Electric powered MINI QED Concept with 640 Hp!

309,9 Kgm of tourque, 0-100 km/h (62mph) in just 4,5 seconds, 240 Km/h top speed and 1.500 Km autonomy

Sounds perfect don’t you agree? PML’s Mini concept was unveiled at the British Motor Show this week and it features 4 electric powered motors (one for each wheel) that generate a stunning 640 Hp (160 Hp each). More astonishing is the torque that sums up to a total of…3.000 NM or 308,9 Kgm !!!

According to PML, the all wheel drive electric powered mini needs a mere 4,5 sec (!) to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h (62mp/h) while it’s top speed reaches 240 km/h (149 mph). PML say’s that athough a production model would be a bit slower (0-100 km/h in 6 seconds) the impressive 1.500 km (932 miles) autonomy will be retained.

Another real cool thing is the fact that the car wears a 250 cc 2 stroke petrol engine attached with a generator that supplies power to the batteries. As the battery level reduces, the rear mounted engine/generator starts to automatically top up the battery. So when you arrive at your destination you simply park the vehicle knowing that when you return the battery will be replenished!

Although the project wasn’t supported by BMW (BMW UK Ltd requested that PML mention that they have no involvement with the project and that such conversions invalidate warranty) PLM hope that a car maker will be interested in the technology.

I on the other hand hope PML can keep it’s promise concerning their systems hugely impressive specifications.


Original target specification

EmissionsAutonomyTop speedAccelerationBrakingFuelBHP

Zero1500 km200 kph minimum0-100 kph in 6 secsNo mechanical brakesZero carbon250 bhp minimum

Current specification

EmissionsAutonomyTop speedAccelerationBrakingFuelBHP

Zero for 4 hours1500 km240 kph0-100 kph in 4.5 secsNo mechanical brakesCarbon neutral option> 640 bhp


Motors: 4 x 750Nm 1800rpm high efficiency Brushless permanent magnet sine wave Hi-Pa drive™ 24 phase water-cooled

Drive electronics: 4 x 480Amp 450V Hi-Pa drive™ 24 phase sine wave inverter IGBT water cooled CAN bus communications

Battery: 300V nominal 70Amp Hour Lithium Polymer 700Amp peak

Battery Management system: Active cell balancing, temperature and voltage monitoring CAN bus communications

Ultra Capacitor: 350V 11 Farad 700Amp limited

Energy re–circulator: 1400Amp continuous IGBT water cooled CAN bus communications


Engine 250cc 2 cylinder 4 stroke gasoline 15kW at 7000rpm

Generator 20kW continuous at 250V 80Amp

Controller350V 80Amp water-cooled CAN bus communicationsDisplay: Touch screen high resolution LCD with steering wheel and 4 area screen menu indexing Displays battery, ultra cap, fuel status, mileage calculator, boost display and options for GPRS link to allow remote diagnostics and tracking Diagnostic and configuration menus CAN bus communications

Traction control: Dynamically distributes torque when any wheel is in skid management mode to obtain optimum tractive effort and stability.

Steering sensor: Optional addition to provide feed forward input to traction control system. Allows driver intent and wheel alignment to influence vehicle stability and tractive effort functions.

Vehicle attitude, yaw and gyroscopic sensors: Optional addition to provide further stability inputs to traction control system. Allows vehicle orientation and direction (if different from steering wheel implied direction) to be accounted for in determining optimum tractive effort distribution.

Differential/torque share functions: Standard feature incorporated within each wheel to allow optimum speed and torque share when cornering. Minimises tyre scrub and power wasted energy.

Efficiency optimisation: Dynamic management of power delivery to wheel ensures best use of available power. Accounts for motor related efficiency variations across speed and torque ranges.

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