DR3 & DR5: Toyota RAV4 copycat made in China, assembled in Italy using Fiat engine!

Wow, it can’t get weirder than this or can it… From the initial facts that we’ve got in our hands, the 3door DR3 and its 5door equivalent, the DR5 that made their world premier at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy are the works of Massimo Di Risio, an ex-pilot who now is a car distributor in Insernia. There’s no doubt about it that their interior and exterior design (ok, the front part looks like a Suzuki Grand Vitara) are inspired –to say the least, by the previous generation Toyota RAV4. As if that wasn’t enough listen to this: the car’s body which is made in China is shipped over to Italy where it’s assembled on a platform using Fiat’s 120 Hp 1.9 Turbodiesel engine!
The press release tells us that the DR3 has a length of 3.850 mm with a wheelbase of 2.280 while the larger 5door DR5 rides on a 2.510mm wheelbase and is 4.285 mm long. 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) comes in 12,4 sec while top speed is 174km/h –DR say’s both versions have the same performance figures (…).

According to the info we managed to translate from DR, the 3door and 5door versions of the Chinese/Italian SUV will go on sale in March with prices starting from about 16.000 euros! We’ll try to learn more about the DR3 and DR5 SUV’s and post them up as soon as possible.Technorati: DR3, DR5, Chinese+Cars, China, autos, auto+news, car+news, automobile, cars, automotive, vehicles, autos, Carscoop, images, pictures, Bologna+Motor+Show