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Watch Crazy Guy Ram a Gate Until Car Flips Over!

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This video captured on a parking-garage security camera in Iceland just gets weirder and weirder by the second culminating to a spectacular flip over.

Regular Car Reviews Treats Aston Martin Vantage in its Typical NSFW Fashion

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While the Aston Martin Vantage roadster is by no means “a regular car,” it was the subject of one of the latest Regular Car Reviews videos.

As you’ve probably come to expect by now, the video is less about the car and more about the social stigma associated with driving it, or, in this case, the apparent lack thereof…

Crash Causes Vehicles to Erupt in Fire, Luckily Everyone Got Out

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A dashboard camera recorded a shocking scene from Russia when two cars caught fire after an accident.

Review Says MINI’s Gained a lot Growing in Size

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Aside from the lower rear headroom, there’s not a single bad point to be made about the new MINI. It may also be slightly harder to park, given its extra length and width, but with all manner of sensors and cameras, this is quickly forgotten.

It’s also noticeably more refined than before, though I did get to drive the new Cooper myself and thought the three-cylinder turbo was a bit gruff – it lags behind a Ford Fiesta 1.0-liter EcoBoost for refinement. There’s less road and wind noise inside than before, and there’s shoulder room to (almost) stretch out too, though.

KBB tried it out at its US launch event and they too were plenty pleased with how it presented itself. Their only complaints were the confusing array of buttons and the awkward placement of the infotainment control knob.

Check it out their full review after the virtual jump!


Extreme is a Soft Word to Describe New McLaren P1 GTR’s Interior [w/Video]

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McLaren has released the first interior photos of the track-exclusive P1 GTR, which features a steering wheel inspired by the one from the MP4-23 Formula 1 car.

Watch a German Owner Kill his Chinese BMW X5 Clone, the CEO

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What do you do with a Chinese knockoff of a BMW X5 SUV that has turned into a rust-bucket a little after 100,000 km (roughly 60,000 miles)?

Shaggy, the Ginger Bull, Doesn't Give Two Hoots About Your Car

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This scene from Scotland with a Highland bull blocking the road and completely ignoring the driver begs for a funny caption.

EVs Make up 15% of New Car Purchases in Norway; Nissan Leaf 3rd Best-Seller

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While EVs are struggling to make a difference in the grand scheme of cars sales around the world, Norway is showing us that their large scale use is feasible. The northern European country is loving using electrics sales of which have really taken off.

You Never Know What You're Going to Hit on Russian Roads

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Me thinks that the Russian driver of the second dash-cam video should consider himself fortunate after watching what happened to the motorist in the first clip.

Video Explains Aquaplaning and What its Dangers Are

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Aquaplaning occurs when the tire of your car can no longer displace enough water and it rises, therefor losing contact (and all grip) with the road.

It happens to varying degrees, and it’s not always as noticeable, but it is usually caused by worn tires with low tread depth.

Watch an Asshat Mercedes S-Class Driver Cause a Crash

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Brake checking is one of the worst and most irresponsible things you can do on the road. Yet plenty of reckless drivers do it for whatever reason, knowing that they can cause a mishap.

Watch Audi's Autonomous RS7 Concept Lap the Hockenheim

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As promised, Audi let its autonomous RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept car lap the Hockenheim over this past weekend’s DTM season finale.

Review Points Out What’s New on the Facelifted VW Scirocco

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Did you know that 75 percent of all VW Sciroccos from the current generation are powered by diesel engines? That’s quite an intriguing fact, given the model’s image as a sportier alternative to the Golf.

Bugatti Veyron 1:1 Scale Wooden Replica Looks Amazing; Costs Only $3,300!

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A workshop in Boyolali, Central Java in Indonesia is grabbing headlines for its beautifully handcrafted wooden replicas, highlighted here by a 1:1 scale version of the Bugatti Veyron.

290HP Mini Sets 'Ring Record for FWD Street-Legal Cars Matching Pagani Zonda's Time!

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Just because the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R holds the Nürburgring lap record for front-wheel drive production cars, it doesn’t mean it’s actually the fastest FWD car round the Green Hell.

Watch Reckless Driver Steer Truck with Foot from the Passenger Seat on American Highway

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Can you imagine anything more senseless and unsafe on the road than a truck-driver steering his vehicle with his foot from the passenger seat?

Skid-Steer Loader... Loads itself onto Truck in Style

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If you are a Carscoops regular, you’ll have a feeling of deja-vu by watching this video, as not long ago we posted similar footage of a construction machine loading itself onto a truck.

Pedestrian Bitch-Slaps Moving Biker!

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We've seen many things happening on the road with bikes that were caught on film over the years, but never something like this.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Visits Harry's Garage

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As an adviser for Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division since September 2013, Harry Metcalfe has access to rare cars such as the gorgeous Jaguar Project 7.

COBB Tuning Details Available Ford Fiesta Mods

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While modding your Ford Fiesta ST yourself by ordering parts online and then either doing a DIY job or going to a regular mechanic is fine, giving it a specialized pack is not a bad way to go either. One tuner that provides such a service is COBB, and its pack is said to improve the Fiesta in every way.