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil in October.