Autodelta’s Alfa Romeo 156 JTS Super with a 220 Hp supercharged 2.0 JTS engine

The Autodelta 156 JTS Super is the first production version of Alfa Romeo’s JTS (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric) direct injection petrol engine with a supercharger. In fact of all the major global carmakers only the VW/Audi Group currently applies forced induction principles to the new generation of efficient EURO4 compliant direct injection technology petrol engines. The new Autodelta 156 JTS Super conversion option is immediately available for fitting either from the firm’s London-based engineering headquarters or from their global network of agents. “We have spent a lot of time developing and applying practical supercharging technology to the direct injection JTS family of engines,” says Autodelta boss Jano Djelalian. “Customer demand for a significant increase in power, from the very efficient and economical JTS unit, has been quite strong.” Autodelta’s development team have fully re-engineered the package to remain completely EURO4 compliant, spending significant time re-mapping the electronics, and importantly retaining the positive fuel consumption attributes that are well associated with Alfa Romeo’s JTS engine. The 4-cylinder Alfa Romeo JTS engine, with its specific combustion system, was first introduced in 2002 to replace the much-loved Twin Spark unit. It offered typical values of more power over the outgoing engine (165bhp to 155bhp), a large lower end torque increases (151 to 137 lb/ft), smooth and enhanced acceleration performance right through the rev bands, and increased fuel efficiency. Now power output of this engine has been raised by Autodelta to 220 bhp @ 6,600rpm while the peak torque delivered is boosted to 192 lb/ft @ 3,400rpm. In fact the new Autodelta 156 JTS Super pumps out the same level of torque at 2,500 rpm as the potent Alfa Romeo 156 GTA. To match the performance, the first Autodelta 156 2.0 JTS wears a GTA front bumper and headlights, as well as a subtle Autodelta boot spoiler and clear tail lamps. The new 4-cyl JTS engine ‘Super’ option will, in the coming months, become available for the other JTS-powered members of the Alfa Romeo family: the GT Coupé, Spider (facelift) and 166 (facelift). “Developing the Alfa 156 Super has been a very important project for us,” says Jano. “Applying supercharging to the JTS engine has allowed our engineers to gain a lot of experience before stepping on to developing a forced induction option range for the new Alfa 159 and Brera which, and while these models are using a brand-new breed of engines, they still require similar principles to be applied.” Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,