Volga V8 Roadster – Russians Overhaul a BMW 650i Cabriolet into a modern classic !

Talk about “Overhaulin”… These Russian guys over at Volga -a company which will probably close in 2007, seem to have put Chip Foose and his “Overhaulin” TV Series to a shame with their new product, the Volga V8 Roadster.

As you can see from the development phase pictures, this 60’s idesign nspired roadster is actually a camouflaged BMW 650i Cabriolet ! And note that this is not the first time that Volga has attempted and act like this. Back in 2001, the Russians produced the Volga V12 Coupe which was entirely based on the BMW 850CSi Coupe -they even left the Bavarian Coupe’s interior practically intact ! Like the Coupe V12, the V8 Roadster was made to honour a classic model of Volga, the unknown to the west, Volga GA3-21P -although that car was just a humble everyday vehicle as you can see in the pictures bellow. Besides the fact that the Roadster V8 wears BMW 650i’s 368 Hp 4,8 litre V8 engine we haven’t got any other specs, but you have to admit that the folks over at Volga have yet again done a marvellous job in designing this car!
Volga V12 Coupe Facts and Specs: Made to honour Volga’s classic GA3-219, the V12 Coupe was unveiled in 2001. According to the company, the BMW 850CSi based Coupe V12 used the Bavarian 380 Hp 5.7 litre V12 engine which was was good enough to speed it up to 100 km/h (62 mph) from stance in 6,6 sec while for the quarter mile (0-400 m) it needed 14,7 sec.
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  • Tatra Man

    “Unknown to the west”!!?? – The 1956-70 GAZ M21 & M22 Volga was exported to the west and even sold in the UK in RHD form!!

  • God its so Russian!