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Volvo S90 Rendering Shows Us How Sweden Might Deal With The Germans

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If you think for one second that Volvo isn't capable of building a car capable of scaring the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class, then you really haven't been paying attention.

Gumball Supercar Convoy Crosses The Oresund Bridge

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With Gumball 3000 underway, we'll keep having the chance to check out some seriously cool cars as they make their way towards Copenhagen, Amsterdam and finally Las Vegas.

Test Says Volvo S80 Confirms Most Stereotypes About the Brand

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The Volvo S80 is not the newest car of its segment, but the Swedish carmaker has given it a makeover last year in order to keep it relevant until a replacement model arrives.

Next Generation Volvo S80 will Reportedly Get XC90-Based Interior

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Volvo’s recently unveiled interior for the XC90 SUV will be seen on other models as well, with the next car to receive it being the upcoming S80 luxury sedan. The Volvo XC90 SUV, which will be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show this autumn, features an interior that represents a radical departure from the company’s current designs.

Volvo Adds More Luxury to its 2015 Lineup with the Inscription Package

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Buyers of the Volvo XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 can order an interior and exterior upgrade with the new Inscription package that brings more luxury.

Volvo's All-New VEA Four-Cylinder Turbo Engines Enter Production

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Marking an important milestone in the development of its brand new VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture) family of four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline and diesel powerplants, Volvo announced today that the first engine variants started production at the company's plant in Skövde, Sweden.

2014 Volvo S80, V70 and XC70 Officially Revealed Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

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Volvo's turn to a more conservative styling after the updated S60, V60 and XC60, continues with the 2014 model year S80 saloon, V70 estate and its crossover sibling, the XC70. For what it's worth, you can apply most of the things we said in our previous article about the former to the latter, since the changes are more or less identical.

Volvo Goes on a Facelift Rampage with Refreshed S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 Models

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Over the past few months, we spied a number of current Volvo models with minor cosmetic updates, ranging from the XC60 crossover to the S80 sedan. Now it's time for the Swedish carmaker to release all of them at once.

These include the S60 sedan, V60 station wagon, XC60 crossover, V70 station wagon, XC70 crossover and the S80 saloon. In other words, the only models in Volvo's range that remain untouched are the newly launched V40 compact hatchback and the soon-to-be replaced XC90.

Scoop: Updated 2014 Volvo S80 Facelift Spotted in China

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Not too long ago, in early October to be precise, Doug Speck, global head of marketing and sales for Volvo Car, told U.S. publication Autonews that the Swedish company is preparing a facelift for both the S60 and S80 sedans.

Now we learn that Chinese website AutoSina captured a camouflage-free prototype of the updated S80L, which is a China-market only version of the car sporting a 140mm or 5.5-inches longer wheelbase.

Volvo Exec Confirms S60 and S80 Facelifts for 2013, New XC90 Coming in late 2014

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The press days of the 2012 Mondial de l'Automobile in Pars are long gone, but the first major car show of the fall season continues to provide us with news on future models.

Speaking to Autonews Europe on the sidelines of the show last week, Doug Speck, global head of marketing and sales for Volvo Car, said that the Swedish automaker plans a "major refresh" for two of its sedans.

These include the mid-size S60 that was only just presented in 2010, and the larger S80 that has been in production since 2006 having been modestly updated in 2010.

Volvo Extends Line-Up with 136HP 2.0-Liter Five-Cylinder Diesel, Announces 2013MY Changes

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In line with its initiative to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions across its range, Volvo announced the introduction of a new five-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine.

The new diesel, which is designated D3, has an output of 136HP and 350Nm (258.1 lb-ft) of torque and slots between the 115HP D2 and the 163HP D4 engines. It will be available in the S60, V60, XC60, V70 and S80 models and can be combined with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Captured on Camera: Russian Style Highway Robbery in a Volvo S80

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Unless these men had one drink too many and were in desperate need to use the can, we are forced to conclude from what we see in this video footage sourced from a dashboard camera mounted on a trailing vehicle, that they either clobbered or stole from someone, perhaps even both.

The clip starts with a black Volvo S80 driving normally on a traffic jammed road, allegedly somewhere in Moscow, Russia, but as soon as the cars in front stop, the driver pulls the vehicle diagonally on the road and then three men dressed in black jump out of the car.

IAA 2011: Concept You Previews Volvo’s Next Large Sedan

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True to its word, Volvo hosted the world premiere of its new concept model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The oddly named Concept You was created not only to give us a glimpse of the Swedish firm's evolving design DNA and showcase its new platform architecture, but it also hints at Volvo's next generation large sedan.

