Ginetta G50: All New 300Hp Sports Car Coming In 2008

After several managerial and owner changes the past two decades which nearly lead the British sports car and kit manufacturer to extinction, Ginetta’s current owner, LNT Automotive (they bought the company in 2005) has announced its plans for an all-new model, designated the Ginetta G50. The sports coupe, that celebrates the company’s 50th birthday, has been designed in-house at LNT Automotive’s new purpose-built factory in Leeds and it will be launched in 2008. Weighing in at a little over 800kg -1.750 lbs, the lightweight G50 will be equipped with a front-mid mounted, 300Hp strong, Ford 3.5- litre V6 engine that’ll power the rear-wheels via a five-speed sequential gearbox. Ginetta believes that the G50’s price is likely to be around the £35,000 -$70.000 – €52.000 mark. –Continued: Click Read More below As one would expect from a company with a history like Ginetta, a G50 Cup Car series will be created. According to the Brits, the focus will be on keeping running costs to a minimum by using control tires, control fuel and low maintenance costs through clever design. Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of LNT Automotive said: “We’ve designed the G50 as a stepping stone for GT drivers. Production of the first 30 cars is well under way with a mixture of cup, road and GT4 cars available from early 2008.”