Electric Cars Will Cut Oil Demand Equal To Iran’s Output by 2025

Demand for oil is probably facing a big landslide in the coming years as more and more EVs are scheduled for production and a growing numb...

That's What You Get For Smoking Next To Gas Pump In Bulgaria

Smoking directly next to a fuel pump is never a good idea and if you do it, you probably deserve a Darwin Award.

GM Presents New Fuel Cell Platform With Autonomous Tech

GM is looking to solve some of the world's toughest transportation challenges with the help of their flexible autonomous fuel cell plat...

The Dodge Demon Was Kept Secret From Most Of The Company

It is not uncommon for automakers to keep some of their most outlandish projects not just secret from the outside world but also secret fro...

New Rolls-Royce Wraith Could Look Exactly Like This

Rolls-Royce has yet to say if and when the latest-generation Phantom will spawn a new Wraith but it seems probable such a model can’t be m...

2018 Audi R8 V10 RWS Goes Tokyo Drift In Underground Parking Lot

It's okay to feel hyped about the new Audi R8 V10 RWS , because this version of the German supercar is truly targeted to purists.

Continental Bee Concept Previews The Car Of The Future

Continental has just unveiled an intriguing concept aimed at previewing how cars may look in the future when electric, autonomous and ride...

2019 BMW X5 To Come With “New” Straight-Six And V8 Petrol Engines

The new BMW X5 is set to arrive in 2019 in the US, reportedly powered by also new petrol engines.

Ford Expects Next Focus' Sales To Drop, Will Make It More Premium Anyway

Ford wants to position the next-generation Focus as a more premium product when it finally launches in Europe next year.

Groupe Renault Outlines Future Plan, Targets 40% Boost In Volume, 8 New EVs By 2022

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi has announced its new strategic plan, called Drive The Future 2017-2022.

Batman Picks A Fancy Mercedes For His Daily Duties In Justice League Film

That’s right; the Lamborghini is gone but Bruce Wayne has a new set of wheels for when the Batmobile is safely parked in the cave.

162 Cars Revealed For Gran Turismo Sport

The full list of cars for Gran Turismo Sport has just been announced. In total, gamers will have 162 prized automobiles to choose from.

McLaren 720S Beats Porsche 918 In Rolling Drag Race

In recent months, we’ve learned that the McLaren 720S is significantly faster and more powerful than even McLaren has claimed. Just how fa...

Ginetta Receives Orders For Its 2018 LMP1 Racer

Toyota is the only factory-supported team set to compete in the LMP1 class in 2018’s World Endurance Championship but it will face some co...

G-Power's Mercedes-AMG GT S Would Gladly Wear The 'R' Badge

The Mercedes-AMG GT S has received a healthy power boost from G-Power, which lifted the stock output to 610PS (601hp) and 755Nm (557lb-ft)...

New Boxy Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept Is What Happens When A Van And An SUV Have A Baby

Toyota is looking to appeal to those who would like the roominess of a cargo van and the powerful design of an SUV stuffed together in one ...

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Debuts With Targa Roof And Hybrid Powertrain

Toyota is celebrating the online premiere of the all-new GR HV Concept, ahead of its public debut that will take place at the 2017 Tokyo Mo...

Finally, A Stripped Down, Base Model Render That Makes Sense

If you know your Dacias, you probably know that in some markets, an entry-level version of the Duster, Logan, Sandero and so on, will abso...

BMW Secures Trademarks For M1 CSL Through To M8 CSL

BMW has filed a selection of CSL patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization in Germany.

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Priced From Under $91k

Pricing details for the facelifted 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class have just been announced and despite the selection of upgrades made to the r...