Volvo Combines Start/Stop System with Automatic Transmission

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Volvo is one of a growing list of companies that offer the fuel-saving and CO2-reducing, especially in city traffic, automatic start/stop system in most of their models. Now, the Swedish company has become one of the few that offer the system in cars equipped with an automatic gearbox as well.

Volvo Launches Luxed up S80 Executive and Sportier-looking V70 R-Design

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Swedish carmaker Volvo is expanding its lineup with the introduction of two new models, the top-end S80 Executive sedan and the sportier loooking V70 R-Design station wagon.

Starting with Volvo’s premium sedan model, a special badge on the C-pillar hints at the enhanced features inside, which include a leather wrapped instrument panel, ventilated soft leather seats with massage function, leather-covered door panels, an aluminum center console storage compartment and an analogue clock on the dashboard. The extra thick carpets and an optional fridge in the rear seat that comes with a set of Swedish crystal glasses round off the equipment upgrades.

Volvo Concept Universe Hints at Design Direction for New Luxury Sedan

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Making its world premiere today at the Shanghai Auto Show is the new Volvo Concept Universe, a study for a luxury sedan model that also provides a peek at the Swedish automaker’s future design language.

While Volvo did not release any technical details on the Concept Universe, the fact that it measures less than 5 meters in length points at a design study for a replacement for the firm’s S80 sedan and not a larger, Mercedes-Benz S-Class rival that the Swedish company’s Chinese owner Geely has been recently talking about.

Volvo Teases Mysterious Concept Universe that Could Preview a Flagship Model

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Volvo released a teaser video of its upcoming Concept Universe, without giving out any additional information other than that it's a new design study that will be launched shortly. This means it could debut at one of this month's international auto shows, either in New York (April 22 – May 1) or Shanghai (April 21 – 28). Taking into account the fact that Volvo is owned by China’s Geely, the Shanghai show could be the more probable venue of the two for the new Volvo.

2012 Volvo V70, XC70 and S80 get Revised Diesel Engines and New Features

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Volvo announced that it will offer a number of upgrades for its new model year V70, XC70 and S80, including the introduction of the latest iteration of its infotainment system as well as refined D5 and D3 diesel engines with increased performance and lower fuel consumption.

Volvo Introduces New 2.0-liter Five-Cylinder Diesel, Upgraded Six-Cylinder petrol engines

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For the 2011 model year, Volvo is introducing a new five-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo diesel that will be available throughout its range while the Swedish automaker also upgraded the six-cylinder petrol engines offered on the S80, V70, XC70 and XC60.

The new five-cylinder diesel unit is in principle the same engine as the 2.4-litre diesel, but its displacement has been reduced (with a shorter stroke) to 2.0-liters. It will be offered in three different variants in terms of output.

New Volvo S80 and V70 DRIVe with 1.6-liter Diesel Return 4.5lt/100km - 52.3 mpg US with 119g/km CO2

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Thanks to a few minor tweaks, Volvo has managed to further reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency on its S80 and V70 DRIVe models from the 2009MYs 129 g/km and 4.9 lt/100 km (48mpg US) to 119 g/km and 4.5 lt/100 km (52.3mpg US) on the 2010MYs respectively.

Both cars continue to use a 1.6-liter diesel with 109HP and 240Nm of peak torque that's hooked up to a five-speed manual gearbox.

However, Volvo's engineers employed a smart battery recharging system that 'forces' the alternator to charge the battery only when the engine is operating at low load (e.g. when driving downhill), while they also redesigned the tensioner and alternator pulleys.

"Smart battery recharging is the most important measure," says Ulf Nordström, Technical Project manager at Volvo Cars.

"It is primarily thanks to this that we have dipped below the 120-gram level that gives car owners tax breaks and other benefits in a number of European countries. What is more, one might say that we offer the normal driver one free tank of fuel a year," Nordström added.

The Swedish automaker said that the reduction in fuel consumption from a combined 4.9 lt/100 km to 4.5 l/100 km means that someone driving 15,000 km a year will save 60 liters of diesel or as Nordström put it, one fuel tank.

Volvo did not disclose any performance figures for the updated 2010MY S80 and V70 DRIVe, but just to get an idea, the 2009MY S80 DRIVe accelerates from standstill to 100km/h in a claimed 12.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 118mph or 189 km/h.

We say that, while any efforts to improve CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are more than welcome, fitting a puny 1.6-liter diesel engine in cars of the size and weight of the S80 and V70, isn't exactly pioneering anything new...